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The founder of Scientology was anything but a racist, however, I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire for his impostor and agent “Jack Vistaril”

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Dearest Marty, my hero and soul mate,

Hanukkah starts and it feels weird wishing you and your family “Happy Hanukkah” by feeling that you are wrongfully incarcerated. How can any day be happy under these circumstances?  

There are some nasty rumors around that Ron, the founder of SCN, was a racist. You know nothing could be further of the truth. Documents were altered and planted in Scientology to ruin his reputation and change Scientology. Heck, an impostor claimed to be the founder and changed policies and bulletins and inserted his own crap into Scientology. 

I have seen many Scientology orgs and missions in my life, and in none, I witnessed that “Blacks” were discriminated against. The creed of Scientology says specifically that ALL people whatever race, color or creed have the same rights. 

Jesse Prince for example made it in Scientology almost completely to the top. Most “white” staff had to follow his orders.  I wish instead of Jesse Prince, a decent African-American would have moved up to the top. Among other things that he did wrong, Jesse Prince knew too that Mosey’s husband is impostering you and never blew the whistle.   

As for “Blacks” in the German orgs…  In Germany, there were generally not many non-“white” folks around.  We Scientologists welcomed them like anyone else. I remember a girl named Shirley who had either a black dad or black mom. I saw nobody in the orgs being hostile to her based on her race. Shirley was highly popular in the org and had a nice personality.

In Munich, in Scientology, my best friend, Susanna von Sierakowski, married a black fellow named Charles Parks. He was welcomed in the Scientology orgs too. Susanna grew up in Spain but moved to Germany. She had two bi-racial children, Sereetha and Stevelan.  Susanna was also my neighbor. I sometimes babysat her children so that she could have some time to herself. Sereetha was very cute and very close to me. When she saw me, she ran into my arms. The child came often over in my flat on the weekend for no other reason than wanting to be with me. I played and made fun with her. She followed me everywhere. We also spent time in town together. Susanna never objected that Sereetha was close to me. She knew Sereetha was in good hands with me.

I remember one night when Stevelan woke up and cried and wouldn’t go back to sleep. He stopped crying when I took him out and carried him around. But whenever I tried to put him back into his bed, he started crying again. Then I figured out what the problem was. The temperature difference from being in a warm arm but then laid on a cold linen bothered him. He always woke up when he felt the cold linen.  So, I warmed the linen and put him on that warm linen to bed. Problem was solved. Stevelan slept peacefully in his bed again.

That apartment house in Munich/Arnulfstraße was not a Scientology building. The other parties in the house were Germans and non-Scientologists. Susanna told me that somebody stuck a hate message through her door because she had bi-racial kids. She moved to Copenhagen later with her children and joined the Sea Org, FOLO/EU.  She and her kids should be asked if they experienced racial hatred inside Scientology. From what I have seen, there was racial hatred in Germany but NOT in Scientology. 

Marty, if I would be “Black”, I would think about this term. I find the term discriminatory. Black is often considered something negative. (My last name translated is Black too, I know.)   Really, I never saw a black person in all of my life. They come in all shades of BROWN. I also never saw a white person either, except a dead one in the showroom of a cemetery. “Whites” come in all kids of beige and pink tones. Black and White are strange terms and make “blacks” blacker and “whites” whiter. And the difference between Brown and Beige is not that big than Black and White, which are the total opposites. 

Officially, our “white” race is “Caucasian”. (You probably know that a German came up with that definition for all people who are “white”. His name is Christoph Meiners. He also called “Whites” with darker skin “dirty whites”. There we got another racist.)  On that chart above with the skin tones, there is no black and no white. Black and white does not exist. On that scale, if my skin is not exposed to the sun is closest to F 1. I have no pink tone in my skin. Guess Meiners would say that I am white in winter and dirty white in summer. Lol!

Johann Friedrich Blumenbach was a German medical doctor. Around 1800, he classified that the origins of the “white Europeans” came from the Caucasus. But how does the unexplained European genetic turnover about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago fit in Blumenbach’s classification? The Europeans before that time period were successful so who was interested to eliminate or drive successful people away? Where did they come from? ACAD Director Professor Alan Cooper said: “What is intriguing is that the genetic markers of this first pan-European culture, which was clearly very successful, were then suddenly replaced around 4,500 years ago, and we don’t know why. Something major happened, and the hunt is now on to find out what that was.”

