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German secret services are behind the Mafia…

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Dearest Marty, my hero, 

My thoughts are with you every day. There was still no letter, mail, call, or anything else from you or on your behalf, but OT abilities really do exist and we have them. I know that you are trying to reach me but nothing is delivered as the conspiracy against us is HUGE. People are having ear implants, and they just do what their case officers order and not what the law demands or their conscience says. Germany, the fatherland of all destructive cults and organized crimes,  is controlling people to keep us apart, even using impostors, trying to mislead us and to corrupt the good work and the legacy of the originals. But our OT abilities are stronger. We are like rocks, Marty, and they are the scum that will lose again at the end, just as the Nazis lost and never recovered. 

As you know, Germany has the control over each freaking ear implant, involving any system on the planet. All variations of crimes, cults, communistic systems, terrorism, medical and psychiatric crimes against humanity, fascistic governments, Neo Nazis, wars, murders, and so on, Germany is responsible for it, as their secret services, SEGNPMSS, and others are the masters over all implants that people are carrying to receive their pro Germany/Europe orders. 

And that brings me to the Mafia, also known as “organized crime”. People typically are thinking about Italy or New York when talking about the mafia. The typical German is a coward. They usually pick other nationals to do the German dirty work for them. They picked Hitler from Austria, they pick Islamic extremists, and they pick Italy and NY to take the blame for the mafia, when in fact Germany created and runs them. (I would like to know who the case officers are who Merkel talked to at her cell phone and to pull these strings!)

The rumor that the mafia was anti-Nazis is a joke. What did the mafia ever effective to defeat Hitler, the Nazis, and the Third Reich and the doctors behind them who wanted humans in concentration camps to make experiments on? Nothing! 

Germany is the land of cowards, but unofficially, they seem to be proud of running the mafia, and they sometimes pick people to become mafiosi with names that their German co-conspirators understand, e.g. Gotti, Gott is German and stands for God, so the name Gotti means I am God or Bonanno… Bonnano… Bonn as in the former German capital. But they also run the other mafiosi whose name might not always indicate Germany behind it. 

Anyway, the Lufthansa heist at the JFK INT airport of Dec. 11, 1978 is in the news again. The FBI (some FBI members were actively linked to the mafia in the past) made an arrest after so many decades. One can really wonder why it took them so long. The FBI should not be surprised when people accuse them of being pro mafia or even active members of the mafia when it takes them that long to make an arrest.  Back then, approx. USD 5 million in cash (approx. USD 17.9 million today) and USD 875,000 in jewelry (USD 3.1 million today) were stolen.

I am not an expert on that case, but allegedly, James Burke, a mafiosi from NY organized the Lufthansa heist in 1978 and orchestrated the murder of (or murdered) many of those involved in the months following. I am looking at crimes in a bigger context to solve them. What kind of cash and jewelry was stolen? It appears that the Lufthansa flew in monthly cash from monetary exchanges for military servicemen and German tourists. Louis Werner, one Lufthansa agent was  involved. It was an inside job.


So, the big picture is the message that this robbery sent to service men and tourists: don’t send your money and jewelry to the USA as it is not safe there.  That is typically Germany. It wants the USA to become a very poor country with no cash and assets. The cash and valuables were sent from the West German Commerzbank to Chase Manhattan Bank… It must have stung the Germans badly seeing that cash go to the USA and not staying in Germany, and that is why they hired the members of the mob to steal it, and in all these years, the FBI failed to figure this. What a shame for them. 

Much of the cash wasn’t found and the jewelry disappeared too… I would search in Europe. Just like the Scientology Sea Org Reserves, big money trails end up in Europe with a very greedy and criminal Germany wanting it. They want to lead the EU officially (they do it since ever unofficially), which means all the cash in Europe will be officially at their disposal. 

Lufthansa was apparently involved in that heist and failed to provide the adequate security. Lufthansa tells their customers: Hey, Lufthansa is safe. America is the problem… But in fact, I figured that German secret services gave their mafiosi agents in NY the Lufthansa insider tip and helped Burke to organize it, and yes, it seems that they screwed other mafiosi in the process. The killings that follows was for sure to get rid of secret German mafiosi agents who under pressure could possibly tell that Germany was behind it.

