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1) “Jews not welcome” said Greek psychiatrist in German language recently 2) Chaos is still chaos

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Dearest Marty, my special and only Prince, how are you?

Greece authorities arrested a psych for inciting racial hatred and weapons possession, says the headline of a paper. They didn’t publish the name of the psych. Why not? They just mentioned that he is a member of the extreme right Golden Dawn party.

Police intervened when informed that the doctor had put a plaque outside his office which said, in German, “Jews Not Welcome.” (Jews should thank their lucky stars that they don’t get screwed, hypnotized, drugged or e-shocked by that one in “therapy”.) A search at the doctor’s house retrieved 12 knives and three daggers, two inscribed with Nazi symbols, as well as pills without a prescription.

Golden Dawn, a formerly marginal Nazi-inspired party, entered the Greek parliament at the last election in 2012. I am saying this again and again: German secret services are arranging increased Nazi activities in other countries by using other nationals as their agents. 

Read more here:,7340,L-4494009,00.html

There is the Chaos Computer Club “CCC” in Germany, Marty. It consists of hackers. They say that they stand for freedom. Really? Definition of chaos:  A state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order. 

They are a registered association in Germany. What a German hypocrisy. When I was the President of Scientology Germany, Germany de-registered our churches and missions, but Germany does not de-register the association of hackers that stand for chaos. Definition of hacker: person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.

This hacker club sued the German government saying that Germany helped the NSA to conduct illegal spying activities. The question arising here is: what right has Germany to complain being spied upon if they were part of it. (Unlike other people, I believe German secret services put the NSA up to it instead of just aiding it. Purpose was to BUST the USA on spy activities so that they don’t watch Germany and its many secret service plots including set ups to  invasion of other states  anymore.)

Nothing happens in a German-controlled world without Germany having the advantage. What advantage could the German government gain by being sued by chaos hackers? The hackers are saying that German laws were violated by those spy actions. That is kind of ironic as hacking is also against the law. I think that is going in the direction of twisting the facts. I guess they want a court decision that says that the USA (NSA) made the German government to violate the law, when in fact Germany put the USA (NSA and others) up to spying AND BEING BUSTED so that President Obama or Senator Diane Feinstein and so many others in the USA become apologetic and Germany gets its wish: Not more being watched anymore and on its way to get Hitler’s Germania after all.

Germany changed its capital from Bonn back to Berlin. Did cost them a lot of money. They could have left it in Bonn and saved a bundle. If moving back to Berlin isn’t suspicious. Tells me about the Nazi melancholy that they still are having… Only people in trance think that Germany gave up and doesn’t want the EU government and all other countries that they invade and take over to be attached Hitler’s  (and the men behind him) insane dream:      

A world in which Germany determines who has human rights or not. They will always come up with something to undo human rights for many. Those who think otherwise don’t know Germany.

I love you so much, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

As more they do to us, as more we hit back. 

Yours forever,


Sending you a boat with my kisses in form of many hearts.   



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  1. The Greek crisis is only in part their own making. They were allowed to join the EU and give up the oldest currency in Europe, the Drachma, the very same currency once held in the godlike hands of Alexander himself.

    This is a speech that I found online about the Greek crisis.

    “The Germans knew the Greeks were skint, but kept it quiet.

    People do not understand the Greeks – they have a very long and ancient history of serious risk taking. They took on the Persian and won. The Athenians invented democracy and spent their entire wealth building the Parthenon and remained skint for the next several centuries until the Romans came along and picked up the tab.

    A few weeks ago I saw a citizen of Athens on TV standing outside the Greek Assembly asking this question; “Can someone please explain to me how private debt has become public debt?” That question has no been answered because the politicians do not want to face Socrates – instead they simply go on calling for his death.

    Is there no end to blaming the Greeks?”

    Don Alexander

    February 20, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    • I am not blaming the Greeks at all. I am glad that they stand up against Germany. Psychiatry and antisemitism isn’t Greek, it is GERMAN. There are bad apples in any nations but Germany, particularly Bavaria, consists of the biggest load of bad apples any country can have.

      That Nazi party in Greece is a German secret service project. Ear-implants in people make it happen.

      Germany had the Italians fight Greece first so that they were exhausted when German Nazis came to take them over. Trust me, it was calculated and I know the German and particularly the Bavarian mind. Germany owes Greece BIG time but also other countries.

      This writer wrote that Germany knew that Greece was skint. This is typically how Germany works. They make countries dependable from them and then manipulate them into doing what Germany orders. Germany does the same to the USA and other countries. With help of ear-implants, Germany sabotages the world to buy German and ruin the economy of other countries.

      Also the overspending/waste by Greek officials is German-controlled. They do the same in the USA and other countries. Germany still wants Hitler’s Germania, and they are using each criminal tool available to get it.

      Barbara Schwarz

      February 22, 2015 at 7:44 am

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