Anyway, back to alleged racism against “Blacks” in Scientology. I never witnessed any black racism in Scientology, and I am 100% sure that “Jack Vistaril”, the agent was either ordered by his non-Scientologist case officers to make these racial remarks or they were planted to defame the founder. Secret racism against Jews having made its way into Scientology seems a much bigger problem. 1) Ron being impostored by “Jack Vistaril” 2) The Code of Honor is not applied to help you, Marty 3) You are impostored by Monique’s husband 4) Louis Farrakhan, a blatant anti-Semite and his anti-Semite cult is allowed to merge with Scientology. THERE IS CLEARLY A PROBLEM!

Love you all the way to the sky, through the universe and all the way back to Earth.

Many kisses, my dashing husband.

Yours forever,



Stuart Wright, professor of sociology at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, researched why the government raids religious communities

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Dearest Marty, my hearthrob,

RNS published an interesting interview with Stuart Wright, professor of sociology at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. He co-authored  the forthcoming book Storming Zion: A Comparative Study of Government Raids on Religious Communities. He basically acknowledged what we all know: the government doesn’t treat religions equally.  

He said: “There have been more than 11,000 complaints filed against the Catholic Church for sex abuse by priests but very few raids for these pretty serious crimes. Yet a single allegation of sex abuse against these NRMs is cause to send out 100 armed SWAT team members. The principle of religious equality, that all should be equal under the law and that states shouldn’t single religions out, isn’t being applied. I definitely think this is a religious liberty issue.”

See more at:

But thanks to non-Scientologist David Miscavige and his bad leadership, Scientology is mentioned in the same breath like the Branch Davidians. DM was and in my opinion is still Catholic. He likes Scientology to be compared to Catholicism.  (The German Bishop of Bling, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, and his love for luxury reminds me to His Cobness. ) 11,000 complaints filed against the Catholic Church for sex abuse by priest (and the number of people who were abused but hesitate to come forward for numerous reasons will be a lot higher) and DM still wants Scientology being compared to the Catholic Church. The SP-building with its psychiatric spin devices is DM’s  “Cathedral”. Give me a break. I really would like to give DM back to the Catholic Church and recover original Scientology. Scientology shrinks under him. That makes DM into a shrink. 

Many tender and passionate kisses, my Prince. I am on your side.

Forever love.




US asks Iran to release ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson, but shouldn’t the US finally help you too, Marty?

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Dearest Marty, my one and only, how are you?

I am thinking of you. The holidays are coming up, all people want to be together and happy. And so many hypocrites are thinking that we don’t have the same rights that they are taking for granted. 

I came across an article that the US wants Iran to “secure” Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent who was apparently kidnapped in Iran six years ago and that he is now held longer than former hostage Terry Anderson. But what about you? You are chopped liver to the government or what? And you did nothing wrong. Does being held captive in Spain and the USA and huge conspiracy to keep me, your relief witness, away from you since 1989 or already before not warrant the help of the US government?

If Robert Levinson was kidnapped, Iran absolutely should set the man free. I read that he was “investigating cigarette counterfeiting” as a PI when he disappeared in Iran. He apparently supported the tobacco industry or at least one tobacco company. Smoking kills, which makes Levinson definitely not my kind of person, but nevertheless, nobody should be kidnapped.

You didn’t promote a dead-bringing product, Marty, yet the US doesn’t help you? I know, I know, they say that you are not being held but unfortunately for them, I can sense lies.

I am going nowhere, Marty. Unless you want to move on without me but I need to hear it from you directly and no doppelganger/impostor.

I love you with each beat for my heart.

Forever yours,



German secret service wants to reduce spying on Scientology and Scientologists… (I don’t believe that they will quit sending infiltrators in the orgs to corrupt.)

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Dearest Marty, my soulmate,

It is all over the German news. The Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) wants to REDUCE their spying on Scientology to a minimum, whatever that means. 

They did a lot more than just spying. They INFILTRATED and had their agents contribute to a bad reputation for Scientology. They corrupted it expansion. The US Dept. of State listed Germany’s treatment of Scientologists as human rights violations.  The U.S. Department of State’s report on religious freedom (2011) in Germany stated that “government agencies at the federal and state levels and some organizations in the private sector established rules and procedures that discriminated against Scientology as an organization and against its members. 

