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FBI got it all backwards… What on Earth makes them think that vegetarians, protectors of animal rights and anti-vivisectionists are a danger to national security?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soul mate,

It is hard to believe but seems very much so a fact: The FBI (an organization that constantly fails to find the common denominator* for shootings in schools, kindergardens, universities, churches, malls, cinemas, etc. to prevent them) thinks that vegetarians, animal right protectors, and anti-vivisectionists are a threat to national security. Knock’s one’s socks off, doesn’t it?   

Read this article about the FBI and FOIA requests:

It is broadly known that vegetarians are healthier than those who eat animal products. In other words: companies who produce animal products are making people sick and shorten their lifespan. I would like to know from the FBI why that is not a thread to national security: people getting sick and dying by eating animal products?    

You and I, Marty, always look behind curtains. We pull strings and ask questions. Who wins financially if people are getting sick? The pharmaceutical companies and doctors. Now we go full circle: who are vivisectionists? The doctors, the pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies… They justify it that they need to make these animal experiments after all, people needs meds to combat those illnesses that they contract by eating animal products. Full circle again.

If the government would actively support pro-lifespan ways of life (and being vegetarian is one of those ways) and not suspect vegetarians of being the devil, this country would be better off and obesity would be also a matter of the past. Former President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore are NOW vegetarians. NOW, after they lost much of their powers. Why didn’t they promote this life-style while they were IN OFFICE? If the FBI considers vegetarians to be a threat to National Security, that means that Bill Clinton and Al Gore are also….  Well, you know what I mean.

On this planet any good movement is sabotaged. We know what happened to Scientology, how it was and how it is now. The vegetarian movement and animal right protectors are having apparently a very similar problem: infiltration. For example: Somebody might be put up saying that people who are no vegetarians or animal protectors must be raped. Two wrongs make no right and the original noble cause of not wanting living beings being tortured and abused is hit by such comments. There were/are apparently also people who targeted research laboratories, fur farms, and other animal-exploiting industries in non-peaceful ways, and how better to ruin a movement by being not peaceful?

Shouldn’t the FBI investigate if these people are put up by somebody in  hope to make a peaceful movement go off the rails or is the FBI involved in this as well?

And with regard to the * above, the FBI and other agencies that are supposed to protect national security CONSTANTLY FAILS to investigate the common denominator behind school, church or other shootings or other kind of terrorism, e.g. they don’t draw the conclusion that these terror acts are related, which they are, and that these terrorists are intentionally produced by people who know how to disable the analytical mind of people who can hardly other people but psychs. Besides, I saw them doing it.

Secret masters of the FBI and other agencies that are supposed to protect national security apparently don’t want them to look into this direction.    

I love you, Marty, I am sending you millions of kisses and will not give up on you. Our love is meant to stay. 

Yours forever and ever.







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