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A federal law enforcement source told AOL News the FBI investigation against the C of S has fallen short and no criminal charges are expected to be filed against the C of S

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Dearest Marty, my incredible soul-mate,

I would love to hear what you are thinking about all these deliberate “scandals” to make Scientology look bad. 

TO published e-mails between Mike Rinder and Lou Smith-Henley Stuckenbrock / David Miscavige with cc to Tommy Davis. Those mails are telling me that these people never were Scientologists but infiltrators…  As TO makes no differentiation between you, impostor Monique’s husband, the founder, and impostor Jack Vistaril, nobody can trust TO and his publications.

However, if these messages should turn to be true, I am shocked how primitive the language of these people are. Their tonelevels are so low that it is shocking. There are world between us original Scientologists and these former/current infiltrators. They have no class and are not intelligent in whatever they are trying to solve… What they do always backfires.

The C of S would win if it would admit publicly that Monique’s husband is an impostor and that Jack Vistaril was one too. But DM, Mike Rinder, and Mosey’s husband still conspire together despite that they hate each others guts. They don’t want those facts to be known despite that they are so obvious.  

Mike Rinder allegedly has turned those mails over to the FBI for the “FBI investigation” in 2010. We have 2014 now, and any possible FBI investigation apparently was closed without that the FBI did anything against DM and the way he runs Scientology or against impostors or the psychiatric infiltration of Scientology.

It was reported that the FBI interviewed “apostates” in Tampa Florida and maybe elsewhere. They asked the interviewed persons not to tell anyone about the investigation but Amy Scobee, your impostor’s  and Monique’s friend, was dissatisfied with the FBI or their lack of speed and the public learned that the FBI allegedly is investigating the C of S on “human trafficking”. The “apostates” published the names of the two FBI investigators, Tricia Whitehill and Valerie Venegas. The FBI (incl. Whitehill and Venegas) were informed that Monique’s husband is your impostor, Marty, and that Jack Vistaril was the founder’s impostor. But they didn’t do anything to end those crimes. Human trafficking? A court in California ruled against the Headleys and that human trafficking doesn’t take place within the C of S. The Headleys had sued the C of S to get rich and a court disagreed with them. The FBI rather should investigate the C of S on German secret service-organized and -controlled  international infiltration, impostors, secret psychiatric set-ups, and alteration of people to turn them into people who commit suicides, murder or terror.)

That is what the SP Times reported:  In mid 2009, two FBI agents based in Los Angeles quietly started investigating the church’s treatment of its workers. Investigators continued through 2010 and into 2011. It was the FBI’s first known criminal investigation of Scientology in 30 years. The agents focused on possible human trafficking — obtaining labor by force or the threat of force. The FBI won’t confirm it investigated the church. Nor will the U.S. Attorney’s Office, which works in tandem with the FBI. The Department of Justice in Washington returned a Freedom of Information Act request saying no records are available.”

C of S spokesperson (Karen Pouw) said that they never noticed that there was any investigation.   


In 2011, I read that this on the net: “Looks like either the FBI is lying, the case went nowhere or Amy Scobee’s big fat mouth killed the FBI investigation…” and “an unnamed federal law enforcement source told AOL news that the case was closed”.

The SP Times:  “The FBI plowed on. But the agents started losing momentum in the second year. A key turning point came when the church won a victory against human trafficking claims in federal civil court. First Amendment guarantees of free exercise of religion helped Scientology prevail in those lawsuits. In the end, the FBI’s criminal investigation yielded no charges.”

The SP times reported also this: “On Nov. 9, 2009, four months into their investigation, agents Whitehill and Venegas met in Texas with Rathbun, who served for years as Miscavige’s No. 2. They asked him to drive to San Antonio from his home near Corpus Christi — about 150 miles.”  

Unbelievable, Marty, they work together with your impostor instead of arresting him!  

These female FBI agents were afraid that the C of S would infiltrate their FBI unit. But they can’t figure that the C of S is already infiltrated by non-Scientologists but international people working for Germany and psychs to destroy Scientology from the inside out? That secret service psychiatrists are altering the minds of people online in Scientology to make them commit suicide or murder and become dangerous so that Scientology’s reputation is going more and more downhill? What a low FBI IQ is that?     

30 years ago the FBI “investigated” Scientology, knowing for sure that the man who contributed as much as David Miscavige to the bad reputation of Scientology was not the founder but an agent and impostor: “Jack Vistaril”. The idea of using doppelgangers and impostors is for certainly German but if you ask me, the CIA, the FBI but also Interpol must be deeply involved in it, and that is why they never revealed this.