The German government was busy watching Scientologists and infiltrating Scientology orgs instead of stopping the ring leader of 7/11 attacks (Mohammed Atta) and all his cell members in Hamburg where they plotted to fly these planes into U.S. buildings.   

I bet the German idea behind that announcement is that they don’t want the USA to watch Germany anymore. Germany wants to have no witnesses as to what it is doing.    

I hope nobody in the German government has the ideas that this statement will make me return to Germany. I don’t believe the German government one single word. Lying and conspiring comes natural to them. They will continue to spy and infiltrate, but they will not admit anymore that they are doing it. And on top of it, they do their spying, infiltrating, influencing, and atrocities not just in Germany but all over the world, and very much so in the USA.

Maybe Germany feels that they have now so many infiltrators in the orgs and that they easily run it.  On top, David Miscavige implemented psychiatric methods in Scientology so Germany feels it has won.  They say that Scientology in any way is shrinking. Thanks to their infiltration. As if putting DM in charge was not their idea!

Who knows what additional secret Scientology extermination plan Germany has to make such a statement.  

I love you, Marty. 

Yours forever,



Germany still has not complied with providing full list of artwork looted by the Nazis…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince,

How are you? I am thinking of you. 

It got really cold here and the lock to my barn is frozen. Can’t get to my bike so I rode with a neighbor to town. Usually, I bike also in winter. Not that easy as in summer but it worked.

Isn’t it a shame that we have 2013 and Germany sits still on looted Jewish art. I would like to see the lists that the Allies made in 1945 of looted art that they recovered. I am sure they made lists of what they found after Hitler and the Nazis were defeated. The Allies left it to the “new” (yeah right!) Germany to give the art pieces back to the families of the owners. I bet Germans worked as slow as snails returning those pieces to the families of the owners. As more time passes, as higher the chances that the direct families of the owners are all dead and that nobody of the later descendant remembers the art anymore, and then it stays Germany’s property.

The art works that they found in the apartment of Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of Adolf Hitler‘s art dealer, is just the top of the ice berg.  I mentioned this before, in the 80s, I was told that Jewish paintings would be stored in the huge building of the Hauptzollamt in Munich. Wonder what happened to those paintings and why Germany was still sitting on them in the 80s.

More than twenty months ago, they discovered those many looted art works at Gurlitt’s place, and Germany still has only listed 79  of those 1400 pictures. The German officials must have horrible arthritis in their fingers being unable to type the names of 1400 pictures and make pictures of them.

Isn’t that a violation of the Washington Principles?

Look at that date, Marty. 1998! Why wasn’t that drawn up already 1945?

Germany’s museums also haven’t complied to put their collections online for people to see if they still have looted art. I bet they know exactly that they have art that doesn’t belong to them.  

Wonder what the Russians were thinking after the Gurlitt story broke. German Chancellor Angela Merkel almost canceled a meeting with Vladimir Putin over artwork in St. Petersburg of which she said had been looted from Germany.  I believe the art work that she wants is from the bronze age.

However, the genetic makeup of the successful Europeans mysteriously transformed approx. 4,000 years ago, discovered Australian scientists recently.

That means that the descendants of those who made the art work in the bronze age were driven away or eliminated, so accordingly, the new Europeans (from wherever they landed) have no right to what the old Europeans did as the new Europeans apparently did rotten things to the old Europeans, otherwise the DNA of the old Europeans would be still there. 

I log off now, Marty. Sweet dreams. Hope for the miracle to see you soon. You are always in my heart and on my mind.

Be kissed! Passionately! 🙂

Forever yours



Highly unlikely that President Kennedy didn’t knew that President Eisenhower was murdered and replaced with a doppelganger while still in office

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Dearest Marty, remarkable hero with the character, strengths, and wisdom of a true future US-President,

I am not at all in awe with President Kennedy. I bet you neither. He failed to make his German infiltrated CIA and FBI getting me back to the USA and to Ron after I was kidnapped as child. For me, this is unforgivable. He had his Caroline. But Ron and Ike couldn’t keep their Sarah.   

