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Happy Valentine’s Day to the most missed Prince and Hero in the entire universe!

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Dearest Marty, my awesome Prince and soulmate,

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I always liked California because there, I found you again, but now I think Scientology INT HQ should have been in the Rockies and we both snowed in for a day or two, giving us a chance to talk about everything. If we would have had this chance, our lives would have taken much different turns.

You make the world so much better, Marty. Just thinking of you makes life better, grass greener, snow whiter, oceans and skies bluer, plants prettier, flowers fresher, forests more relaxing, beaches and oceans more breathtaking, scenery more exiting, books, stories, and movies more interesting, songs and music more harmonic, poems more romantic, dances more spine-tingling, dreams sweeter, space more intriguing, rocket science easier, scents smell better, heartbeat go faster, pillows softer, music instruments sound purer, kids cuter, breezes more enjoyable, seasons more significant, manors and castles more majestic, weekends more fun, warmth warmer, food tastier, water cleaner, holidays more festive, history more significant, speeches more memorable, politics better, law books more gripping and stars more sparkling. I am not joking. You wake very good feelings in me, Marty, and everything becomes magical. Thinking of you feels like flying without loud machinery. Like floating and feeling deep joy. If that isn’t love, what else is it?

Not much what Ron wrote about love is still available, except that he said that love is tender admiration. Yep, that is what I feel too when thinking of you.  

I am sad that we are separated by a world conspiring against us, but I am not regretting waiting for you. You are absolutely worth it, Marty. The moment I laid eyes on you again (you walked from the STO into the SU conference room, and you had my full attention on the first glance, and you really had me at hello that day you walked in Heber’s and Michelle Black’s office. I was able to spot you very high on the tonescale and thought you are the most fascinating and handsome man.) I know that you are absolutely rare and special. One of a kind. My kind. I would be such an idiot giving up on you. Being separated from you is an enormous hardship. However, ignoring Johns at my front or back door is very easy. I don’t miss anyone but you. 

The magic of love really does exist… And knowing that it is not just a tale makes us very magical.We have a story like nobody else and a connection that nobody can destroy. It is forever. You and me, born for each other, a love as unique and strong that it can’t be brought down. From all love stories written or filmed, ours is the best! 

You are absolutely safe in my heart. It is your haven and your home, Marty.

A knew a woman (never connected to Scientology) who saw a psych. He said to her that no husband or wife would ever love a partner as deep as a parent loves his/her child.

He is wrong.

Apparently, I love you romantically and passionately, Marty, but these are not the only ways, I love you. I love you as much that I don’t want you to be hurt by anyone in any way and I want you to be happy, just as good parents would. For example, parents don’t want that their child betrayed by a partner or conspired against. If partners would love each other also from the view of their parents, they wouldn’t have affairs, they wouldn’t conspire against each other. A partner who doesn’t see her/his partner also with the loving eyes his/her parents saw/see her, is not a good partner. Real love goes far beyond any crush.  

You are good, Marty, through and through, and that is why you never have to worry about me taking my love back. As long as it is okay, I stay with you. No regrets, no accusations, no blame, just deep, honest, true love.

I thank Ron for having me given the knowledge and the wisdom to differentiate between those who are really good and those who just say that they are really good. And yes, with really good, I don’t mean boring. Bad people are boring. They have a very common charisma and  populate this planet since so long and never turned it around into a good and stable place to be proud of. But you would. You have it all in you, Marty.

I love you more than words can say.

Yours forever,



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  1. I am happy for Luisa and Ale and wish them all the best for their future.

    But they were not the first couple having a Scientology wedding in the UK. You and me were.

    Barbara Schwarz

    February 23, 2014 at 6:38 am

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