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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and soul mate,

How are you? I am thinking of you. I had really busy x-mas days but what else is “new”. Finally, I can take a breath.

CCHR reported that the military has a hidden enemy: psychiatry. They are right about this but the hidden enemy is also within the Scientology orgs.

CCHR does a good job informing about many aspects where psychiatrists and the pharma industry has really lots of blood on their hands: dangerous drugs and electroshocks. 

Below CCHR video correctly concludes that terrorists are being MADE but ignores the fact of psychiatric hypnosis and the use of ear-implants (tiny silicone implants, invisible on x-rays) within ear drums to control the hypnotized/e-shocked/drugged person (they strip her access to her analytical mind) into conducting the murders/shootings/explosions and any kind of other terror and the radio her to destroy herself in the process.

This is done so that the psychiatrists or neuro-“scientists” who make those terrorists don’t have to fear that the truth comes out by anyone investigating the minds of these Manchurian candidates. The mind of a dead person can’t be checked anymore on hypnosis and e-shocks. Most of the time, the planned terror attacks and the “suicides” works like Swiss clockwork. Those who control the terrorists through his/her ear implants control the entire attack and the killings, and they don’t mind mowing down even little kids. (I never was in Connecticut, Marty, but work-related, I had a financial loss of approx. 400 Dollar due to this horrible terror act. This is sure nothing compared to the loss of a child. Besides, isn’t it strange that a red-head girl with the last name Hubbard was among the killed?) I believe they still have no motive but I can see a motive of the psychs who made Lanza do it. 

In a few cases, the “suicide” fails like in the case of Rex Fowler… He shot himself but survived.

Psychs don’t mind at all even turning their own into terrorists (James Holmes).  This guy has psychiatric-altered or neuro-“science”-altered mind written all over him. All these psychiatrists or neuro-“scientists” failed to figure that some p$ychs or neuro-“scientists” changed this man from being very career-oriented into somebody who doesn’t mind anymore what his peer is thinking of him. Before his mind was altered, this was likely the most important thing to him: being respectable. At least this is what his grades were saying. James Holmes might have hypnotized/e-shocked/drugged/ and mind-controlled OTHERS into conducting an atrocity but for sure never thought that his colleagues would do that to him and use him that way.      

CCHR defends human rights and yes, human rights are violated by this 330 Billion industry, and humans need help. But in addition, CCHR should look into violation of animal rights by that very industry. How many animals are butchered for the pharma-industry?  

Back to people and human rights:


CCHR does NOTHING to inform about secret psychiatric activities in orgs. (What is up with that, Jane Eastgate?) Why is CCHR not protecting Scientologists? They just show with the fingers on what happens outside of the orgs or what is not connected to any org. Jeremy Perkin’s mother, Elli, who Jeremy killed worked for CCHR! What is wrong with Miscavology and CCHR not using all that is available to CCHR and SCN to prove to Congress and law enforcement that Jeremy was psychiatric altered to kill his mother to make CCHR stop working against psychiatric abuses? Why wasn’t that done? 

In the Godeka shooting, the orgs even work together with psychiatry instead CCHR proving that psychs are creating terrorists. What is that all about?

Imagine Miscavige’s world would become the main world, Marty. That would mean that psychiatry gets away with anything because psychiatry within the orgs is off-limit for CCHR for some strange reasons. (Explain that, David Miscavige, in addition to your videos that make people feel sorry for psychiatry as your videos don’t display wisdom but violence, and explain also why you talk so fast when you mention psychiatry that nobody can follow you and all that is left in the minds of listeners are images in which you show violence against psychiatry so that people have to feel sorry for the worst on this planet, psychs! DM, you are such a psychiatric agent and non-Scientologist! Yuk! No ethics, no morals! How can you live with yourself?)     

Here are some missed opportunities by CCHR to fight psychs back and convince Congress and law enforcement about how terrorists/killers are made and how they kill people and make it look like suicide:

All alleged “suicides” that happened to anyone who was online in orgs. (Psychs nab people and hypnotize them to commit suicide, e.g. jump from buildings, etc. Or they go in, make a person unconscious with a narcotic and hang her or lead fumes in her car, etc.)  

