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Another Ron Hubbard and his underground shelters… (Not quite the protected villages that Ron, the Scientology founder had in mind.)

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Dearest Marty, my amazing Prince,

How are you? My thoughts are with you.

There is somebody by the name of Ron Hubbard who builds underground shelters. Might be alright as a waiting space for an environmental disaster to blow over but it is for sure not what our Ron had in mind for constant living.

I am afraid that if we would live in such a shelter underground or in a mountain, SEGNPMSS would find a way with lasers and secret explosions to bury us alive. So, I prefer a very spacious village with a dome for protection that we can leave in case it is being attacked.

Our Ron had constant living in protected healthy environments in mind. Villages with a dome, and they can be build on top of soil, on water, under water, in the cold and in the heat, even hung in space, and on the moon and any other planets. They must be BIG ENOUGH for people and their crops so that they are not feeling confined.  People should be able to leave the villages any time. If it is big and beautiful, people would rather stay inside of the village as it is much prettier and healthier. It  could have more comfort than even the most expensive luxury place outside. Should also stop electromagnetic radiation getting inside. In other words: these villages are the ideal orgs not DM’s buildings. 

Organic food in our villages is really organic. I learned that very expensive organic food isn’t really organic on the surface of the world. Non-organic stuff is anywhere and makes its way also into the “organic fields”. David Miscavige has his chef likely just prepare organic foods for him and probably thinks that his life is save. As his organic food is grown on the unprotected surface of the world and now with pure water not made from scratch, he is at risk like others too. If DM would be able to think intelligently, he never would have allowed Ron’s alternative living research to disappear from Scientology. Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” wasn’t around when Ron lectured about this, but DM likely was.

The other Ron Hubbard’s underground shelters are much much too small. Here they are. I would feel claustrophobic in these spaces, it doesn’t mean how many “conveniences” they have. 


Instead of each person on her own, people have to create these villages together. They have to work together. It really needs a village not everyone just trying on their own.  

Marty, I remember that village in the lake and an elevator was transporting people in it. The village was so green and huge! It had levels like a stadium, the levels were placed higher on the outside, and there were hydroponics (plants without soil) everywhere.  They were clean and healthy. The air felt wonderful too.  From where I was standing, I could see the houses in the center of the village, the market place. It was a big village. If I would have walked from the point I was standing and looking down to the market place, it would have taken me probably a full day to get there. The dome was made from glass but beautifully strengthen with wood. And there was a train (non-polluting) in it, transporting the villagers. Wish I could back there.  

I know what I saw, Marty, nobody in the world can tell me otherwise, and I trust my own perceptions. It was beautiful and BIG. And I know that our Ron wanted to live Scientologists in advanced places as this. They could build these villages in any climate. It always would have Hawaiian temperatures inside – MINUS the bugs, allergy triggers, dirt, contamination, radiation, harmful germs, UV rays, etc.

The village that I remember while being with Ron (the real founder of SCN) was bigger than Monaco.  

If we would lead Scientology instead of DM, Marty, Scientologists would be much healthier and luckier people than they are with DM (or the likes) on top. 

I love you to the end of the universe and all the way back.





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