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1) Willi Pohl aka Willi Voss, a German neo-Nazi, whose hatred against Jews led to killed Israeli Olympic athletes in the 1972 Munich massacre claims to be later recruited by the CIA. 2) Scientology and thought stopping? That’s funny! Guess that is why my thoughts never stop and discovering all these rotten secret service set ups and activities

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Dearest Marty, my heart-throb,

How are you? 

I am ready for spring. This winter is particularly mean.    

Marty, I want to write today about 2 subjects: 

1) First of all, I am sure that Germany’s secret services were behind the Palestinian group Black September and the Munich massacre. If the CIA would be no German poodle, they would have never accepted the Gehlen Nazi spy ring working with the CIA (who works with or for the Nazis is a Nazi), and they would have noticed that immediately after the defeat of the 3rd Reich, the hostility against Jews but also the USA and a free and decent world continued full blast by Germany using other countries and movements for their low and insane goals.  In other words: the Germans behind the Nazis just used other systems but remained secretly in power. 

As you know, 11 Israeli athletes were killed in Munich during the Olympic games in 1972.  (A bit later, you, me, Ron, and other members of our families were forcefully separated by German Nazi secret service psychiatrists and medical doctors, Marty, and I am absolutely sure that the CIA and other agencies of the American intelligence community must have witnessed this but didn’t stop it.)

Pohl/Voss was known to the German authorities as Neo-Nazi. German authorities knew at least 3 weeks before the terror attack that it would happen, and of course they didn’t stop it as the terror attack was their idea in the first place. They didn’t arrest Pohl/Voss and his co-conspirators before the attack despite German law (a law just on paper that is not really enforced) forbids Nazi activities. (That is another reason why they use foreigners to continue their sick Nazi goals.) After the horrible terror attack, they arrested Pohl/Voss briefly but suspended his sentence. All he got was a slap on the wrist despite 11 people had to die. Only four days after sentencing, Pohl was released and left to Beirut. This is German “justice”. Rotten like hell people are getting away.    

So, just 3 years after the Munich massacre, Pohl/Voss switched sides. (Just like in Scientology, where secret service infiltrators and agents switch sides all the time and air their dirty laundry to blame it on our religion instead of non-religious secret service agent behavior and orders.) In the Yugoslav capital, he and other agents walked in the US embassy and identified themselves as agents of the Jihaz el-Razd and offered their services to Washington. If the CIA wouldn’t be such a German poodle and so easy to manipulate like infiltrated Scientology orgs, they would have smelled the dirt right there. Voss claims he was recruited by the CIA and given the operational codename GANYMEDE. His case officer was allegedly CIA officer Terrence Douglas, a person who needs his IQ checked for allowing scum like Pohl/Voss to work “for the USA”. It is NEVER for the USA. Such people will always cause bad things to happen for the USA.  

Just like GO or OSA programs of the C of S, CIA programs also are set up by the SEGNPMSS to make a boomerang turn and hit the own base, so that Scientology or the USA is looking dirty while those who are behind the dirt, the inhumanity, the crimes and set them all up Germany (Germany, Germany above everything, just listen to their national hymn) comes out smelling like a rose, and the world is in trance and falls for it. Simple minds just never figure things out, don’t they?  

Pohl/Voss apparently lives now a comfortable live in Germany. This is Germany still today – where good people suffer and the monsters are getting away. 

AND RUSSIA, BY NOT POINTING THE FINGER ON SECRET GERMAN-CONTROLLED  TERROR ACTS, MIGHT BECOME THE TARGET OF PSYCHIATRIC/MEDICAL TERROR AGAIN. What Ron, the founder said applies to anyone: The price of freedom is fighting back. There is no other price. If everyone keeps his mouth shut of how doctors and psychiatrists create terrorists whose mind is altered that they don’t realize anymore what’s right and wrong and who can be controlled into killing themselves via ear implants, there will be no peace ever.    

