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Absolutely horrible! The disappearance of 200 million girls! (Boys are losing too in this rotten world.)

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Girl holds a placard as she takes part in a protest rally in Hyderabad

Marty, my heart throb, how are you?

The first snow is here, looks pretty when the sun sparkles on it, but nothing is as wonderful as seeing you again. 

Many men in India are thinking that they are superior to women.What do these male idiots think is wrong with females? Something is seriously wrong with that society or people who thinks that females are less worth than males. Some say that under Hinduism women have the same rights, others are disputing it. And with equal rights, I am not saying that women should turn into men. They just should have equal rights. I know you think the same, Marty. And so did Ron.  

Buddha apparently was the first founder of a philosophy who treated women equally.

It is a secret German world. German psychs have since centuries the overall control over each freaking ear implant on the planet. Whatever rotten happens in any country, you bet that I blame them as they stop peaceful and effective movements (as Scientology was once) and infiltrate, introduce, promote, and allow atrocities. I am also convinced that they are using silent sounds to send gruesome ideas in the subconscious minds of primitive people of any nation so that these indeed go through with causing pain, perversion, rape, terror, and murder.  

China and India (and likely Africa and other countries too) are killing their daughters. What kind of people do this to their own children or to other children? This is so horrible beyond words! What is wrong with governments, religions, and other organizations not getting through to people to stop killing?


On the other side, abortions (I bet you know that many thetans dive into the woman’s womb right after – if not during the conception) are not much different, are they? It is not just “tissue” that is be aborted. A thetan is always in it.  I am 100% sure that most thetans think another thetan may take the baby body instead and that they don’t get any and this is why they go in so early to “reserve” it.  

Back to India. One Indian woman bragged that she killed eight girls after birth, and she laughs about it and is not incarcerated! What is the matter with the Indian authorities? It is DISGUSTING!   

She is shown in the video below. She has male features. She might be organic a woman but something tells me that she has a male timetrack. Looks s”he” was lucky that nobody killed him/her but as this killing vibe is going around. In her next lifetime(s), s(he) might be the one who will be suffocated and burried.  S(he) didn’t think that through. Most aborting people don’t think this through.   


Germany is the ultimate ear implant and mind control “authority”; they are ultimately responsible for each crime committed since this system was secretly implemented, centuries ago In other words, Germany could have stopped the worldwide abuse against girls and women a long time ago but didn’t.  They are likely not just not preventing it but radioing (translated in any language there is) ideas silent sounds in the subconscious mind to commit these crimes and even to kill their babies.

Here are other crimes:

Germany lies that it is pro equal rights. In Germany, the titles “Herr” and “Frau” are not equal titles. “Herr” is a lord. (German men are as far away from the or a Lord as it gets!) When Germans pray, they pray to the “Herr”. It is as if American’s would pray to the “Mr.”. No kidding. “Dear Mister, please bless the world!” (Sound’s weird, doesn’t it?) The title “Dame” would be the equal to a “Herr”. But the title “Herr” is used in daily life. If the CEO of a company is a man, they call him for example “Herr Müller”. If the CEO is female, she is “Frau Müller” and NOT “Dame Müller”. The female title Frau is absolute gender discrimination. And if you put a “d” behind it, you got FRAUD, which happened to me in Germany.  However, any male of our family or related to us in spirit has no true rights in Germany either, even if they call him “Herr”. Just as Jewish men had/have no rights. 

And I bet all these people who made these more than 200 million girls “disappear”, have German-controlled ear-implants. German secret service doctors secretly control all governments.

It is THEM who have “a problem” with too many Indian or Chinese people. THEY feel threatened by others and are afraid to be overrun by them. We don’t. Germany invented communism and are behind that China (originally a home of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism) became suddenly communistic. This is how they kept China from truly prospering. I bet a gazillion Dollars that German secret service doctors came up with the one-child policy and carry the ultimate responsibility for those many forced abortions in China.

(And who else but German secret service doctors came up with the no-children policy in the Sea Org and manipulated “Scientologists” of all people under “Jack Vistaril” and “David Miscavige” into having abortions? Ron the founder said strictly not to abort and women who abort is on 1.1.) “Jack Vistaril” spoke sometimes derogatory of women. The real founder of Scientology never. 

If Chinese, Indians, or any other people would build self-sufficient villages that houses, nourishes, and educates a certain number of people and is so healthy that it prevents its residents from getting sick and aging (and yes, we know it is possible), Chinese, Indians and people of any other country on the planet can have as many children as they want. They just have to build another one when one is filled. Beautiful environmentally closed villages can be built anywhere, in hot or cold climates, in and on water, even in  space. They could even stack them. The only reason why the USA, China, Russia, India and other countries haven’t done it is – because Germany is afraid of them growing too big for them.

Knowing the typical German (particularly the Bavarian), I am  absolutely certain that they are also behind the suppression of women in the Middle East, and the brutality against girls and women there as in any country in the world.

They never should have kidnapped me, Marty. I figured out how they tick, what they do and what to expect from them.  So, who says there is no overt/motivator sequence? They have really pulled it in that I am explaining who and what they are and what they are up to.  

Even in their national anthem, Germany indicates that Germany is about everything in the world. And that is the reason this planet is such a disgusting pig stable with people who have NO conscience.  

Germany’s mind controllers are bringing out the worst in people. They think they will not be found behind this, but I think they will.


China just launched a moon rover mission. Wanna bet that they “don’t find” the secret German-controlled stations up there, because the German secret case officer makes sure that they don’t say anything and/or roll in the other direction?

The entire world is a secret German medical hell, and you and me, we don’t take it.  Neither should anybody else who thinks she/he doesn’t deserve hell for all eternity to come.

Life on this planet is organized that people are getting sick, age, suffer, and die. And medical and pharmaceutical people are getting rich on this way of life. That is why they changed Scientology. To hide our alternative lifestyle and our knowledge. They are even more afraid of us than of the Chinese or other people.  They are so afraid of people that they MUST control everyone through ear implants but they don’t make the world better. 

The disappearance of 200 Million girls, Millions of abortions in China and elsewhere…  Anyone of these nationals involved are guilty of these horrible crimes but I blame German secret services and their doctors and psychs most of all as they can prevent this. A simple command as: “Don’t kill the baby, bring it to an adoption agency if you don’t want to keep it.” would already suffice. But they are monsters, that is why turn people into pigs and monsters and allow pigs and monsters to repeat their crimes and to go unpunished. 

Some fools are thinking that the Germans wouldn’t do a thing like that. Guess they never heard about the Holocaust either where it was “normal” to murder millions of people.

I love you, my prince. It would be such a wonderful world, with all nations living together in sisterly and brotherly unity, helping each other instead of committing and covering up crimes. All these problems on the planet, we would know how to solve them and nobody would lose.

Many kisses, and keep on surviving, Marty. We both were born for each other and no butcher and barber (the profession that generated psychiatrists and medical doctors) will succeed making us into enemies or making us giving up on each other. They are able to pervert the entire world, but our love is too powerful for all of them.

Yours forever





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  1. Female Scientologist

    December 9, 2013 at 4:21 pm

  2. So, almost hundred years ago, the U.S. State Department figured out that Germany worked on executing Germany’s commands not only in the USA alone but also throughout the world.

    Cassandra V. Atkinson

    December 21, 2013 at 12:22 am

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