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Same pattern: attacks against the USA, attacks against Scientology…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince and husband,

In a world where so much is wrong, there is something very right: our love. And it is so persistent, anything but a quick crush… Imagine all marriages would be as good and stable as ours. Divorce lawyers would be bankrupt and have to find a new line of work.  😉 

How worse can it get, thanks to David Miscavige? Speaking about lawyers, thanks to DM’s behavior and his black heart, Church of Scientology International’s attorney Ricardo Cedillo compared Scientology to Ku Klux Klan and Nazis. Unbelievable! German secret services don’t want DM to leave his post as they know he creates bad PR for Scientology like nobody else. Not even the C of S lawyer believes that he has a good heart.

From foul-mouth messages or lack of informing viewers of videos of enactments (there should have been a notice of this in the videos), or worse, there it is always something that goes wrong under His Cobness. And his twin sister sucks too. Also, Marty, he reads the text to videos automatically. It is as he wouldn’t even understand much of what he is reading. He makes rarely a natural break as a person does who understands what she is saying, reading, or repeating. Apparently not his own words. He usually speaks too fast. People have not even enough time to realize what he is saying. He is such a robot. No wonder that secret German and psych forces applaud that he got the chairman job from impostor Jack Vistaril.

However, what DM seems having understood is that prison is HELL, but he has no problems letting you sit wrongfully in hell, hasn’t he? (By not publishing were you are and that Monqiue’s husband isn’t you but an impostor that he hired.)      

And as he likes power and money, he continues to stay on top and does not step back. If he would be a Scientologist and wouldn’t want Scientology’s reputation to be more and more ruined, he would have passed on the leadership to real Scientologists a long time ago.   

I am sure that you see too that the entire smear and propaganda against Scientology in the public is non-Scientologists doings. Germany and international p$ychs are rubbing their bloodied hands as each scandal helps them to ruin the reputation of Scientology even more. The public should never learn that those involved in the scandals are not even Scientologists.

This is the pattern: DM and other infiltrators in the orgs do things wrong and outside attackers attack these actions  in public or in court by lying that Scientology is the cause of the wrongdoing and not the anti-Scientology infiltration.  

Anybody who plots to keep the public informed that the founder was impostered and that you are impostored and us separated is NO Scientologists. A real Scientologist is ethical and couldn’t live with any of that. In other words: the number of real Scientologists is really small because Germany and international p$ychs didn’t allow it to grow. The number of Vistarologists (including “Freezone”, “Independents”) and Misvavologists is higher but they nothing worth. Not our kind, Marty. They are cultist like the rest of the ear-implanted robots on this planet.

I see the SAME PATTERN also with set ups against the US government: officials (infiltrators) and others (alleged Americans without American hearts, minds and ethics as we have) are committing acts that the world rejects or hates. International media and anti-Americans just are waiting for these scandals to happen to attack the USA but NOT who is truly behind this all. But nobody (except me) is telling what is behind it: German secret services, the p$ychs behind them, and international agents want to destroy the USA as world leader, its finances, its reputation, its government, its people, its anything. 

As just about anyone is controlled by SEGNPMSS ear-implants, nobody is saying a word, despite all people will lose at the end as the leaders of this worldwide conspiracy are completely insane. They really are. I have no other word for it.  

If those analysts wouldn’t have anti-American and anti-SCN ear implants, they would have figured that out too and written about this ages ago.  

I am very proud of having no case officer, Marty. I am my own person. I want justice being brought on each and everyone of them for each single crime committed. Supercomputers are necessary to calculating those sentences as they will be that high. Those numbers will be astronomical, and span over lifetimes to come. Somebody dying for some reason doesn’t mean that he/she is done with amends. And it must be that kind of amends that makes the criminal think over and over again: “Why the hell was I so stupid to commit that crime(s)? I would have a peaceful, affluent, and great life, but I blew it by not leaving others in peace.” That is the way to rid the world of criminals while the innocent is being rewarded!

It is all so simple. The feds doesn’t succeed because SEGNPMSS doesn’t let them. 

I know you have very similar thoughts as we are spiritually connected. 

There are different kisses, Marty, and I give them all to you.

Yours forever,




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  1. You gotta read this: Convicted murderer and rapist Dennis McGuire took almost 25 minutes to die, appearing to gasp during his execution Thursday by Ohio using a combination of drugs never tried before in the United States.

    News for ya

    January 16, 2014 at 10:59 am

    • Shortage of drugs? How many do they execute that they need so many drugs? Also, those organs that are donated by somebody who was executed with drugs must have that drug in them. Who wants organs like that?

      Executing monsters is not the answer. They are born again and will have the same evil character. They even could strike the same family again.

      A monster must work hard for his/her keep and should be not allowed to go free unless proven to be a very very different person who has made the damage to each of his victims good again (if it is possible at all). He/she doesn’t just have to satisfy the judge or a parole board but each of his victims and their family members. If they don’t want to forgive for a billion years, well, back luck for the monster. He should have thought about this before the crime.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 16, 2014 at 11:49 am

    • Good grief, Snowden is kissing up to Germany and Siemens. This German company is constantly involved in corruption all over the planet. That company is like a corrupt secret service and there are reports that they have a cozy relationship with the German secret service. My defamer Tilman Hausherr also works for Siemens and Siemens allows him to do his defamation activities during business hours.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 26, 2014 at 10:57 am

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