It is highly unlikely that President Kennedy didn’t know that President Eisenhower was murdered while still in office. I watched the fair-well-speech of “Dwight David Eisenhower”, and it was not the elected President talking there. Besides, I know that Ike had a new body already in June 1960 and was kidnapped to Germany too. I am absolutely sure about this, Marty. No doubt at all.  

Most people who have no reality of having lived before are saying that this is crazy, but I know past lives are real, and truly alert people do recognize those who they knew before again. German-oriented and medical/psych-controlled Scientology haters are saying that there are no OTs. They are wrong. There are Scientology OTs but they are no Vistarologists and no Miscavologists.

To people, who do not believe that they lived before, I say: Do you see anything else but people born again and dying? They don’t. Then I ask them: Can you remember what you did the day after your birth? They can’t. I ask them: Can you remember what you did a week, or a couple of months after your birth? They still can’t. Then I ask them: But you were alive when you were a day, weeks or a few months old? Of course, they say, what is that for a question? And I say: See, if you can’t even remember the first days, weeks or months of this lifetime, what makes you think that there was no former life that you also forgot? I am always getting them there, Marty.


There are some conspiracy theories out there in regards who killed JFK: 1) CIA, 2) The Soviets 3) Lyndon Johnson (another one who I think knew that President Eisenhower was murdered while still in office) 4) The Soviets 5) The Mafia.

The Germans and the psychs behind them are not suspected by most people. But they did it. They put  Lee Harvey Oswald up to kill President Kennedy. And then they got rid of their agent Oswald. Being an agent for Germany is really a very unthankful job. 

John Kennedy was shot before Senate Hearings investigating JFK. I think he was shot so that he wouldn’t be tempted to mention that President Ike Eisenhower was murdered in office. Germany and the doctors behind  Germany are getting rid of their own agents all the time.  (The moor has done his duty, the Moor can go.)   

There is a letter to the FBI field office Miami on the net, indicating that President Kennedy was “warned” of Dianetics and Scientology by the AMA and supporter. FBI Miami didn’t provide me with a copy of that letter, after I asked them them for their FOIA record on Ron. The German-controlled FBI sure deliberately withheld records from me as they knew that I can figure out what is going on. But those who can’t figure the things out got a copy of the letter and other documents.

I am absolutely certain that President Kennedy knew that the founder of Dianetics and Scientology was the President Eisenhower’s legitimate son and that not just President Eisenhower was replaced with a doppelganger, but his son (Ron) too. The German-controlled CIA did the same with Ron as they did with you, Marty. They gave you both deliberately the names of living doppelgangers. The official line was likely to protect you of the Nazis but that was a lie. They gave you  those identities to be able to get rid of you both by letting the doppelgangers and impostors take your lives over and ruin your reputations. And nobody should miss the good originals when they are gone. This is so p$ych, this is so doctor, this is so Nazi.  Such set ups are typically for them.   


There are thousands of documents that indicate that psychiatrists and doctors were after Scientology. It is not at all crazy saying that p$ychs are after Scientology and try to ruin it. The e-meter witch hunt was just one of these psych and medical acts. You and me returned to Scientology in 1976/77 despite psychs stole our memories of being Scientologists, Marty. The FBI raid had for sure the purpose to remove any evidence that we both could find in the records of the orgs showing us in Scientology with Ron before 1977 and you and me as married couple.  

It sure is outrageous when psych quacks claim that others are the quacks and commit crimes. Kettle. Pot. Black.

Original Scientology was convicting psychs and doctors and their secret service activities. That’s why they came after Ron, Scientology and Dianetics, hired impostor “Jack  Vistaril” to impostor the founder and the infiltrators and got rid of President Eisenhower while still in office. There is nothing more criminal but Germany and its psychiatric/medical conspiracy against us and also against the USA.

Everything that was/is objectionable within Dianetics and Scientology is/was committed by the German-controlled psychiatric infiltration of Scientology. So, did the AMA and American and international psychiatrists, psychologists, and other doctors know that original Dianetics and Scientology was good and effective? Absolutely, and that is why they infiltrated it, stole it, and changed it. Original Dianetics and Scientology provided the tools for people to stay young and healthy and learn about their spiritual nature. And doctors don’t earn big bucks when people are not clueless, sick and age or are depressed. So, under German lead, they replaced the founder and infiltrate and changed Scientology. And now it has psychiatric devices like a psych spinning wheel and altered OT levels instead of real Scientology.      