Murders that happened. Just two examples: Fowler and Perkins. Both still alive. CCHR should make the case that these people were psychiatric altered instead of leaving these people to the psychs. It is so typical Miscavology not fighting back when done to their own. CCHR also failed to defend Tom Cruise in regards of how psychs ruin a reputation in the media who dares to use critic on psychs and the pharma industry on national TV. DM is such a “good” friend.   


CCHR staff studied a lot about psychiatric history, yet, David Miscavige introduces psychiatric terms and devices to Scientology, as stress test, pain station, spinning wheels/platforms, and that doesn’t raise any concern within CCHR? Good grief! Psychs are getting away with anything as they are NOT fought back within the orgs. 

Ethics has to start at home. The orgs have to be the example of ethics applied. 

It is very likely that Congress and law enforcement would reject CCHR’s offer to help them investigating terror and other psychiatric-created crimes, based on the bad reputation of Miscavology. But in those cases where it happened to somebody on their lines, e.g. Fowler, Perkins, and the “suicides”, CCHR and the orgs should simply INSIST of proving that p$ychs secretly altered these people. Scientology has the technology to show that to Congress and law enforcement. Fowler and Perkins could be audited in regards of those murders before law enforcement and Congress. In addition, there could be secret service records that prove that psychiatric-mind-control indeed took place. CCHR and the orgs should insist that these records on these crimes are published.

I am so unimpressed by David Miscavige’s leadership. This guy checks nothing. Psychs have many ways and methods to kick somebody from post. The fact that he got Scientology and was allowed to stay on it for so long just means one thing: he is really bad for Scientology. MISCAVOLOGY DOES NOT BUILD A BETTER WORLD. MISCAVOLOGY ALLOWS PSYCH CRIMES WITHIN ORGS AND TO PEOPLE ON ORG-LINES. Shame on you, DM.        

Your know this, Marty, I know it, and any real Scientologist should know this too.

I love you, many kisses.

Yours forever,





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    Last month, prosecutors issued a summary of the investigation that described Lanza as obsessed with mass murders, but concluded that his motives for the massacre might never be known.

    News for ya

    December 27, 2013 at 9:01 am

    • So, how convenient for those behind the scene who controlled him into committing this atrocity. The “tool” committed “suicide”.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 27, 2013 at 9:15 am

  2. Found this “gem” online:

    Scientologist Michael Lewis, New OT VIII, Class VIII Auditor, Co-Director of the Valley Life Improvement Center, father of deceased Sons of Anarchy Actor Johnny Lewis, supports psychiatry.

    Los Angeles Magazine
    January 2014
    The Secret Life of Johnny Lewis, pg. 157, left column. third paragraph:

    The toxicology report was a disappointment. If it wasn’t drugs, what drove Johnny Lewis to murder? Critics of Scientology have pointed to the church’s resistance to psychiatry as a possible reason why Lewis’s early behavioral issues may have been untreated. Lewis’s father discounts that assumption, claiming that he pursued and encouraged psychiatric treatment for his son. It was Johnny who refused to comply.


    December 27, 2013 at 11:01 am

    • Yikes! Shows again that Miscavologists are no Scientologists.

      Why does his dad, (DM, Jan Eastgate, and CCHR) don’t figure that his son was secretly psychiatric-conditioned to kill? Like so many before Johnny.

      A person does not have to be in treatment with a p$ych. They make secret house-calls! They knock on hotel room doors and enter forcefully with narcotics. Not even the person next door might here something. But it is done, over and over and over again.

      CCHR is supposed to inform the public and feds about it. So, what is the problem except non-Scientology leaders?

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 27, 2013 at 2:21 pm

  3. Checking in

    December 27, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    • “Ochsner Health System employees struggled Friday to understand?”

      How about finally figuring that these acts of violence and “committing suicide” are organized psychiatric crimes? Sheesh! It will never end unless the psychs who hypnotize a certain brand of people are being caught.

      Barbara Schwarz

      December 27, 2013 at 2:07 pm

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