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“Reporter” Mark Ebner also miserably failed to discover or reveal that Ron, the founder of Scientology was and that you are impostored, Marty

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Message from Mark Ebner

Mark Ebner <>


to me

Mark Ebner just sent you this link:


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2. Complete your info to enter the Web site.

Mark selected you for this on 05-30-2006 04:52 ET. (Mark Ebner) initiated this to
at 05-30-2006 04:52 Eastern Time on from the IP address
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Dearest Marty, my awesome soul mate,

Don’t know why Mark Ebner mailed me that invitation. I never accepted it. Guess he just wanted my  details that he can smear me on his blog. And don’t think that Ebner allows you a comment on his blog after he smeared you.

As you most certainly know, during the early and mid 00’s, Alt.Religion.Scientology (ARS) was still the center of  discussions about Scientology. Google had direct access to Usenet and ARS on their front page!  Unthinkable these days but in the past it was like that. So, anybody’s lies posted in ARS showed up right on top of any Google search. I watched ARS for a while without posting but the lies on me became more instead of less. I don’t know what I disliked more, being defamed by these psychiatric agents and trolls as “totally demented” or the lies that I am no Scientologist anymore. Well, you know, one day, I went in there and posted, which stirred up quite a lot  of snakes and hornets. So, I run in a lots of people in that Usenet group who hated me for no other reason but me not hating L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology and not being pro-psychiatry.


A person who truly never had anything to do with Scientology on either side watched this newsgroup for a while. He was on neither one side but his impression of ARS was that it is an “anti-Scientology hate group”. This hate function is now taken over by a handful of web-based forums and a few blogs. It is pure hatred what one can find there, NOT constructive critics or facts.  

One of these guys posting on ARS was Mark Ebner. He is a guy with a German surname  who claims to be a reporter and is obsessed with Scientology since at least two decades. In all these years, he never compared photos and footage and failed to figure and publish that the founder of Scientology was impostored, and he also didn’t figure or revealed that Monique’s husband is impostering you. 

I didn’t notice him for a long time, didn’t care who he was, and I did not reply to anything he posted. One day, out of the blue he attacked me on ARS with vicious defamation. Note also his cheap, primitive language, which indicates that this psychiatric attacker comes directly out of the gutter: “Who gives a flying fuck? You are a living breathing argument for forced Thorazine therapy, 4-point restraints and a ball-gag.” — Mark C. Ebner

There he comes, Mr. Bully himself:


On Tuesday, March 23, 2004 12:45:30 PM UTC-5, MarkEbner59 wrote:
> whoops, responded to wrong thread. This was meant for whatever Barbara Schwarz
> last posted:
> <cientologists rejoyce in mutilation murder of Psychiatrists
> From: <A HREF=” “> </A>
> (MarkEbner59)
> Date: Tue, Mar 23, 2004 9:33 AM
> Message-id: <>
> Honestly… Who gives a flying fuck? You are a living breathing argument for
> forced thorazine therapy, 4-point restraints and a ball-gag.
> >>




We had some e-mail correspondence afterwards. I had put a website up on him AFTER he defamed me. It came down when Andy Hoare, the owner of the service provider and host of my website was targeted by the Usenet hate mob to drop my site and he had to change his upstream provider. Brian Bruns aka Brielle Bruns (this pitiful guy: ) made it happen with his vehicle AHBL that he uses to mislead and to suppress free speech that Brian/Brielle and the likes don’t like. They like their pitiful free speech (lies and defamation on others) but not people’s reply to it.

Back to Mark Ebner. The information that I got on Mark Ebner was anything but flattering. I read that he admitted that he was on heroin and cocaine. “I was my demon, heroin and cocaine were the vehicles.” Good grief, he still is his own demon. Ebner has the guts telling me that my mind is screwed but I never took any drugs. I never was my own demon. So, a drug addict or an ex-drug addict tells a person who always was clean that she is mentally ill… Interesting! 


