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1) Mark Bunker wants City of Clearwater talking to your impostor, Marty, and to his partner crime Mike Rinder. 2) Our marriage is VALID – also according to the latest UK Supreme Court decision, Marty

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and husband, how are you?

I have to hurry today, so just a few lines:

1)  Mark Bunker wants City of Clearwater talking to your impostor (Monique’s husband), Marty, and his partner crime Mike Rinder. Mark Bunker was posting on ARS when I posted there too. He read and heard that Monique’s husband is an impostor likely hired by Mike Rinder and David Miscavige to impostor you. It is not new to him and he can’t say that he never heard of it. He heard also that the Scientology founder was impostored by “Jack Vistaril”. All he had to do is to compare photos and videos to verify that these are facts. But he never published anything about that to inform his viewers or readers or the forums that he approaches. He also didn’t inform the City of Clearwater on these impostors. And not just that, he refers the City of Clearwater to your impostor and his partner in crime, Mike Rinder. It is unbelievable! 

What is the reason that Mark Bunker moved to Clearwater? Something horrible planned down there that he knows about and wants to be there to exploit it? I don’t think there is anything wise on Mark Bunker, and I am not even remotely impressed by him and his actions. 

2) Psychs erased our memory to our marriage, Marty. But I won some of the memory back and remember marrying you in Grinstead in the mid 70s. We were both teenagers but had the permission of our parents. Ron conducted the marriage ceremony, your parents were the witnesses. We filed the marriage certificate also to the local Grinstead government. 

The news is that the Supreme Court of the UK, the highest court ruled and that Scientology is a religion and can marry a couple. The case was won by Alessandro Calcioli and his fiance Louisa Hodkin. I believe he is the nephew of Neil Gaiman. We knew it all along but if somebody wants to argue that our marriage wasn’t valid as we had a Scientology marriage, they can argue all they want. It was and still is legal and valid, also in the eyes of the law. We are still married, we never divorced and all who forced us against our will to separate us or prevent that we can’t get back together are committing serious crimes under the law.

The Supreme Court has ruled, unanimously, that a Scientologist chapel is “a place of meeting for religious worship” for the purposes of section 2 of the Places of Worship Registration Act 1855, and therefore it may be licensed for the solemnisation of marriage.

I love you my husband. I love you more than ever.

Many tender and passionate kisses.

And I am on your side forever more – as long as you want.




4 Responses

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  1. Interesting posting.


    January 14, 2014 at 1:12 am

  2. He likes to portray himself as harmless person and cuddly teddy bear but a permanent court injunction was rendered against Mark Bunker stop harassing Scientologists in Florida. He was arrested and not just once.

    Vacationist Edda

    February 9, 2014 at 12:38 am

    • What I am sick and tired of is Mark Bunker promoting Marty’s impostor and trying to make the world believe that “Jack Vistaril” (the Apollo guy) was L. Ron Hubbard the founder.

      Mark Bunker suppresses the truth. Can you spell secret service agent?

      He complains about what “Scientology” did in the past to him and Bob Minton but is good friends with Mike Rinder (and Monique’s husband) who were in charge of OSA and external affairs for decades. They never were Scientologists, so is it fair to blame their activities on our religion? Hell no.

      It is Scientology that Bunker wants to bring down, not evil. And asking others to donate to him. Beggar.

      Also, I believe some horrible secret service/p$ych activities will go down in Florida, and he moved there and took his “position” to exploit it instead publishing the true story of Scientology and its icons to prevent it.

      He doesn’t want his restraining order lifted yet. He wants to go forward later. He wants “donations” given to him in his “defense fund” for later. Like he is waiting for some set up to happen that will crush Scientology completely and lift him up above everything.

      I saw a YouTube video “Mark Bunker of Scientology injunction” with a picture of Monique’s husband, the impostor on his screen the entire time. Bunker makes shameless propaganda for this agent, and hopes that this impostor will help him to a white vest, which makes me think that Bunker is a secret service agent too.

      And he wants to become Mayor of Clearwater! Good grief.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 9, 2014 at 5:49 am

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