2) Tony Ortega’s and Jon Atack’s reports on Scientology are contradictory and ridiculous. They do not just cover up that the Scientology founder and also you were/are impersonated by impostors and that Scientology is secret service agent-infiltrated and -altered, they also claim that Scientology would have a process that makes thoughts stop…  Huh? That is kind of funny, considering that THEIR thoughts stop and don’t go deep. My thoughts are going where probably just those of the original Ron and yours have gone before. Very far, very deep, and considering everything and any possibility. I remember once posting, how I figure out things: that I think about ANY combination of possibilities and that puzzle that makes most sense and feels most logical is the truth. I mentioned that my mind works like a safe combination. I try all combinations/possibilities, and when I got the right combination, it sort of “clicks” and that is how I get to the bottom of things. In response to that, some medical-/psychiatric-controlled and -run secret service agents posted: “See how mentally ill she is?” LOL! They are blaming me for thinking! Over many years, those people who post in anti-Scientology hate forums and write comments on hate blogs (which nobody reads but fellow hate-mongers) have blamed me on all kinds of mental illnesses because I think for myself and are not shy to state my opinions. Unbelievable.  They blame me on their own shortcomings: really, they are the crazy fools.

So, not just that Ortega’s, Atack’s, and the likes’ thoughts don’t go deep, their supporters are just as superficial. Nothing to be proud of. They howl together and do exactly like their medical- and psychiatric-minded stupid case officers orders. No individuality, no independence, just dumb agents. I pity all of them, and their hypocrisy to blame others what’s wrong with themselves: being stupid and corrupt and having a mind that is neither intelligent nor sane.     

I love you, Marty, many kisses. Always on your side.

Yours forever,





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  1. The Nazi Olympics:

    The Munich massacre in 1972

    Accusation of German knowledge of the attack

    The German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel wrote in a cover story in 2012 that the German authorities had a tip-off from a Palestinian informant in Beirut three weeks before the massacre. The informant told Germany that Palestinians were planning an “incident” at the Olympic Games, and the Foreign Ministry in Bonn viewed the tip-off seriously enough to pass it on to the secret service in Munich and urge that “all possible security measures” be taken. However, according to Der Spiegel, the authorities failed to act on the tip, and have never acknowledged it in the following 40 years. The magazine further adds that this is only part of a 40-year cover-up by the German authorities of the mishandling of the massacre.[13]

    Alleged German cover-up[edit]
    An article in 2012 in a front-page story of the German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that much of the information pertaining to the mishandling of the massacre was covered up by the German authorities for the past decades. For twenty years, Germany refused to release any information about the attack and did not accept responsibility for the results. The magazine reported that the government had been hiding 3,808 files, which contained tens of thousands of documents. Der Spiegel said it obtained secret reports by authorities, embassy cables, and minutes of cabinet meetings that demonstrate the lack of professionalism of the German officials in handling the massacre. The newspaper also wrote that the German authorities were told that Palestinians were planning an “incident” at the Olympics three weeks before the massacre, but failed to take the necessary security measures, and these facts are missing from the official documentation of the German government.[13][65][66][67]

    In August 2012, Der Spiegel reported that following the massacre, Germany began secret meetings with Black September, at the behest of the West German government, due to the fear that Black September would carry out other terrorist attacks in Germany. The government proposed a clandestine meeting between German Foreign Minister Walter Scheel and a member of Black September to create a “new basis of trust.” In return for an exchange of the political status of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the PLO would stop terrorist attacks on German soil. When French police arrested Abu Daoud, one of the chief organizers of the Munich massacre, and inquired about extraditing him to Germany, Germany’s justice secretary Alfred Seidl (de) recommended that Germany should not take any action, causing the French to release Abu Daoud and the Assad regime to shelter him until he died at a Damascus hospital in 2010.[68]

    Nazi Willi Pohl a/k/a Willy Voss Helped Islamic Terrorists Massacre Israeli Olympic Athletes

    The CIA made sure that Voss no longer had to fear being arrested in Germany. “It was clear to him that he couldn’t continue with his previous lifestyle,” says Douglas. “He wanted to survive and someday be able to settle again undisturbed in Germany,” he recalls. “After all, he had a wife, and she had a 10-year-old kid. It was a package deal, I took care of them.”

    News for ya

    February 10, 2014 at 3:20 am

    • I am not surprised that somebody gets suicidal after he assisted mass murder!

      The CIA shouldn’t be surprised if the world blames them on anything when they hire the lowest scum on the planet.

      If the CIA wouldn’t be infiltrated by people who secretly obey German secret services, such agents would be never hired and the CIA would have a much better reputation.

      The SPIEGEL doesn’t report the complete story.

      Germany never had the intention to put Voss or the likes to justice. If they want a Nazi to get away, they always can count on the infiltrated CIA or other infiltrated agencies of the US intelligence community. After all, Germany runs the USA secretly. How do I know? My life is telling that story very clearly.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 10, 2014 at 5:30 am

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