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What speaks against paradise on Earth? Nothing except that doctors earn cash when people are getting sick and age!

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

The project “Biosphere” was sabotaged as far as I have read. 

Above is a picture of the biome that Phil Pauley designed. It houses up to 100 people.   “Eight living biomes surround a larger central biome that contains all of the control equipment, while the smaller biomes contain spaces where people live, grow food and more.”

An interesting project, but in my eyes, Marty, a biopshere dome village must be of a size that people hate to leave. Nothing should feel restricted or claustrophobic. That underwater village with the wood and glass ceiling that I remember in which Ron and I was before I was kidnapped to Germany was bigger but also grew its own food. I guess, I would have to spend a few days in Phil Pauley’s dome to see if I feel closed in or not.  However, protected biospheres have future.  He builds also a biome in Saudi-Arabia that should become three times as big as that on the picture. Will house and nourish 300 people.  Besides, to keep diseases outside, they should not eat processed food and not drink water with chemicals. 

Read more: Sub Biosphere 2: A Self-Sustaining Underwater City | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building 

But still too small, in my opinion. We had a train going through our protected biosphere village.  I am so glad that I am a Scientologist, Marty, because we look further than the doctor allows. I doubt that I would have recovered my memory to this degree if not for being a Scientologist.      

If somebody would ask me what I expect from paradise, here it is in a few words:

Living forever with those who I love by being strong, healthy, able, young, no aging, no disease, no pain,  no terror, no war, no persecution but peace and the freedom to believe in and do what I want and reaching the personal heights that I want, spiritually and otherwise  (as long as it doesn’t hurt somebody else, but this isn’t anything that we anyhow ever did or ever will do).

Many would agree that these conditions would be pretty much also what they would expect from paradise.

So, why do people not build those paradises on Earth with us together instead of conspiring against us?

Doctors swear under oath that they will do no harm but this is not what they are sticking to. Nobody should forget that doctors and the  pharmaceutical industry makes a lot of cash from that people are getting sick and aging. The salvation of mankind will never come from doctors and it does not come in form of a pill or treatment. People are putting their hopes in the wrong direction. They should be a lot more alert as far as the medical field is concerned.


You know it, Marty, I know it, and Ron (the real founder of Scientology) knew it. The fountain of youth is a different way of living. That technology existed once in Scientology and is now completely stolen.  In former postings, I described that way of living more detailed. People should ask themselves who does benefit from a stolen fountain of youth (alternative way of living to stop aging and disease)? Doctors, for crying out loud! And who is the force behind this medically oriented planet? Germany! 

Yes, we lived many lifetimes and people are being born again but mind-controllers and their countless traps are stealing everyone’s memory (including those of OTs), besides, it is DEF-T to start always new. As far as I am concerned, I can live without being in diapers again, Marty. And as the world does not become better, a kid is pretty much screwed in it if it hasn’t the wisest and most loving parents. And even if it has them, kids can be kidnapped and/or otherwise handed over to hell. 

Scientology’s main enemy really are international doctors and psychiatrists and behind them is Germany. Doctors are seeing their income shrink when people no longer age and when they are not getting sick. And the worst about these top medical controllers is that they stole Ron’s technology (except anything that has to do with ethics, they tossed that aside) and his spiritual discoveries and also his way of living as far as non-aging and not getting sick is concerned and THEY ARE LIVING IN THESE PLACES. They don’t want to live like the average people on Earth but they are forcing us to live like they don’t want!

They don’t age, they don’t get sick, they have no pain… The only thing that is killing them are themselves. They can’t trust each other as they don’t apply ethics and are no good. In other words, they are living in hellish paradise, and yes, they deserve each other. And when they are being killed, their memories are taken too, and they have to live on Earth and will get sick and age also. They could have avoided it by having created equal good conditions for any one. But as they don’t do so, they will step right into their own traps. That is the only way to avoid stepping in any trap: no trap for anyone.


They are cowards, Marty. They don’t have the courage to come clean – even if it means their own downfall. And it could be the eternal downfall. What if we go away and leave that German pig stable planet forever? Numerous of them think that we can’t. That they will catch us even without having a body, but if I would be one of them, I wouldn’t be so sure of that because we know to make the impossible happen.

The posting of an independent “Scientologist” on my blog did shock me, Marty. She wrote about that somebody “would be a coward who didn’t dare to withhold something”. She got it all wrong and understands nothing of Scientology ethics. A coward withholds and conspires. What courage is needed to withhold? NONE! It needs courage to stand on her/his own two feet and to come forward and confess and face the responsibilities. With attitude like hers, it is really no surprise that Scientology of today (“Independents” and the Church of Scientology are just a far cry from what it originally was). She is for sure not the only one who has such a pure understanding of Scientology ethics.

