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Another secret service set up trying to break Scientology: case Devon Campbell Newman

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking prince, I am thinking of you…

The world is in trance as to what Scientology once was and how and why it was altered. They don’t get or don’t want to get that for example also the case of Devon Campbell Newman was another set up against Scientology. They take a Vistarologist/ Miscavologist as  Devon Campbell Newman who does not apply Scientology to her own life. Campbell Newman DID NOT APPLY Scientology ethics. That makes her into an non-Scientologist and an infiltrator. How otherwise would she fall for a convicted pedophile like David Allen Brutsche? A real Scientologist would have noticed his tonelevel and lies and would have done a background check on him. A real Scientologist can differentiate a joke from real intention. A real Scientologist knows quickly when somebody tries to set her and her religion up.   

I find men ridiculous (and in secure) who chose decades younger partners. They look like old fools when they do that. Same applies to  Campbell Newman even if she should be still married to someone else. That guy shows up, is 25 years younger than she is, pays her attention (not many women want a convicted pedophile, so he tries his “charm” on a desperate older woman) and she allows him to live with him. Duh! Blinded by that a much younger man wants to become her “room-mate”, she sails right into the trap of being set up despite everything about that guy screams “downtone and criminal like hell” very clearly. People are such fools, and Vistarologists/Miscavologists are no different.

She is smitten by a much younger man wanting to live with her, and she tries to please him by joining the Sovereign Citizen’s movement who wants anarchy. What is behind it? German, US, and other secret services and their international agents trying to set Scientology up and involve it in anarchy by having Scientology infiltrators joining those movements. They figured that Campbell Newman is the kind of woman would fall for a much younger man, it doesn’t matter how criminal and perverted he is. As she is a Vistarologist / Miscavologist for decades, they figured that Scientology would get much of the  blame.

I bet Campell New­man’s non-Scientologist case officers radioed her to interact with Brutsche. How can a real Scientologist offer Brutsche, a reg­is­tered sex offender with felony con­vic­tions in Cal­i­for­nia for inde­cent expo­sure and las­civ­i­ous acts with a three-year-old child, her home? It is so disgusting. This is so beyond anything that a Scientologist would do. This is ANTI-SCIENTOLOGY. 

Really, Marty, for me it is child’s play to look through these secret services set ups and motivations of people. German and U.S. agencies knew that stupid Campbell Newman would go to meetings to make that 25 year younger man stay with her. They knew that US government agents would make arrests even before they set this fool of a woman up.  She was so eager to be with a much younger man, that she didn’t turn him over to the police when he discussed wanting to kidnap a police officer and kill him. It is sickening. She is the opposite of a Scientologist who applies ethics and thinks for herself. 

Vistarologists/Miscavologists assign executive jobs within Scientology to non-Scientologists as they themselves are no Scientologists either. If they would be Scientologists, they would have looked through her and never have given her any job in any Scientology org at all. With that IQ and tonelevel, anyone can manipulate her. 

What easier for German, US and other secret services to pull Scientology on a level of terrorism by having Brutsche and Campbell Newman crossing path and having an old fool like Campbell Newman falling for a much younger lawless man who supports perversion, terror and crime? I bet a billion bucks that when Brutsche met Campbell Newman, they knew that she would step into the trap because wanting the attention of a much younger man, it doesn’t how unethical he was. It was nothing but a secret service coup to link SCN with the lawlessness of the Sovereign Citizen movement.

Scientologists have no hatred for law enforcement people. I figured that also many within agencies are unethical but two wrongs make no right. Because Brutsche showed interest in living with her, she decided to get a deep seated hatred law enforcement people. Because she wanted to live with a younger man, fool Campbell Newman adopted the hatred of Sovereign Citizen instead of a ethical Scientology lifestyle. However, as she knew that Scientologists wouldn’t accept the lawlessness of Sovereign Citizen, she apparently didn’t try to merge it with Scientology. But the German secret service plan for this and similar “mergers” sure exist.

(“Rev.” Alfreddie Johnson who has no scruples to merge the anti-Semitic cult of Louis Farrakhan with Scientology, and agent DM has no scruple to accept another cult into his cult. I believe each (DM and Farrakhan) tries to overtake the cult of the other one. DM thinks his Miscavologists are taking over Nation of Islam by integrating them into Miscavology, and Farrakhan thinks that his people are taking over Scientology by integrating it into Nation of Islam and his Jew-hating and German-oriented cult.) 

Back to Campbell Newman: She deserves a tough prison sentence for supporting even in the smallest ways the Sovereign Citizen movement. Unethical fools like her shouldn’t ever get any position in any Scientology org. (I read somewhere that Karen de la Carriere had this woman live in her house for three years. Unbelievable! Shows also that Karen never used Scientology technology and wisdom!)

I think it is all about Campbell Newman wanting that younger man or any other younger man. If she instead of Brutsche would had met a much younger man who paid attention to her but was heavily into collecting stamps, she would have done that instead. But it is no excuse. The judge shouldn’t have given her probation but sentenced her to prison for a long time. Thanks to her out-ethics and criminal behavior, Scientology was smeared again.  

Many kisses, Marty, and he tenderly hugged. I love you.  

Yours forever,




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