Actually, they secret service doctors lie and conspire against anyone, even their every own agents who always did what Germany asked. President Kennedy really was a Berliner. He said so himself. Big mistake. It did cost his life. Nobody accused those who got rid of the “Berliner”. The Germans.

I love you, my hero. Many kisses and stay alive.

Yours forever,



Miscavology has no intention to correct Lawrence Wright’s scribbling on ignoring (or whatever) that “Jack Vistaril” was a doppelganger/impostor and not L. Ron Hubbard the founder

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Picture of the real L. Ron Hubbard and founder of Scientology above. The German/CIA hired impostor “Jack Vistaril” with his criminal wife Mary Sue below. There was a difference between IQ and tonelevel like day and night between both men. I pity every person who is unable to see this. How can people even get through life being so incredible blind? Below is the 1.1 sleaze bag (Apollo -“Ron”, the impostor) and above Ron, the good and noble philosopher, whose anti-cult Scientology was turned into a cult by German secret services with American traitors and other international scum assisting the Germans and the psychs behind them.

I know that you need no lecture, Marty. You see what I can see, besides, they do with Monique’s husband to you what they did with “Jack Vistaril” to founder Ron: making you into non-persons by wiping out your legacy and exchanging it with the unbelievable crap of the impostor.   

I can differentiate between you and Mosey’s husband and between “Jack Vistaril” and the real Ron in a snap. Those who do not see it, don’t apply the tonescale.



Dearest Marty, my husband who I would marry again and again, how are you? 

You probably heard that  Lawrence Wright didn’t win the National Book Award from the National Book Foundation for his stupid book “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief”. But his nonsense was nominated. 

And on top, he used Garry Scarff as his source. Garry Scarff, the notorious liar and abuser! I feel really really very sorry for Wright having sunk so deep working with the likes of Scarff to write a book.  How can Wright be such a bad judge of character? Garry Scarff has conscienceless sleazebag written all over him.  Besides, simply googleing Scarff’s name reveals that Scientology critics don’t trust Scarff either. They have seen him flip-flopping and lying already a decade before Wright fell for him. Alone by using Scarff, Wright made a big fool out of himself.


People should expect more from a Pulitzer Price Winner,  don’t they?  

What does Lawrence Wright ever get right? His Pullizer price awarded book “The Looming Tower” failed completely to discover Germany behind 7/11, Al Queda, and Bin Laden. And it is so obvious that the Germans are behind it. 7/11 ring leader Mohammed Atta’s personality changed in  Germany into that of a robot (p$ych-implanted and conditioned). Germany organized the 7/11 terror attacks and used other nationals to execute it. (That is one of their trademark. Even Hitler was from Austria to blame Austria in case Hitler fails.) Larry Wright doesn’t see what really counts: the people behind the curtains. German p$ychs are creating monsters, and they won’t stop unless people start pointing with the fingers on them.  

What are Larry Wright’s books good for? Tearing out pages and cleaning the windows with them.

Another shocker is the “Church of Miscavology”. The Washington Post printed yesterday this: Asked for an official response to “Going Clear,” Scientology director of public affairs Karin Pouw directed me to the organization’s Web site and a special catalogue  ( ) of what she called “the more serious errors in the book.” Referring to Wright’s “sloppy research and one-sided approach,” Pouw went on to say that the author “relies on questionable sources with axes to grind. I doubt that you or any of your colleagues at The Post would consider using such sources.” When I asked if any Scientologists were planning protests or other demonstrations at the awards ceremony, she said: “Your suggestion is absurd and offensive. While we have no doubt Mr. Wright and his publisher would crave the attention ‘protests and other demonstrations’ would bring, we have said everything we have to say about his book.

It is not more Scientology. I refer particularly to this sentence that David Miscavige’s main speaker Karin Pouw (German/French) said: “We have said everything we have to say about this book.”


Well, we won’t let them get away with it, Marty. Infiltrators destroy our religion and turn it into a cult and they will not win. One reason why they are not helping us back together, Marty, is because they know we are the anti-cult Scientologists and not the Vistarilogists or Miscavologists.

I love you, my hero. I am so glad that you are true. The rarest kind of being in this universe. 

Many kisses and yours forever,