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Shortly after Jerry O’Connell mocked Tom Cruise, JOC starred in a past live movie… Does JOC know that Scientologists are convinced they lived before?

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Dearest Marty, my handsome Rockstar, how are you?

I miss you so much. Our lives could have been so different if nobody would have ripped us apart. But at least we found out. The average person in our situation would have never puzzled the facts together. The average person doesn’t even get a cognition when told what’s wrong.

Anyway, one year after  Jerry O’Connell mocked Tom Cruise on YouTube, JOC filmed the movie Midnight Bayou. He plays a lawyer who buys a run down mansion in or near New Orleans and gets flashbacks having been there in a lifetime before. In his current lifetime, he meets a woman and falls instantly in love with her. There is also a twist: She was the man in the past live and he was the woman in the past live. As you know, past lives are a fact, and original Scientology really has scientific methods on how to remember/re-live them. (JOC might not know that.) That people come back in opposite genders is a fact too but it is not normal. It indicates corruption and beings racing in bodies much too fast without checking the gender of their future body. As the 2nd Dynamic is so strong, beings want to keep their sex. Thetans who are having bodies of the opposite sex are tricked into those. (People in trance or afraid to face the reality don’t believe that this is a fact.)

I am glad this didn’t happen to you or me, Marty. Any race never bothered me, but I don’t want a body of the opposite sex as this explains the confusion of homosexuality and people getting operations to have their gender changed back to what they wanted before they were tricked into taking a body of the opposite sex. 

That having a body of the opposite sex it is not normal is NOT the subject of that movie, only the existence of past lives and people finding each other again by being instantly attracted to each other. In reality, it could be however  that these two are no longer attracted to each other because of the reversed genders. Although, I know people of which I know that they have now bodies of the opposite gender and they are not homosexual or lesbians. There is apparently a choice that they can make.

Back to the book/movie: Jerry O’Connell in the role of the attorney looks around in his mansion hall and also says that he needs a couch. He doesn’t say it in a style of mockery.

Well, I find it kind of interesting that Jerry O’Connell who made a rude parody on Tom Cruise takes briefly after that a leading role in a movie about past lives. At the end, the couple says that they have many lifetimes ahead together to make their relationship work. (Under normal spiritual circumstances yes, but in this world, jealous people are separating soulmates as they don’t want others happy.)  

Talking about Cruise. There is also Julee Cruise.  She sung really dreamy music to Twin Peaks. I know the Scientology orgs have also a Twin Peaks, but I mean the series with the in real life very unlikely FBI Special Agent Cooper. This agent is completely spiritual. He solves his cases by trusting his perceptions. I wish FBI agents would be spiritual in real life as they would solve more crimes. Somebody very spiritual does not have to be unprofessional. I see my advanced spiritual abilities as support for facts and anything scientific and I know you do too. And I am very glad that I have them, Marty. Without my abilities, I would have fallen for thousand lies, like people who don’t have them.

Anyway, here is the music of Julee Cruise. I don’t think she is related to TC but her music came into my mind:

I love you,  Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses. I can’t wait until I see you again.  Whatever happens,  I am on your side. I hate what the vast conspiracy did to you and me and us. We’ll never will quit on each other and demand a better world, one that is fair to everyone not just to the other doctors without borders and their many dumb agents.    

Yours always,




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  1. Bloody hell, there was a new school shooting. A 12-year-old male student opened fire Tuesday morning at Berrendo Middle School in Roswell, N.M., seriously wounding students!!!

    Uncle Chester

    January 14, 2014 at 11:45 am

    • Psychiatrists condition people into conducting these acts. They don’t mind using children and don’t mind injuring or killing them.

      Roswell asked Homeland Security to step in help against violence. Wonder what they did? Officials are so clueless as to who is behind making gangs and terrorist.

      How long should this continue? What else has to happen until they find the common denominator behind terror and shootings?

      It is highly possible that a kid or an adult wants to retaliate when bullied. Bullying is never good. People adults and kids) with angry attitudes can be set up easily psychiatric conditioned to go through with violence. Anyway, bullies have ear implants too. Those who create such situations and condition are actually adult psychs “creating conflict” and having fun when kids and adults are harming each other. THEY – secretly behind the scenes – are the worst people of all. And law enforcement never goes after them and that is why these crimes never end.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 14, 2014 at 12:25 pm

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