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Ron, the founder of Scientology said and wrote that abortions are harmful and low on the tonescale. The math is easy: anyone who aborts or promotes abortions nevertheless is simply not a Scientologist but an infiltrator…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, my first, my last and my everything.

I am thinking of you and wish you would be here. Or I could be with you wherever you want to be. 

How can people say that “Scientology is pro abortion” if the Scientology founder said clearly in the DMSMH and elsewhere  that women should NOT abort? Don’t they know what the word NOT means? 

Thetans are rushing into embryo bodies. They feel lonely and want a new body so badly that they don’t even wait to see the gender! It is not just “tissue” what is aborted.

IMO, the Laura Decresenzo files show that the orgs didn’t force her to have an abortion. She says so herself in a court document. I also don’t believe that they force anyone else to have one, BUT, and here it comes: DM’s idiotic no child rule in the Sea Org  invites such behavior with lowtone people, and infiltrators are lowtone. One just has to read what those who change their operations and become suddenly Scientology attackers are saying and writing.  They are really low on the tonescale and I find it shocking that they ever were in Scientology on staff. People who have such low regard of life (of other thetans) should NOT and NEVER be on staff in any SCN org. 

If DM would be a real Scientologist, he would have reminded that Scientologists (males and females) have to take precautions (but not popping a chemical pill) if they don’t want to get pregnant. Only in cases of rape, incest  or endangerment of the mother’s life, an abortion should be considered. What kind of lowtone women and men don’t take precautions and use abortion instead? 

What I find mind-boggling,  Marty, is that DM didn’t see that his no-child-rule in the SO is the main problem? There would be no Decresenzo case  if he would have issued: There is no abortion in SCN. We don’t kill thetans who are trying to come back. Once, again, he pulled bad things in.

When we were in the Sea Org, Marty, Sea Org members were allowed to have kids. How can DM think that he doesn’t get a motivator by cutting short the second part of the 2D? Besides, DM also didn’t introduce  founder Ron’s alternative lifestyle that prevented aging and getting sick.  That means that his Sea Org members will age and get sick. If they have no family to take care of them when they are older and sick, who will?

DM is so unwise. No wonder the German secret service allowed him to sit on top of Scientology for decades. He was just the man they needed to make all these false decisions. And they put former infiltrators and non-Scientologists to blame the actions of non-Scientologists on Scientology and the founder.

As far as children’s work is concerned, despite we had a lot more children around, nobody under the age of 18 worked in the org that I led. Kids were around. We had a nursery in the org but all they did was playing. They didn’t work at all. I even played with them during breaks. I wouldn’t allow anyone to have a job in any Scientology org who is not 18. Yes, sometimes kids are delivering newspapers or have a summer job, but their main job is to learn not to work. (Germany sent me to work as child, and Scientology orgs should not do to children what Germany did to me.)

As far as the orgs are controlling communication (reading their letters), they should not. If the orgs are on policy, and ethical and have nothing to hide, nothing bad can be said about them. The LDS church has a rule that their Mormon missionaries may not talk to their family except twice a year.  It is odd for any church.  Ron, the founder of SCN said: communicate! And if kids are not important, a society has lost.  


What I don’t understand are the parents of  Laura Decresenzo, Marty. If they wanted to be together (which any real family wants), why didn’t they take their daughter with them?  I was in Scientology for many years, and I know that you can get what you want if you want it. I wouldn’t leave my kid struggling alone. I don’t understand her parents, how they can let it on for so long not seeing their daughter. I’m the founder’s daughter and I would be a very different parent than these people. As a parent, my child and its happiness and well-being is my responsibility. So, I don’t leave my child behind for others to raise. 

The SO noticed that Laura did not well in the SO but kept her instead of sending her home? If that hasn’t written “set up of a new case against Scientology” all over it. It is all so German psych secret service supervised. 

On the other side, Laura stayed years on beyond turning 18. If she really hated being in the SO as she tried to make the public and the courts believe, why didn’t she leave when she was 18? Makes me think she is one of the opportunists who thinks that now it is a good time to get a lot of  money from the orgs.  

These are allegedly some questions that the Miscavology-Sea Org asks some who wants to join the SO: Have you ever had doubts about being in Scientology and/or the Sea Org? Are you, or have you ever been a newspaper reporter or journalist of any kind? Have you ever been connected to anyone who has threatened or attacked Scientology? Are you an active drug pusher? Note any instances of homosexual activity from earliest time up to present time. Have you ever been employed by the Government? 

They don’t ask what they should ask: “Do you have an ear implant? Did your case officer tell you to infiltrate Scientology?” (Of course they don’t ask it as those who do the asking were sent in the orgs to infiltrate and are having ear implants.)

