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Could drug use have ended the “Paradise”?

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Dearest Marty, most missed Prince and husband in the entire universe, how are you?

I know you are as romantic and passionate as I am, but we also have another side: reliable, steady, loyal, trustful and respectful to each other. The world would be a very sad place without you. I am so glad that you exist. 

About something else:

Most people are too busy keeping up with news in regards to historic findings on this planet: many never heard of the Kennewick man who was found on US soil in 1996. I know you have heard of him. ūüôā Above is his head. They say he has looked like that when he lived. But I bet he had some hair.

They say that his bones indicate that he lived 7300 to 7600 B.C. and that he was no native American. The latest findings are that he is neither Indian or European.  


(I am thinking that even if other races lived/visited American soil together or before the Indians, it shouldn’t take away from that native Americans lived here a very long time and that the Americas and Canada are very much so their homes. Many were slaughtered by the “white man” and have been through hell. However, an incomplete or wrongfully described history won’t do natives any good either.)¬†

What the findings of the bones clearly indicate is that ancient history isn’t adequately described.¬†

The American Army fought American Natives as we all know. Oddly, in this case, the Army Corps of Engineers (mostly white guys, I guess) decided that those non-Indian bones should be turned over to the Indians for burial. They covered the site Рwhere Kennewick man was found Рliterally with tons of rock debris to prevent future archaeological excavations. How dare them!

60 Minutes concluded that the Indians made the¬†Army Corps of Engineers do that, and that the Indians are trying to control history. My personal experiences with the U.S. Army – including the Army Corps of Engineers – is that they are rather German controlled and act completely in their favor. Just as their national hymn says, Germany is above everything. I am¬†convinced that Germany is interested to¬†cover up historical evidence as they are behind what the planet is allowed to know and what not. They are behind that their international agents are lying and campaigning that the Holocaust never happened and that the Nazis weren’t such monsters as they in fact were and even worse. ¬† ¬†


Australian scientists found now that the DNA of the successful Europeans suddenly completely changed approx. 4500 years ago. Suddenly, a successful race is gone¬†completely and exchanged with a new one. (The new one is the one that later started/provoked two world wars and gassed millions of people.) ¬†Something has happened to those Europeans approx. 4500 years ago that no history book so far has mentioned. And I bet that Germany will put a spin on it sooner or later. It must have been another kind of Holocaust, if you ask me. That successful people suddenly all together run off and leave everything behind is very unlikely. And where did these new people come from? If they came from another part of the world, their DNA should have revealed this, right? If they didn’t come from other countries, space is the only other answer, is it?¬†(I am talking about these evil people who switched their humanity off and started later one battle and war after the other and had the Nazis marching.)

A lot of Dianetics and Scientology was changed and re-written within just six decades! Compared to the blind Miscavologists, original Scientologists are very different people. The original Christians and the today Christians are also different like day and night. They are clueless that Jesus taught about past lives. 

It is absurd to think that the bible and scriptures of other religions didn’t had the same fate as Scientology writings. Many Christians believe that the Bible is 6000 years old. ¬†Some think that God created the first humans approx. 50.000 years ago. We original Scientologists know that our bodies are creations but that we as spirits always existed. The bible doesn’t go hand in hand with science. In anyway, most modern people want scientific explanations, and I can’t blame them. We want scientific¬†explanations¬†too.

Anyway, by covering up archaeological sites with tons of debris and by also controlling scientists, facts remain buried.   