Back to paradise on Earth. We need a world where ethics, truth, and honor is valued more than personal gain because without it, any personal gain is just very short-lived.

Besides building a better world by applying pro survival ethics, Scientologists and all others should really build villages in which they keep those reasons for aging away.

In recent times, Aubrey de Grey and his SENS has published several culprits for aging. These villages (can be beautiful oases) that must be build will keep those culprits out. Building them will be a lot cheaper than paying billions of aging and suffering people, besides, it is the human thing to do to stop people falling painfully into pieces.

I admire Aubrey de Grey’s courage to speak up in a hypnotized world that immortality can be achieved. But I differ with him on how to handle the aging problem. He wants to get a grip on it with medical treatments that involve cell therapy, gene therapy or injections.

Even if the body would continue to run doing it his way, I assume that we would age on the outside due to UV beams, radiation, etc. As a woman (all past lives through, Marty, I was NEVER a man ever!) I don’t want to look like leather from the outside. Aubrey can grow a beard, but what is with us girls? I don’t just want to feel 20, I also want to look 20 when I see in the mirror.

Anyway, Aubrey de Grey has his opponents, maybe not so much on how he wants to achieve immortality but rather that he dares to propose that people can and should live forever. Dr. Sherwin Nuland calls “life extenders” like Grey “narcissistic”. Guess according to Dr. Nuland, these “narcissistic people” are also Arthur Levinson, or Google’s Larry Page. 

The one who is mentally really twisted is Nuland because wanting to survive is something very normal. It is the main dynamic, the main urge (Ron wrote about it for example in Science of Survival) of a being. Without having the drive to survive, mankind would have died out.

Imagine these individuals hanging in a difficult rock wall together and having to use all they got to climb up to survive. I assume Aubrey de Grey, Arthur Levinson, and Larry Page would give it all they got and fight their “narcissistic” way up to safety with their normal sense of survival, but Sherwin would let go and fall down to his death as he doesn’t want to be “narcissistic”.


If pro-survival is narcissistic, Marty, people can call me narcissistic all day long. I call it self-esteem.  What kind of downtone tonelevel is that thinking that people does not deserve immortality as Nuland does?  It is the spiritual downtone state of death. Nuland confirms that not just the body can die. A thetan can have the attitude of death too. And it must be really depressing down there. No will to survive. Creepy!

However, I think that people like Nuland are the minority.  Most people would gladly accept a change for immortality if offered.

Some other kind of people who would fight or ridicule physical immortality: people smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. If somebody is addicted to all or any of that, talks of living an alternative lifestyle will not help much.

People who think they can’t afford it. The government should pitch in by building protected immortality villages for people as it doesn’t has to pay health care for the aging and sick population later on.

But I know that at least one of these spacious protected villages exist in the USA. I was there and I am convinced  that this beautiful and healthy place is where you came from, Marty.

Wish we both were back there.

I love you so very much.
Keep on surviving. My heart beats faster when I just think of you. It is as if no time passed. The same feeling. Amazing. True love doesn’t age either. 

Yours forever,

P.S. I like myself, Marty, and it feels good. Actually, I am proud of myself! I raised myself. My values are those of original Scientology, and I am really happy about my character.  I feel self-respect. I don’t conspire against anyone and don’t deny other people their rights. I want people to be happy if they grant the same right to us. So, doctors have to excuse me by not falling into their line of people who they have doing the wrong things and who have naturally no self-respect afterwards.  

I would strongly suggest that doctors should learn how to become ethical and no longer conspire and hurt. That would result in them liking themselves better too.

 If somebody offers them a dirty job to persecute, torture, terrorize or murder, they don’t turn it down. If somebody would dare to offer us such a dirty job, Marty, we would say: “Who the hell do you think I am? I am much too good to commit what you asked.” And we would make sure that the crimes that are planned are published to be broadly known so that they never will committed against anyone. We need a lot more people with that attitude and not people who become worthless by having secret service doctors whisper through their ear implants to be the worst they can by committing heinous acts. 



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  1. News for ya

    November 7, 2013 at 5:14 am

    • They know of the danger of transfat since at least a decade or longer. What took them so long? Oh I know it: helping doctors to get rich and very active German-controlled ear implants.

      Barbara Schwarz

      November 7, 2013 at 6:37 am

  2. I know this is not off topic on your blog, Barb!

    SCSU prof studies Christmas fern extract as possible cancer treatment


    November 29, 2013 at 10:43 pm

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