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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How come that Germany, a country which showed its true ugly face clearly during the Third Reich, always comes out smelling like a rose? Isn’t that totally suspicious? Who believe that they are suddenly saints? Nobody smart!

The records that Edward Snowden released mainly show the USA and too a lesser degree the British, Israeli, Canadian, Australian and Norwegian secret services in a bad light. But not the Germans. How come? I don’t want to defend any US secret service action either, but knowing the Germans, I am asking the big question: how come THEY are not being busted? And I do not just ask this question, I also answer it: they run the entire world through ear implants and they make people not busting them and look the other way, except the few of us, who they are afraid of and can’t run.

Germany doesn’t need outdated technology like tapping phone conversations. They have high-tech mind-readers invented by rotten p$ychs and supercomputers. What they do is not just reading and storing every thought that anybody on this creepy planet thinks, they also influence these thoughts with loud and silent sounds and very advanced translator-programs. How dare German secret service psychiatrists, doctors, and  other agents to point with the finger on other nations by being the force behind reading any mind on the planet, by recruiting little children and turning them into agents while their minds are completely unripe and running them and manipulating their thinking and behavior. The entire world is a German secret cult and pig stable. It is total Orwellian.   

Again, I am not defending American officials who failed to do something against this or are even in cohorts with this, but the German idea behind Edward Snowden taking those records is solely to shame the USA and to make the USA stop watching Germany, because they want to continuously come away also with secret German atrocities planned for the future. According to the Germany, nobody is allowed to watch it while it does a do a lot worse to the world than just watching. This was the German plan behind Snowden and the “revelation” that Merkel was “spied” on. I bet there are indication in NSA files that Merkel has secret case officers who are telling her what to do. And she isn’t the only one who has them. They don’t want Snowden or others releasing what their agents in the US government did against us, Marty. No, keeping us apart is a secret very German plan too. The USA should be shamed and forced to stop monitoring and recording on Germany. Even despite the USA and other countries allow the Germans notoriously get away with everything, Germany feels so much better when NOTHING is recorded about their atrocities. 

In the meantime, German secret service psychiatrists have all the access to the minds and thoughts of anybody in the USA, including the US-President, all US Senators, US Representatives, officials, judges, scientists, you name it, every single thought of any person and even thoughts of animal and are recording them.  ALL thoughts and mental energy. But nobody blows the whistle on total German mind control or that they are the force behind current terror. USA is being busted on spying on phone calls but Germany is not busted on reading, processing, recording, keeping, controlling, and influencing each thought of everyone in super computers. They do the influencing with loud and silent sounds.  

They don’t need to ask the phone companies to turn over records. Germany sucks any thought anybody ever thought directly out of the minds of people. That is what they call freedom for mankind.   

A federal judge ruled today that spying via phone is unconstitutional but what about reading the thoughts of people? I didn’t allow anyone to read my thoughts (not because they are not noble but I don’t like them exploited and Germany or any other state or persons enriching itself based on my thoughts) but Germany does it. They all act as if  mind-reading and controlling is not done but it sure is.

Marty, I bet in those files that Snowden took are lots of data how agents for Germany conspire against you, your family, me, Ron, and some others. But I bet these data should not be published. Germany doesn’t want this known, after all, they are running those US and international officials and judges to deny our rights to us. So, according to the German plan, Edward Snowden should only publish data to stop the USA monitoring them so that they can continue with or even increase their international violations of human rights.        

Germany awarded Edward Snowden with the Whistleblower Award and they praise his actions  with the highest words. This “award” was created by the German branch of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms and by the Association of German Scientists. Germany against arms? Only officially. Remember Imhausen and the poison gas factory in Libya? And with German government approval, Siemens exported machines in the Middle East that are used to allegedly eliminate kidney problems. They have “dual use”, a  high precision switch used to detonate nuclear bombs. How devious is it to invent something like that?  

These “scientists” failed horribly to check what their own country is up to, or they know it and keep it to themselves as the obedient cultists that these “scientists” or other “professionals” are.

I wouldn’t want any German award. Under no circumstances would I accept one. And the USA doesn’t fight back. With fighting back, I don’t mean throwing bombs. I mean saying: “Okay, Germany, that’s it. Everything you did and do will be published for the entire world to know. We had it with your atrocities and secret set ups. All people and all animals on this planet need protection from the likes of you. This time, you can’t wiggle yourself out as you did after losing the WW wars. This time we go to the core, to the men behind it all. You need your still existing Nazi behinds kicked that they can’t sit anymore on them for a billion years to come.”

I love you, Marty. And they should get an extra kick in their behinds for having separated us for so long. They have very advanced technology, Marty, but they are NOT intelligent, otherwise they never would have messed with us. Because dead or alive, we will NOT letting them or any international co-conspirator getting away with it. NEVER!

Yours for all times to come.







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  1. Snowden Offers to Help Brazil Uncover Possible U.S. Espionage


    December 17, 2013 at 8:38 am

    • I thought so, he is rather any other national but American.

      Germany made the United States (like other countries too) into a secret German colony, but *I* want America solving its problems and getting rid of the unconstitutional and illegal German-controlled infiltration and becoming the beacon of true freedom on this planet.

      I am not asking other German-controlled states to “correct” the USA. They just blame and accuse and never have any intentions to bust the German influence in the USA. Americans can correct the USA but not by following the beat of German-controlled ear implants.

      Brazil wants to cut off the Internet. They really are talking a very odd road. One day they could be North Korea.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 17, 2013 at 9:59 am

  2. Lurker

    December 19, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    • Particularly spying on the Germans is a must, otherwise the world will feel a sudden Nazi boot in the neck and then it is too late to stop it. Let’s hope Senator Dianne Feinstein gets it too! They put a Merkel as strawwoman on top and Sen. Feinstein falls for it.

      I want to know if Angela Merkel talked on her cell phone to case officers who told her what to do. Because that is what I think. I want to know who really runs this Germany and the rest of the world secretly. (I know it already but I want names and faces!) And I want to kick their butts because they are asking for it.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 19, 2013 at 4:28 pm

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