However, 50 Dollars pay per week with everything free (room and board, utilities, clothes, insurance, transportation, and what INT else offers, etc.) isn’t that bad of a deal. Most people not in the Sea Org can’t save 200 bucks per month. If it is a couple, they can save 400 bucks per month.  


Laura said that nobody forced her to have an abortion but she grew up in Scientology and that she was “programmed” to getting an abortion. Really? How can she be “programmed” on that if the Scientology founder said NOT to abort. She does the opposite as to what the founder said and then she blames in on Scientology.

Also odd is the D/CO I note. It reads: “27 Feb. 96 Note from D/CO I [Deputy Commanding Officer for Internal], Laura is 2 months pregnant, upsets about this, doesn’t want abortion.”

I am not trying to defend any Miscavologist and his idiotic non-Scientology out-2D rules but if the D/CO  I would have made her the proposal to abort, wouldn’t it rather read: Note from D/CO I [Deputy Commanding Officer for Internal], Laura is 2 months pregnant,  doesn’t want abortion, upsets about this.

That note indicates that Laura is upset about the pregnancy, and once more, Tony Ortega and others fails to see what they should see. However, it appears that  D/CO I offered (not forced) Laura the option of abortion, which is a violation of Scientology. She should have advised her: “If you are healthy, deliver the baby and keep it. You can still stay in Scientology. If you don’t want to keep the baby, give it up for adoption.” I also would ask if the father knows and that he should have his saying too.

The orgs should not even discuss abortions because it is not Scientology. D/CO I and anyone else should report people who want to abort as are unfit to work in the SO as on 1.1. tonelevel. Period.

Laura is contradictory.  “After abortion…(Look in folder summary. Folder #9)…I was upset. Whole subject confusing…I still feel fucked that did that, not of doing it but having to do it.” 

But early she admitted in a court document that nobody forced her to do it.  And here she says that she is not sorry that she aborted. Guess what she is saying that her “mindset” made her do it. But what a justification is that? I never would have aborted and was so many years in SCN. Her “mindset” is the opposite of Scientology. My mind is also influenced by Scientology. It always said: don’t abort. 


What I see is that the orgs under Miscavige miserably fail to stop women having abortions. I assume that they even suggest it (I heard it from another woman in confidence briefly before I was kicked out) as they are infiltrators and no Scientologists.

What I find so outrageous is Laura’s report up the org lines that she had an abortion as if this would be a normal operation. No person who would go through with an abortion should be even on staff. Ron said clearly that a person who aborts is on 1.1 on the tonescale. How much clearer can it get? Nothing uptone and great can be expected from a person as low. Abortion in real Scientology would be a reason to route a person out of SCN orgs instead of in.

Why are the orgs in trouble? Why do they have all these scandals and  cases? Because they hire lowtone people.

And David Miscavige has no advanced abilities. He can’t predict the future at all.  

I love you, Marty. I know you know this. Too bad you can’t speak out. The world just knows Vistarologists and Miscavologists. They have no idea how real Scientologists are.

Many kisses.

On your side.

Yours forever






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  1. Abortion is absolutely not Scientology.


    October 14, 2013 at 11:31 am

    • Many people have a crashing MU on ethics. They think it is some kind of penalty having to stay ethical. They rather go backwards like Monique’s husband with the Tao. Tao doesn’t demand a person to get clean from OWs. By doing Tao, he can get away with his lies and being an impostor. The few people who follow his advice are unethical too. They have no backbone and courage to get clean and feel better about themselves.

      I like Eastern philosophies but Tao is a long time around. It did not turn the world in a great place. Original Scientology can. I like the Tao less since Monique’s husband is constantly writing about it using it to make cash by squirreling Tao and Scientology and psychology and who knows what else…

      I am pretty sure that it is Monique husband’s secret service job (beyond impostering the original Marty) to lead Scientologists away from Scientology but just a few people fall for it and are following him. Now he uses his obedient wife to get millions from Scientology.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 14, 2013 at 11:59 am

  2. Hundreds held over Canada child porn

    Doctors, school teachers, foster carers and priests were among those detained

    What is the world coming too

    November 14, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    • The Mayor of Toronto is apparently a pig, but I am glad that the female inspector police inspector is coming down on these disgusting perverts.

      Look at all these “lovely” people: Doctors, school teachers, foster carers and priests.

      Universities shouldn’t even allow pigs to graduate. If they would make sure that they don’t issue diplomas to animals, kids wouldn’t be handed to them.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 14, 2013 at 3:49 pm

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