And are FBI agents with Italian names truly and honestly investigating crime suspects with Italian names or do they feel rather related?  

A retired FBI agent Stephen Carbone said to the media these days: “Every time we would come up with another name, that person ended up dead.”  That means that Germany listens in on the FBI and has its agents within the FBI. How else can this work? FBI agents have a meeting in their premises, they come up with a new name, and when they are getting there, that person they want to arrest is dead. And always the same pattern. Good grief! Under these circumstances, how can anybody think that the inside of the FBI is cool and not compromised?  

Another example, the history of German company Siemens indicates clearly German mafia methods. I read that Siemens and German secret services have cozy relationships. 

Most crimes can be only solved assuming a planetary view and connecting the dots. Advanced human abilities are very useful too.  If  we would work in law enforcement, Marty, criminals really would get caught and crimes (most of them are organized, also those that are not connected to Italian Mafia) and terror would die out. Instead of fighting us, the USA, its officials and reps should ask us to help them, because we really can.

Many kisses, my darling. I love you because you are true and incorruptible. Nothing more attractive in the universe than a true person. It is really true, it doesn’t matter how young or old a person is: a uptone person is attractive, a downtone person is not. Crime and perversions can be seen and makes a person appalling. I can see it and, I know you too have those abilities. 

Now and forever at your side.  




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    • “While alive, “The German” was feared, even by other top mobsters, and the feds believed he was a psychopath.”

      And it took the FBI decades again to arrest this guy?

      I say German-controlled ear implants are making the FBI so slow…

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 26, 2014 at 7:17 am

  1. The German FBI Office was founded by Nazis.


    A trove of recently declassified documents leads to several inescapable conclusions about the FBI’s role in protecting both proven and alleged Nazi war criminals in America. First, there can be no doubt that J. Edgar Hoover collected Nazis and Nazi collaborators like pennies from heaven. Unlike the military and its highly structured Operation Paperclip — with its specific targets, systematic falsification of visa applications, and creation of bogus biographies — Hoover had no organized program to find, vet, and recruit alleged Nazis and Nazi collaborators as confidential sources, informants, and unofficial spies in émigré communities around the country. America’s No. 1 crime buster was guided only by opportunism and moral indifference.

    Not named

    January 27, 2014 at 10:11 am

  2. I am confused about that Victoria Nuland thing with EU. What is that all about?

    Joe Watcher

    February 7, 2014 at 12:57 am

    • It means that the SEGNPMSS radios loud or silent comment so that people look bad and arrogant and Germany looks good and like the victims.

      Also interesting is that U.S. officials are intercepted how otherwise could that talked between two US officials being leaked? Where is the outrage of the USA here? Only Germany and the EU may be outraged and demand surveillance, stopped, right?

      Some day that the tape was leaked by Russians. Germany always hides behind other countries. It’s trademark is COWARDICE.

      However, Russia said that it didn’t leak it. ANTI-AMERICAN GERMANY ALWAYS LEAKS ALWAYS FLAPS OF THE USA SO THAT THE WORST COUNTRY OF THE PLANET – GERMANY – can raise above it.

      Merkel’s speech for the EU also makes clear that Germany and her secret services run Europe already. Yes, secret services that were there when the Nazis marched. If those still existing Nazis are not finally being discovered, this planet will see never true peace.


      Barbara Schwarz

      February 7, 2014 at 6:54 am

  3. I was in the Lufthansa German Airlines cargo building the night of the heist on December 11, 1978, and met the “Goodfellas.” The next day I met the FBI. It was like going from the frying pan into the fire. I wrote a book about my experiences and it is on “Inside the Lufthansa HEI$T: The FBI Lied.”
    In February 2014 the FBI tried to get me involved again. They can go to hell! My book came out in May, 2014.

    Kerry Whalen

    August 11, 2015 at 6:27 am

    • Tried to get you involved?

      This is you on the video? Any idea where the millions are?

      Background noise is really annoying. You could post your transcript from which you are reading and have it run over the screen.

      Found your book. You are getting good reviews.

      I too have bad experiences with a lying FBI but I figured that their secret masters are German secret services.

      Barbara Schwarz

      August 11, 2015 at 2:42 pm

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