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Alan Cartwright (filed an affidavit) doesn’t know that Mosey’s husband isn’t you but “mistakes” you for your impostor, Marty? Who are they kidding?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate,

how are you? 

Marty, I remember that Alan Cartwright was OSA INT staff in the early to mid 80s. He knew you too. He was around when you and I were around. It is IMPOSSIBLE that he hasn’t figured that Monique’s husband isn’t you but an impostor. Alan Cartwright wrote an affidavit in Monique’s case filed Comal County. In his affidavit, he makes no difference between you and him. By not stating that Monique’s husband is an impostor, Alan makes the court and the world wrongfully believe that you are Monique’s husband.

 I can feel it, Marty, you are filing legal actions against all of this. You are establishing that Monique’s husband is another person and not and you, otherwise this will follow you around for all times to come as “Jack Vistaril’s” lousy character and rotten actions follows the founder around. The world was larger and not that connected during Ron’s time. His impostor stayed out of Ron’s sight. I don’t think that Ron ever saw a shred of evidence of his impostor and likely never heard the name of Mary Sue.

Ron, the founder differs from “Jack Vistaril” like day and night, and you differ like night and day from Mosey’s husband, Marty. Alan Cartright and everyone else who worked with you  KNOWS that you were the first Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology and that you are NOT Mosey’s husband who was hired to impostor you. I am certain that if DM wouldn’t be involved in hiring Monique’s husband as impostor, the orgs would have blown the whistle on that already.  

Mosey’s husband is attacking the founder of Scientology more and more on his blog by accusing him on what his German-run impostor “Jack Vistaril” did who impostored Ron long before the 50s.

That Monique’s husband didn’t put up his wife (who he married under a wrong date of birth) to sue Scientology for millions for him is just as absurd as that DM had nothing to do with the Squirrel Busters. 

I can feel that Monique’s husband is getting angrier and angrier on his blog as the orgs do not just pass millions to him to his wife as he thought. He blames Ron now on anything and just a few of his hard-core cultists and cool aide drinkers (Mike Rinder included) are staying with him. As more extreme he becomes, as more turn away from him. At the end, he will not get the millions and will not succeed in stealing public and staff from the org. And he is also not charismatic enough to make new people join his movement. He made not one new person, like a vulture, he is just trying to take from the orgs. 

He is at it for so many years, and there are not even 500 people who left the orgs to join the “Indies”. And if they join the “Indies”, it doesn’t mean that they go to Monique’s husband, may he be under surveillance or not.  

Tony Ortega is  yapping – no, he is not yapping, he is meowing- about the case. But he got it wrong. Obedient Monique would NEVER have filed that case if not her husband (who married her under a wrong date of birth) would have told her to file that case as there would be millions of dollars in for both of them. On YouTube, I saw how obedient she is to him.  As if he has hypnotized her. She never would sue Scientology on her own. Your impostor is behind this case a 100%. Afraid to sue himself because of what the orgs know about him could blow his impostor cover one day.

Really, the idea that Monique’s husband has not put up his wife (who he married under a wrong date of birth) to sue Scientology for millions for him is as absurd as that DM had nothing to do with the Squirrel Busters… 

Considering that Monique’s husband wants to destroy the Scientology orgs and rip their public and staff off for personal gain, I’d say that the C of S has a valid complaint and defense, but the Squirrel Busters were an odd instrument to handle Monique’s husband. They rather should have convicted Monique’s husband on being an impostor.  Truth will stop Monique’s right in the tracks. And by still holding back as to who Monique’s husband is (your impostor), the orgs will pull in new problems.

I assume that is the lengthy motion that C of S filed on Friday:

Somebody has made some written remarks on them, or maybe Ortega’s cats had these docs in their litter box before he posted them.

It is surprising that judge Dibrell “Dib” Waldrip ruled that his Comal County court has jurisdiction and that he does not refer jurisdiction to federal court, considering that the RTC and C of S HQ, the main targets of Monique’s suit are not in based Texas. 

Just like the Cartwright affidavit, that Slapp motion also makes no difference between you and Monique’s husband. They call him “Marty”. Monique’s husband wasn’t “Marty” before he infiltrated the orgs and took your position over. You are Marty. He was Mark and is the impostor.

He was released from his duties in 2003 for gross misconduct? What did he do? I guess in the world of His Cobness, impostering somebody is no gross misconduct. They say he impersonates Martin Luther.  That would make Monique to be ex-nun Katharina von Bora. 😉


If he wants to be Luther, fine with me. My problem with him is that he impostors you and that is as unethical and unlawful as it gets.



The C of S motion (item 15) says that Mosey’s husband impostored also another church official. Yikes, this shows who he is: impostor, impostor, impostor!

He sure lied before by saying that his brand of therapy is standard Scientology to make Scientologists come to him and give him cash. Heck, he attacks the founder of Scientology! He never was a Scientologist to begin with. He was hired to impostor you. He didn’t search Scientology to obtain wisdom as we did.  

The C of S motion says that Monique’s husband threatened a lawsuit in 2011 but never filed any.  Seems that he really is afraid to sue the C of S and uses his wife for this purpose. 

Anyway, considering that Monique supported her hubby in all these activities, she really can’t get away with playing “Little Ms. Innocent”.

The bunker litter box reported that  “Marty” (your impostor who stole also your nickname) “will not only be able to view any evidence the church turns over, he’ll also be allowed to consult on the lawsuit (that he made his wife that he married by naming a wrong date of birth to file) freely.”

