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1) High invasion of thetans with theta bodies at Twin Peaks’ Scientology base in the California mountains 2) I doubt that the Sea Org Reserves are in a US-vault. In the 80s, the Sea Org Reserves were all transported to Europe (upon secret German orders)

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

Look at the many thetans with theta bodies (spirit orbs) at the Twin Peaks’ Scientology base in the California mountains. They are apparently all looking for Shelley Miscavige. 😉 Could be diseased Sea Org members wanting new bodies and being upset with David Miscavige for his no-child-in-the-SO-rule that they don’t find enough baby bodies to be born again in the Sea Org. Look at those orbs: it is an invasion!

They arrived in a group. There is none in the left side of the picture. They just arrived and are all in the right side of the picture! Interesting, really interesting. I have a high orb population around here (away from the big city) too. I know what they exist and what they are, so they are sure coming to my place.   

I read an article saying that “former Scientologists are convinced that the vaults at Twin Peaks’ Scientology base in the California mountains also hold half a billion dollars in gold and cash reserves”.

And those alleged “former Scientologists” were for sure never Scientologists but German-controlled infiltrators. 

In the 80s, I was one of the three board members on all Sea Org Reserves. DM had them all transported to Europe, Luxembourg. Most Scientology donations are made at Flag. The Sea Org Reserves should be in the USA. Particularly, after the C of S was declared non-profit by the IRS, one should really wonder if DM hasn’t transported the cash back to the USA. 

Those Sea Org Reserves are also something the Germans want to loot by leading Europe.

And those building for “LRH” are for incapable “Jack Vistaril”, a lawless man and impostor and/or used as a tool by DM to imply that he is pro “LRH”. But Ron, the real founder of Scientology is never welcome by infiltrated Scientology. As if DM ever would give up voluntarily his throne. And most certainly, he wouldn’t give it up for the real founder. Besides, DM has heard for sure in the UK that Ron lectured a very different way of living and building as the houses that DM builds, buys or restores.

The “work” stored in those vaults are altered Scientology. Altered already by Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” upon German psychiatric secret service orders.

Those wheels are typical psychiatric. Psychs are known to spin their patients around and it didn’t make them saner. Any Scientologist should get that this is never by the founder of Scientology and that p$ychs are trying to make Scientology adopt their treatment tools. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT SCIENTOLOGY! 

The disappearance of Scientology leader David Miscavige's wife Shelly has been a mystery for the last seven years. Now we can reveal her whereabouts, at a secret base deep in the San Bernadino mountains. CST Twin Peaks base is the only Scientology base that has never been pictured before apart from on Google images. We spoke exclusively to ex-Church member Dylan Gill, who oversaw the building of the base and can reveal all its secrets.

The entire planet sucks, Marty. People are all on the same corrupt German doctor bandwagon. 

Michelle Miscavige is not missing. Heber Jentzsch is not missing. On the other hand, Marty, you are really missing and the real founder of Scientology also is missing. But nobody but me is speaking this out loud. I think DM and Michelle are separated since a long time but she still supports him leading Scientology and the methods that he is using: Psychiatry Secretly Working.   

With all my love,




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  1. Twin peaks, doppelganger, mysteries will return…

    Comment Comment Comment Comment

    October 6, 2014 at 5:58 am

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