But what if some grains in religious scriptures are true? A God who forbids people to eat fruits sounds rather like a medical doctor who wants people get sick to get patients to get rich. No apple per day doesn’t keep the doctor away. A God who makes such idiotic rules as “no produce”, isn’t my kind of God. A “God” who wants obedience where it doesn’t make sense, is a weirdo too. Actually, somebody who makes rules like that for the sake of rules or to obtain obedience is not a God at all but a control freak. And such a person is not good or almighty.¬†

I started thinking about this and asked myself what if there was a peaceful and happy society on this or other planets that was destroyed because the forbidden “fruits” were actually DRUGS? In that case, a warning not to consume certain drugs makes a lot of sense. In other words, drug use could have ruined former great civilizations by making people unreliable, criminal, and sick. That makes a lot of sense!¬†


Take for example Scientology scriptures. Infiltrators changed them into 75¬†million years ago on this planet Xenu crap. I am sure that the real founder Ron didn’t miss what happened in Europe approx. 4500 years ago and what kind of Holocaust that was. But “Jack Vistaril”, the impostor changed the founder’s writing into crap so that others can claim that Ron is “unscientific”. Typical German secret service set up and American secret service assisting them by those activities – instead of kicking German secret service butts. (I don’t believe that CIA, NSA, FBI, other agencies of the American Intelligence Community, and Interpol were not involved in “Jack Vistaril” taking over the Scientology founder’s life and legacy and altering it and turning SCN into a German cult.)¬†

Also, there are possibly several ways to create volcanoes. A really strong laser directed onto an Earth spot could penetrate and cook up magma and cause a break-out. Or, meteorites/asteroids could have hit the Earth and created deep holes, or somebody bombed from the air and created those deep holes, known as volcanoes. Some may say that there were no lasers or technically advanced planes and weapons in early history… Well, according to some findings, we don’t know much about early history… ¬†

To me, Marty, volcanoes don’t look natural. ¬†To me, they look clearly like something non-natural has happened here in the past.

Fact is that the German ordered and controlled infiltration of Scientology caused it to be considered “unscientific” or “ridiculous”. I know that if Ron’s standard technology is applied independently and¬†in different places of the world, that those past lives reports of people audited will support each other as far as the events are concerned. (If those people don’t carry ear-implants with a case officer blocking¬†their past live access and/or telling them to report deliberately false data. Such auditing should be done in Faraday rooms to prevent such corruption by the use of radio messages and silent sounds sent by secret services into the minds of people.) Based on these reports, archaeologists could dig and find. Real science could determine age of the findings and actual history could be written.¬†

No, not true say the people who don’t think deep enough. “I didn’t live before because I can’t remember any past lives…” Heck, they can’t even remember the first days, weeks, months or years of their lives, Marty! Are they trying to tell us that they didn’t live when they were just a few days, weeks, months old? They simply forgot these times, just like their forgot their past lives.

I love you, Marty. Be kissed from late to morning!

Yours forever,


Snow, rain or gorgeous weather… I am at your side, my endless love.¬†¬†



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  1. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena planned to file for bankruptcy protection Friday as part of a proposed $15 million settlement for hundreds of victims who say clergy members sexually abused them over decades while the church covered it up.

    News for ya

    January 31, 2014 at 6:01 am

    • Bankruptcy protection? The U.S. tax payers should pay for that pig priests started? Shouldn’t the Vatican pay instead of the US state of federal government?

      Barbara Schwarz

      January 31, 2014 at 6:52 am

  2. The history of United States Army Corps of Engineers can be traced back to 16 June 1775, when the Continental Congress organized an army with a chief engineer and two assistants.

    Audrey H. Bowman

    February 2, 2014 at 12:26 pm

  3. Is that off-topic?

    This story makes me sad. This beautiful woman was mauled by her neighbors dogs!

    Janie Wheeler

    February 10, 2014 at 10:12 am

    • I bet a billion dollars that dogs have ear ear implants and attack when the secret service psychiatrist activates the attack command and sends it in the direction of the dog or other animals. And people think it was just the dog or just the animal because they don’t investigate and don’t pull strings.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 10, 2014 at 12:45 pm

  4. Anaesthesiologist George Doodnaught, 65, abused the women, aged 25 to 75, while they were in his care.

    The victims testified that they had been conscious when Doodnaught kissed, fondled and assaulted them, but they were unable to move.

    Cat with the bass and drum

    February 24, 2014 at 2:11 am


      The judge and jury who gave him that lenient sentence needs to be sentenced too.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 25, 2014 at 9:43 am

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