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The “Introspection Rundown” is most certainly not from the founder of Scientology but psychiatric planted crap like DM’s “spinning devices” and his “pain station”

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Dearest Marty, my precious soul mate,

How can people not get that “Introspection Rundown” is most certainly not from the founder of Scientology but psychiatric implanted crap like DM’s “spinning devices” and “pain station”? Is is all psych garbage that Ron’s impostor “Jack Vistaril” with his German-controlled ear implants planted into Scientology. And instead of removing these psych influences from Scientology, His Cobness is taking them to new heights.

What do p$ychs with a person who lost her emotional balance? (And also with quite some who never lost their balance and are normal?) They lock her up in a confined space where she introverts. It is like solitary confinement in prison.  The “Introspection Rundown” is 100% psychiatric. 

So, what would Ron do with somebody who lost her emotional balance for some reason? He most certainly would not advice to let her roam over Time Square during rush hour. He would advice to have her stay in a calm environment where she can come to her senses, e.g. in a rural setting where she can make walks in nature but accompanied by somebody real friendly who keeps a close watch until she found her balance again. In a state of confusion, it is necessary to have somebody look out for her. And after she has calmed down, they can do fact-finding together with other Scientology tech and auditing to figure what threw her off the rails.

I knew a woman in Munich who wanted to open a PTS-3 farm. Back then, I don ‘t remember anyone talking of an “Introspection Rundown” in regards of anybody going PTS-3. But I think psychs had planted that “rundown” into Scientology already around that time. Nevertheless, the idea back then was farm, a big place in nature, where it didn’t matter what a person did or said as long as nobody came to harm until the person was back to normal. And where nobody was drugged, e-shocked, abused or mishandled. 

Most of the time, secret psychiatric and medical influence is confusing people. People are being napped and psychiatric conditioned. They can’t remember it anymore as they were hypnotized to forget. Or psychs are using ear implants and other body implants to send silent sounds to people to drive them nuts.

All that knowledge is pretty much removed from Scientology and CCHR fails completely to address this issue. CCHR just sees some of the horrible things that psychiatry does outside the orgs. But not what they do with Scientologists or socalled Scientologists and people connected to Scientology. And that is a HUGE mistake. The price of freedom is fighting back. And fighting back means going public on a huge scale with what psychs are doing to Scientologists or so-called Scientologists and people connected to Scientology. They missed so many chances doing this already, and that is why psychs don’t have to think twice to condition the next person!

Jan Eastgate and CCHR know a lot about psychiatric crimes but they act as if p$ychs would spare Scientologists, which they don’t. It might be David Miscavige who wants the world to believe that there is just milk and honey in the orgs, and it might be him who gives CCHR the order to “let grass grow over” whatever happens. But that means that p$ychs don’t stop setting up Scientologists, by knocking at their door, entering, and conditioning them, hypnotizing them to forget what they did, and leaving the person in a mentally altered state to do harm to herself and/or others.

I don’t want to lecture you, Marty, you are not blind. You figured it out a long time ago and that is why they had you disappear. People who are smart are kicked out of Scientology. In orgs with psychiatric influence, smart people are in the way… Only the dumb and corrupt are “retrieved”. Your impostor, Marty, had blown before and was asked to come back, awarded with a free cruise on the Freewinds and another high executive job, by David Miscavige! DM is completely incapable as an executive. He has no advanced executive talents or advanced abilities. He doesn’t see anything coming. He also doesn’t think that abusive language makes himself enemies. He does not apply Scientology to his own life and the results are all over the media and in courts. 

You and me, we don’t just take orders. We never did, and that is why the attempts “getting us back into Scientology” are very very lame. We are the last persons that DM wants to have back as he knows that we would not let him nor any other infiltrator get away with turning Scientology into psychiatric crap. Unlike the others, we didn’t run and blew. I was kicked out by trying to stop anti-Scientology and psychiatric overtake on the inside, and you are left behind wrongfully incarcerated with an impostor having taking your job for the same reason.

Infiltrated orgs don’t even want the founder back. They think a primitive doppelganger (Jack Vistaril) is just as good. They are so clueless that it hurts!

Most people think that DM acts alone. Yeah right. I bet he has ear implants and lots of psychs sending him orders through those. Officially, he says he is anti-psychs but secretly, he uses psych crap to alter Scientology, and is keeping it a secret that Ron was impostored by Jack Vistaril and that you are impostored by Monique’s husband.  Just what the SEGNPMSS wants.

I love you, my Prince. so much. If these people would be Scientologists, they never would engage in out-ethics like that. They would know that they don’t get away with it.  

I am thinking of you! Things are falling apart but not our love. It is the most stable feeling in the entire world. Nothing can rock that. 🙂 It is amazing. And people say that there are no miracles. They are so wrong. If we both wouldn’t be so determined to get back together, the truth might never come out. But here we are, not giving up as we are born for each other to make things go right.   

Yours forever,





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  1. What is the purpose of a Communicator in Scientology?


    January 22, 2014 at 2:19 am

    • It is like an assistant or a secretary.

      Many folks wanted to talk to Ron about anything, and he was often interrupted in doing research by people walking into his office.

      As a communicator, I sorted the important visits from the DEV-T. That means developed traffic that was not absolutely necessary. I communicated the important matters and visits to Ron. To the others, with general questions, I told them that Ron would join all of them later, and that they can ask their questions there. And so he did. I recall clearly that Ron took regularly walks in the UK around the manor and anyone could join him and ask him something.

      The idea of the Communicator was to have somebody trustworthy communicate to him the important events of the day and keep the distractions away during his time of research.

      But don’t ask me what Communicator means to DM. Lou rests her hand possessively on his shoulder. That looks a lot more than a Communicator to me.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 22, 2014 at 4:27 am

  2. Monique’s supporter are thinking that she will win the law suit against the C of S.


    January 22, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    • Well, they aren’t the smartest. And Tony Ortega manipulates their minds by writing that Monique is the force behind that lawsuit and not her impostor husband. In regards to Scientology, Monique does EVERYTHING that her “husband” (married her with a incorrect date of birth) orders her. I saw it on a video tape on YouTube myself how she is his puppet.

      He is behind wanting millions from Scientology and as she does all he says, it is rather his cash than hers, right?

      However, if I would be one of these two, I wouldn’t yet buy luxury items yet.

      Sometimes a judge grants all motions to a party because he does not want that party to have grounds for appeal when he dismisses the case at the end after all… But the mob that supports the impostor and his wife can’t think that far.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 22, 2014 at 1:42 pm

  3. That’s right. That’s a psychiatric condition. That’s not a medical condition. They’re two different things. Medical conditions are scientific. They’re based on biological tests and so forth. Psychiatric conditions are subjective. That’s not me saying that. Psychiatrists say that. You ask any psychiatrist, do you have any kind of biological test or scientific test to back up your diagnosis? The psychiatrist will tell you no, no there isn’t. Psychiatrists don’t have any such thing.

    Lisa L. Richard

    January 27, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    • Unfortunately, medicine sucks too. Instead of using a natural approach of healing, most doctors are “chemical Alis.”

      It is not just psychiatry that isn’t doing people good. Medicine fails people badly too. Besides, every regular doctor is a “little psych”. They learn a lot of psych crap too and prescribe pills for non-existing diseases. Original Scientology didn’t fall into the “only psychs do wrong”-trap. Vistarologists and Miscavologists like most other people are falling into that trap.

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 28, 2014 at 3:26 am

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