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Dearest Marty, thanks for being true, thanks for being you. 

I don’t mind standing in the rain together with you, as long as we can stand together and we don’t have to stand each alone in a separate rain. 

But things are changing also for us, Marty, and it will be clearly for the better this year. It is really happening. That conspiracy against us goes down in its own spun net of crimes and lies. From my side here, I can see it really crumble, and 2014 is the year in which they maneuvered themselves into the final dead-end-street. When the saints come marching in, they will not be in that number.

I despise that the noble and innocent is locked up and the criminals and the beasts roam free to do more harm. Our sense for justice is very strong. We make no compromises, and we don’t sell ourselves or others to still existing Nazis and psychiatrists and doctors behind them. Those who conspire against us as physically free but not happy. Because just as Ron said, clean hands make a happy life and theirs are so dirty. 

I am proud to be your soul mate, Marty. And one recognizes the other soul mate always, even when others disguise themselves to mislead. You are the strongest man ever. Your willpower is  not from this world. You are one of a kind. And I can’t wait to put my arms around you this year.

Be kissed.

I Love You.




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