 A reporter asked him what got him “clean”. Ebner: “Oh, coming-to on a gurney with track marks up and down both arms, a hardened and enlarged liver from alcohol abuse, a heart murmur from shooting cocaine and being jaundiced with hepatitis from sharing needles with everybody and their gay…” I am shocked. How can a person fall so deep? Even if he should no longer take them, these drugs likely are still in his system and acting up. However, again, Ebner has the guts defaming my state of mind despite of my clean life history. I never had contact with people like Ebner. Where do you even find ruined people like that? Well, and if I would know where to find them, I sure wouldn’t want to meet them!


Mark Ebner about Mark Ebner: “I am an ex-drug addict who has solicited prostitutes in my day. I’ve also masturbated and inhaled at the same time, and I have been arrested more than once in my life. I dropped out of high school, and I’ve been under psychiatric care. Oh yeah, and I owe the IRS roughly six thousand dollars that they are well aware of.” That is a lot more that I ever wanted to know about him, Marty. Because he is a gutter person and had psychiatric treatment, I need it too? Geez! 

My source said that the mag Rolling Stone fired him quickly after an assignment, but Mark Ebner e-mailed me that he never held any job. Yikes! Well, he “explained” that to me by saying that he always was a freelancer. But if a freelancer is never hired again by the same mag or paper, he is fired, is he not? Otherwise they would give him other assignments.

He also penned a book. Publishers Weekly wrote:  “This diatribe is so unrelentingly negative that it loses all power to persuade… Most of the gossip isn’t new … and without any illuminating backstories, this is a sour and joyless read.”


Sour and joyless, yes, that is Mark Ebner. Failing, failing Mark Ebner… Hard to believe that Allison Hope Weiner from Media Mayhem trusts information from that man. Guess she never did her homework researching him.

Mark Ebner: “That New York Times bestseller drove me into a near-second bankruptcy. By the end of our hardcover PR run I was living in my 1969 VW bus with my dogs.”

It is always the others, isn’t it? If he really had a bestseller, how come he could not pay bills? Compared to his living conditions, Tony Ortega’s apartment (and I heard NY apartments are small) with four cats must be really a palace.    

A pen-pal mailed me in 2006 some photos showing a dirty car in a horrible condition. The foam came out of the cushion. He indicated that it was Mark Ebner’s. The car looked as if somebody was living and sleeping inside.


From my correspondence with Mark Ebner, I can say that he has a very small tolerance level when people are looking into his past wanting to write about him. He thinks he can get away with everything  even libel per se (falsely claiming that one is mentally ill) but nobody may write about him.  He was very upset that somebody took photos of his car (threatened with police) but isn’t that something that he does too when  he goes after celebrities? Well, it wasn’t me who wasted time taking pictures of junk cars. Taking photos of what’s in public streets most certainly is not actionable, but spreading the lies that I suffers on a mental illness on which I don’t, this is actionable.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. I am so glad that you are you and so uptone. Our love story never would have happened if one of us would have a gutter character.






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  1. Outch!


    October 10, 2013 at 9:11 am

  2. From Wikipedia.

    Shortly after the on-campus shooting at Virginia Tech, Ebner reported that Scientology leaders had dispatched “grief counselors” to the scene. According to Ebner and a supposedly sourced document, their intent was to investigate the psychiatric history of killer Seung-Hui Cho.


    October 10, 2013 at 2:07 pm

  3. What do you make of Ortega’s “not forgotten” poster?


    October 13, 2013 at 2:01 am

    • 1) If the original founder’s alternative lifestyle for Scientologists (and others) wouldn’t had been stolen from Scientology and the rest of the world, none of them would have aged and gotten sick and died.
      2) Alexander Jentzsch, Lisa McPherson, and Quentin Hubbard most certainly don’t want to sit with the others in the park. They wouldn’t approve of Tony Ortega either.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 13, 2013 at 4:47 am

  4. I learned that Tony Ortega and Mark Ebner are friends and are being interviewed together by Weiner.

    The swimmer on a warm fall day

    October 25, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    • Well, birds of a feather flock together. I pity each one of them for their lack of ethics and IQ. That Marty but also the founder are/were impostored by doppelgangers is all over the net but Ortega, Ebner and Weiner sure suppress the truth.

