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One terror act after the other – but FBI and other law enforcement analysts fail to figure the common denominator… And the horror continues…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome hero and soul mate,

How are you?

Usually, the first that the FBI or other law enforcement are commenting after a terrible act of violence: “He/she acted alone.” Which always means that they have no intent to catch those who condition those people into becoming shooters/terrorists.

I am sure you have seen a lot in your life,Marty, and so did I. But I wonder were the eyes of many other people are.

In Munich, I knew everyday people. They were not crazy at all but for some reason, they came in contact with psychiatrists. I heard such people talking normal stuff about the weather, children, grocery prices, the economy, clothes, everyday stuff, just as normal as the average person one can meet anywhere. Then these persons entered in that normal average day person condition and state of mind the closed treatment rooms of psychiatrists or neuro-“scientists”. When they left a few hours later this office they were like crazy perverted and threatening zombie. I have seen it happen. Nobody can tell me otherwise. Between the state of average normal person and becoming a scary zombie was nobody but psychiatrists. It was average persons – psychs – scary zombies. It could not have done by somebody else because they were normal before they entered the psych treatment rooms. 

And it doesn’t just happen in Germany or other states. In  Washington D.C. I knew a girl. I shared a room with her. She was critical of many things, had strong opinions and was orderly and talkative. She was very ambitious to have success in her life.  She trained to become a security guard and took this schooling VERY seriously. She wanted a good job and good pay to make a good life for herself. I knew her personality quite well.

One day, she was came back and was a completely changed person and this change of personality scared the daylights out of me.  I don’t know where she was those hours, but she was changed like those average daily-life persons that I saw going into psych treatment rooms in Munich. Except that this time, it has happened in the USA.

She wasn’t in the slightest nutty before and she was completely nuts when she came back from wherever she was for those last hours. I think she was napped by p$ychs like Lisa McPherson or so many others and psychs conditioned her into this scary state. She was no longer like average people. The most important thing for that woman was her schooling and career. She really wanted that security guard certificate so badly but she wasn’t ambitious anymore. She didn’t go back to school. She talked utterly nonsense at times and seemed to be in a lot of inner pain. As if she would be screaming on the inside. At the same time, her altered personality was now grim and threatening.  She stuck to my heels (scary feeling) and alternatively to those of an Iranian girl who was New York raised and luckily anything but submissive. She didn’t do that before. She used her time to prepare for her ambitious life and school and not to run after girls and scaring them. 

That was in an environment where nobody was a Scientologist but me. That girl whose mind was altered  had no weapon but if she would have had one,  who knows what would have happened. The expression “she wasn’t in her right mind” literally was going on with her. She didn’t knew what has happened to her nor that she has changed. And I also know why they did it. Psychs conditioned her to make her come after me. Already before her mind was altered, she wasn’t my favorite person, but I sure didn’t wish her to be implanted, hypnotized, and likely e-shocked by psychs. I had to leave D.C. and don’t know what became of her.

When I hear that former ambitious people (incl. James Holmes because psychs commit such mind-altering crimes against their own peer) or average people suddenly go berserk, I know that somebody tampered with their minds. There is active and on-purpose psychiatric “interference” as implanting that makes people “snap”. They don’t do it just like that. Yes, there can be trauma or shock, but from what I have seen, psychiatrist are making the terrorists, the “suicide”-pilots, and the shooters. They condition these people and then run these suddenly mentally-incapacitated zombies via their ear implants and make them committing crimes. The psychiatrists and doctors behind those crimes always come away because the CIA, FBI, other law enforcement agencies, courts and neither Congress is investigating if the shooters/terrorists were napped and altered.

BTW, I bet that the NSA has also clear indicators in their records that this really is happening. But as nobody says anything, it continues.


Psychiatrist George Estabrooks admitted many decades ago that psychiatrists can do this to human minds, yet, nobody is looking into it. It is an old method using others to commit crimes as bad as murder and terror, and those who are setting these people up are getting always away with it.

Even little kids are killed as in Newtown, yet, nobody looks into who conditioned the shooter. That shooter apparently had problems since ever, probably never was like average people but nevertheless, I have all reasons to believe that there was a set-up behind it, and the shooter didn’t came up with the plan but just executed it. The people behind it came away, and I don’t want them to.  

Sure, if no weapons are around, many of these shootings don’t happen. However, in Germany it is more difficult to get weapons but there were shootings too and lots of stabbings. Also, people can make bombs if they have no access to guns. Most importantly, the psychs behind conditioning people into Manchurian candidates must be found.  

As they come away ALL THE TIME, they never have to fear being held responsible for their outrageous crimes. Until they are nabbed and altered by their own peer, like James Holmes…

CCHR and Miscavology also failed to convince the government to investigate. Lisa McPherson didn’t harm others, but everything I read about her told me that she was psychiatric-conditioned to lose her mind and to die in the hands of “Scientologists” to force Scientology to accept psychiatry and neuro-“science”. Miscavology stepped right into the psych trap.

CCHR and Miscavology failed also to insist to investigate that for example Jeremy Perkins, Rex Fowler, or numerous alleged “suicide” cases were psychiatric conditioned set-ups. Miscavologists are waiting till things blow over, which is stupid. Miscavology doesn’t fight back, and by fighting back I don’t mean fists but investigating, documenting and repeating what has happened to make these hidden psych-actions stop. Miscavologists are like many non-Scientologists: they also stick their heads in the sand.

CCHR is a warning of drugs and e-shocks, which is important, but it does not demand efficiently from the government to investigate what is behind the shootings and terror acts.   

Miscavology wants to “fit in” so desperately that it doesn’t remind me of Scientology anymore. Scientologists don’t wait till grass grows over something. WE DIG and ACCUSE those who are behind it. The price of freedom is to fight back, says Ron, and he is so right because otherwise, they step all over you. And at the moment, all are stepping all over Miscavology and claiming wrongfully that it is Scientology.

For crying out loud, David Miscavige has introduced psychiatric devices into Scientology as the “pain station”, water shocks, or that spin machine. What is the man’s IQ not getting that this has p$ych set up written all over it? WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF PSYCHS CONDITIONING A PERSON ON C OF S LINES AND ON THAT IDIOTIC RESURGENCE RUNDOWN TO CONDUCT TERROR? How come David Miscavige or the other Miscavologists can’t see this? THOSE DEVICES ARE NOT BY THE FOUNDER BUT PLANTED PSYCH IDEAS!

How can the Vistarologists or Miscavologists be so blind? They are the opposites of Scientologists and completely blind. They have no OT abilities at all. They are living in  the dark and fly into the open flame.

Scientologists are kicked out or left behind (like you and me) but non-Scientologists are dragged back in and to turn later against Scientology or what is left of it. Good grief! It has disaster written all over it.

I love you, my hero. 

Many kisses.

Yours always,



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  1. “The key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in splitting a man’s personality, or creating multipersonality, with the aid of hypnotism…. This is not science fiction. …I have done it.” George Hoben Estabrooks, professor of psychiatry

    Truth finder

    December 24, 2013 at 5:12 am

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