Mosey’s husband recommended to the FBI to build a case of “obstruction of justice” against the C of S. Good grief, that is what HE is doing by lying to the courts, the media, and the world that he is you, Marty! Perjury apparently applies just to Monique’s husband when he thinks that others are doing it against his and his wives  attempts to strike it rich.  

These FBI women asked Scobee’s husband  if he can infiltrate the C of S. I am speechless: C of S is infiltrated since many decades upon secret German orders, and the CIA, FBI and other US agencies are involved, and now they want to infiltrate their own infiltration? 

Allan Lengel, a former Washington Post reporter who writes for AOL News on federal law enforcement matters, wrote this in regards to Wright’s allegations: “The author cites two sources in the FBI who ‘assured me that the case remains open.’ However, a federal law enforcement source told AOL News the investigation has fallen short and no criminal charges are expected to be filed.”

The FBI doesn’t want to investigate infiltration and impostors as it has its own dirty hands on it.

Back to the e-mails: IMO, Sweeney is a biased and unprofessional reporter who wants to smear Scientology. Instead of publishing the true story (who would take all winds out of Sweeney sails), DM puts former infiltrators as Mike Rinder on the case who later works for Sweeney. Typical set up against Scientology The emails going back and forth are vulgar and primitive. But how can anyone just take Mike Rinder’s word for it?  He contributed for decades to DM’s actions. If instead the true story of Scientology would have been revealed (the founder and you impostored) and C of S infiltrated, nothing of these “actions” ever were necessary. Sweeney would look like just another reporter who was obsessed with Scientology but not finding out the obvious true story and not being interested in finding it.  

I find it also odd that Mike Rinder and Mosey’s husband are saying that “Lou” is DM, but that Ray Jeffrey, Monique’s attorney didn’t ask the Comal County court to question Lou under oath. If I would be judge Waldrip, I would ask Jeffrey following: Why didn’t you file a motion to question Lou Henley-Smith Stuckenbrock under oath if your sources suspect her mails to be sent by DM? Why is your client, her husband, and his friends playing cat and mouse with this court?

The next hearing in this case is allegedly on next Wednesday.

I love you, Marty. Despite that I know that the C of S is infiltrated by non-Scientologists since decades, it is always again painful to read how primitive those people are and that they understand nothing of our religion. If DM really wrote those messages, he doesn’t know how to be an Scientology executive. He should have known that abusive language is turning even co-conspirators into enemies.

Remember when Scientology was a very good place to be? I worked in German organizations, and I found Scientology orgs so much better and friendlier places. But that was a long time ago, and DM had nothing to say back then.

Many kisses, my darling. I am on your side. No flip-flopping here. True love stays and doesn’t flip-flop. An original and real Scientologist don’t leave another good person behind. We have a code of honor and our love is true. Love was just a word until I met you. Most people don’t even know if it really does exist, luckily, WE KNOW. 







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  1. Wow! Mike Rinder’s and Lou’s or DM’s language stinks. What is wrong with them?


    January 4, 2014 at 10:07 am

    • They are no Scientologists but infiltrators, that is wrong with them. They also never heard of a spell checker.

      I also noted that Tony Ortega’s cool aide drinkers have the SAME primitive language as DM/Lou/Rinder! Have a look at his comments section and see yourself.

      Mike Rinder wrote that Tori (Tory) Christman Bezzazian is “another total nutcase who had a restraining order against her”. Later when he flip-flopped like Garry Scarff, he defamed me to make Tory look good, despite I never had much attention on Christman. At the moment she is harassing the orgs with others together in a similar style as the Squirrel Busters, wearing same T-shirts, tying to provoke Scientologists, etc.

      I have all reasons to believe that when Rinder was the OSA boss, he wanted me to maintain a website on Christman’s past before SCN but I never was interested in doing that so I never did. If the info on her is correct, I don’t want to be involved. Even just writing about such a possible or real past makes me nauseated. Besides, why should I take care of the infiltrator mess? They are all no Scientologists. Never were.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 4, 2014 at 10:24 am


    Utah lawyer sues FBI over Oklahoma City bombing security footage

    Lawyer says his brother was killed by investigators who believed the convicted bank robber had a hand in the Oklahoma City bombing.


    July 28, 2014 at 12:40 am

    • Tim McVeigh was not an American patriot for crying out loud. Besides, two or more wrongs make no right. However, I agree that McVeigh did not act alone. I know that German secret service have the overall control over each ear implant. If the implant carrier know that or not. (They should however figure it considering how much is radioed to them that is anti-American and pro-German!)

      What was behind the bombing? A German message for anyone who they don’t want to live in the USA that no place in the USA is safe including the inner states.

      Do I think that the feds should turn over to the public all records that they have on this terror act? Absolutely.

      Barbara Schwarz

      July 28, 2014 at 5:24 am

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