Sure, after all, Monique’s husband put Monique up to file this case. Just watch the YouTube tape where he coaches each second of her to distribute the creed to the busters. In regards to Scientology, Monique does not stand on her own two feet. This is as sure as that the Squirrel Busters have something to do with OSA.

Monique’s husband  wants to get rich through her case after he failed miserably to attract a large quantities of Scientologists to his very own strange little cult.

I am not defending DM, and I explained the reasons in many postings.  Without his wrongful decisions, Scientology would have a much better reputation and Scientologists would be much safer.

But it is true that Monique’s husband wants the orgs to fail. And the orgs are not just DM. They were Ron’s orgs once. He wants to rip off their public and staff, he wants to make personally cash from that, and his wife Monique is supporting him. His postings over four years shows that he wants the Scientology orgs to fail and wants Scientologists leaving the C of S and joining his very own cult.

Unlike me. I want original Scientology restored in the orgs. I don’t want the orgs to fail or destroyed. 

There are indications on Monique’s husband’s blog that it doesn’t matter to Monique’s husband who leads Scientology (even if Ron would be back). He is really out to destroy it and he wants everyone joining his own backwards movement. And it seems that Mike Rinder has the same attitude. If you ask me, they are card-carrying agents for German secret services. 

Considering that they are doing this since several years now, Monique’s husband and the likes are not really effective. Their stats are really down with just 472 people having joined the independents (and many of them don’t trust of befriend Monique’s husband), despite a hard anti-org campaign for many years.

I can’t believe that Monique stated to the court that German anti-Scientologist Ursula Caberta is no anti-Scientologist. Guess Monique is the only person involved in all of that who believes that.

Their good friend Steve Hall, one of the original posse of 5 to which also Monique’s husband belongs,  maintains the “Indie” list.  Hall supports Monique and maintains her as “Indie Scientologist no. 18”. And as a Scientology Clear. (Yeah right!) But she filed in her affidavit that she is no Scientologist at all, so who is lying?    

Monique and her husband want it both way. They want Scientologists to think that they are Scientologists to come for them to give them cash for services. And they want the court to think that they are no Scientologists to rip off millions of Scientology. Judge Dip Waldrip should really learn about this.  

Convicting Monique’s husband of being an impostor is a piece of cake. That it is not being done by the orgs just shows that DM has dirty hands on that as well. Instead, some in the orgs hire the idiotic Squirrel Busters and the operation back-flashed against Scientology. “Great job”, Dave.

DM wants to get out of the lawsuit in New Braunsfeld, saying he is the leader but didn’t knew a thing about this. If that is true, then what kind of clueless leader is he if he doesn’t know the operations against the impostor who he hired to take over your life, Marty? Should a clueless leader run Scientology? Is he intelligent enough to carry this responsibility? I say, hell no.

The orgs have to retire DM, otherwise he pulls them even deeper down into the muddy waters. And for the future, nobody like DM, Mike Rinder or Monique’s husband should ever lead Scientology again.

As far as the surveillance is concerned, surveillance could help the orgs to know if they have a mole inside that works with Monique and her husband to destroy Scientology from the inside. But DM and other non-Scientologists in the orgs are destroying Scientology too from the inside.

It is rumored that David Lubow  filed to the court following statement:  In 2010, I interviewed some former co-workers of Monique Rathbun. The purpose of the interviews was to acquire information regarding Marty Rathbun, his finances, his activities, his associations and his mental state. I interviewed Monique’s ex-husband for all the same reasons.

(Good grief, David Lubow, just compare the photos of Marty Rathbun, and you’ll see that the one who wants the orgs destroyed is not the original! By making that case before the court, Monique’s husband and his supporting wife Monique can be convicted of whatever their motivations really is beyond trying to gold dig millions from the orgs.) 

I bet Monique and her husband are conditioned themselves to think that we are the bad guys, Marty, but it is not us who are impostering them or are keeping them part. People who do that usually don’t blame themselves. Inside Scientology, you and me were no robots, cultists or above the law as Monique’s husband and Mike Rinder and others. I bet you are as shocked as I am about their “confessions”. 

I love you, Marty. Many kisses, and keep on surviving. Hope to see you soon.

Always at your side,




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  1. If Scientologists or C of S can’t to picket anymore, critics could lose that right too.


    October 21, 2013 at 2:17 am

    • Tony Ortega wrote that Monique didn’t sued because of the Squirrel Buster but because non-Scientologist Greg Sloat put cameras on the land he leased next to the Monique’s and her impostor husband’s rented home. I don’t think she has much of a case if he didn’t put it on the land that she and her impostor husband rented.

      Monique’s husband trespassed on the other land to put tapes over it. He always takes the law in his own hands, doesn’t he? Why didn’t he address the authorities to do that if that was illegal? Because he knows it is not illegal to have cameras on the own land? Greg Sloat has now a claim against Monique’s husband.

      Her other complaint seems to a “romantic note” or a “sex toy” mailed to her but she has no proof. It could be an infiltrator in the C of S but this behavior is anti-Scientology, and I don’t see why Scientology should pay a former infiltrator and impostor and his wife millions for what a current infiltrator did or does. Theoretically, they could have mailed that to themselves or others to use that as gimmick to extort millions. It also could have been Anonymous which is known for “pranks”.

      Why does Monique’s husband not want anyone knowing what he is up to? That he can continue to impostor, that he can continue trying to break the Scientology orgs (C of S is not just DM) and steal their staff and public and that he can slip to Mexico when authorities finally come to arrest him for impostering the first Marty and Inspector General for Ethics.


      This is what judge Dib Waldrip should know.

      Barbara Schwarz

      October 21, 2013 at 2:40 am

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