      Ortega webs DELIBERATELY photos of the original Marty to the dumb stuff that Mosey’s husband does. He posts deliberately photos of the real founder to what his impostor did.

      What career move do these 3 (Ortega, Ebner and Weiner) want to do when the real story of Scientology breaks? Then, none of them will interview them as experts on SCN or good reporters on anything.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 26, 2013 at 3:37 am

  5. There is a discussion about one of DM’s videos. It is about an alleged radio station and an interview that DM praised in Ireland. The radio station said that this never took place. What are really the facts?

    A person

    January 15, 2014 at 1:10 am


    TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — Four years of research and the discovery of a wooden sign have uncovered a historical link between Tacoma, the first trails at Mount Rainier and L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology.


    March 11, 2014 at 9:08 am

  7. Tony O. blogged about McPherson saying she shared her hotel room in Orlando with Brenda, a roommate and that the roommate said she was depressed before. Didn’t you post one time that you think that McPherson was psychiatric-conditioned in that hotel room and that psychiatrists are to blame?

    Cobblers C.

    November 16, 2015 at 12:01 am

    • Gee, Tony Ortega keeps for many years from the world that the founder of Scientology was impostored by a cheap secret service dude. Ortega himself works with and roots for Monique’s husband, another impostor. The people who believe Ortega’s stories can’t have much of an IQ. They sure don’t think for themselves. In a way, Ortega runs a cult. He feeds his followers what they may now (not the truth and nothing but) and they work for free days and nights promoting his lousy blog and book. They are such idiots.

      Lisa sharing her hotelroom with another girl doesn’t mean that she was safe from psychs. Brenda likely wasn’t all the time in the room with Lisa McPherson. They may have conditioned her in the hotelroom or before but she was psych-conditioned, I am absolute sure about this. Psychs want to force Scientologists to accept psychiatry. That is why they set up this case.

      Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists who work for psychiatric secret services. Tony Ortega also conceals this. Guess who his secret masters are. Scientology didn’t kill Lisa McPherson. I saw psychiatrists alter people’s personality. They create the zombies, the suicidal people, and also the terrorists. However, infiltrators play directly into the hands of psychiatrists by listening to their freaking ear-implants (Ron, the real founder was completely against it and he was right, as the ear implants are a tool to control people also subconsciously) and doing actions to help psychs gaining ground and Scientology getting a bad rap and losing.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 16, 2015 at 4:40 am

  8. AUSTIN – A 31-year-old woman has been charged after she allegedly crashed her vehicle into the Church of Scientology of Texas near the University of Texas campus Monday night, according to KVUE’s partners at the Austin American-Statesman.


    December 15, 2015 at 9:19 am

    • The German hate campaign against Scientology, the infiltration of Scientology, and German-controlled ear-implants are the reason for such terror by haters. Luckily, nobody was hurt but could have been easily.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 15, 2015 at 10:40 am

  9. John Travolta doesn’t watch Leah Remini’s TV show on A&E. What about you?

    Big Eyes Tiny face

    December 14, 2016 at 12:05 am

    • I read and saw enough of her and I don’t watch her crap either. She creates more hostility against Scientologists instead of informing the world properly about Scientology, what it truly is. And that would NOT create hostility against Scientology because people would understand how great Scientology originally was when founded by the real founder Ron and not altered by psych-run imposters. Remini says no word about the impostors. This tells me all about her IQ or lack of ethics or both together.

      I am no fan of David Miscavige at all but Leah Remini never understood original Scientology. For an original Scientologists as I am, Leah Remini, Tony Ortega, Mike Rinder, HBO Going Clear, etc. are a huge waste of time.

      Any person who is withholding or not getting that Scientology is infiltrated by non-Scientologists (incl. impostor Jack Vistaril, Mon. hushand, DM and wife, etc.) upon orders by psych-ordered German secret services with other secret services (incl. the CIA) helping Germany and those psychs, is not a smart and ethical person. Enough said.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 14, 2016 at 6:19 am

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