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Germany put Japan up to attack Peal Harbour…

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful soul mate,

How is your day?

I bet you figured it too. Germany put Japan up to attack Peal Harbour… In case the USA retaliates, Japan gets atomic bombed not Germany. It is a typical German set up. Germany owes every person/family in Hawaii who was harmed by that AND each Japanese person who or whose family was hit by the atomic bombs restitution.  

Germany was also behind those who made these bombs and decided to throw them on the Japan.    

Germany (staw woman Angela Merkel) wants to get China’s trust for Europa. If China trusts rattlesnake Germany, it will be bitten again. 

China is still suffering because of the Nanjing massacre, in which hundred thousands of Chinese were killed. Who can blame the Chinese for not simply just forgetting this, as Germany would prefer. Germany owes also each Chinese person/family. Germany is also behind the one-child-rule and all the abortions. Without communism, Chinese families could have kept all the babies that they wanted and being able to feed them. How does Germans think they are?     

Germany put Japan up to these atrocities. Germany told their Japanese agents to invade China on behalf of Germany.  

Germany also puts up its agents in Japan up to destroy Anne Frank books in Japan. They want Japan pro Nazis and if caught, Japan should take the rap again instead of Germany.

Germany (SEGNPMSS) brings out the worst in people of any nation. That is why Germany needs to be dissolved, and the men and women behind every set up, atrocity, plot, conspiracy, need to be identified, arrested, and prosecuted before a court that makes rulings with listening to their ear implants and that does not allow Germany to get away again only with a slap on the wrist as they always do when they are caught despite they run everyone. (They lie to some that it is not them who are running the world secretly.)  

For a mind like mine that the Germans can’t control, it is a piece of cake to figure the Germans out. And I know that they can’t fool you, Marty. They can’t fool us original Scientologists. But they fool Vistarologists, Miscavologists, “Indies”, and also pretty much the rest of the world.

President Obama, fooled by Germany, says that Russia can’t fool anyone. President Obama who accepted a doppelganger for the real Bin Laden is an excellent German pawn. I am not saying that the Republicans are much smarter. They should be able to Germany but they don’t. They can’t figure the things under the surface as we do. We see the many layers, they don’t don’t get them either. And why not? Because Germany manipulates their thoughts and actions through their freaking ear implants.

The entire planet is a marionette theater, with Germany (Merkel’s secret case officers) pulling secretly all the stings.

I think we need an International Institute for Truth in History and Politics. There might be organisations like that already but they are also controlled by Germany. No options, just the hard facts including how Germany controls everyone with ear implants do get Germany’s agenda and dirty work done. That will open the eyes of everyone in regards to Germany and their billions of secret acts to enslave the planet and land the no. 1 spot in the world to enslave even more.

And yes, the money-orientation of “Scientology” is not Scientology. It is Germany who arranged the Sea Org Reserves transferred from the USA to European bank accounts. It is them behind the alteration of Scientology from awesome applied philosophy with people thinking for themselves to German-controlled cult using doppelgangers/impostors and international pawns inside of orgs and attacking it from the outside too. 

I just was reading an article against Scientology. They made a big deal about John Travolta pronouncing a name wrong at the Oscars. He is now “dyslexic” because of a one time lapsus linguae. It happened to many people in the public eye, but as JT is in SCN, they don’t get over it as Germany wants it that way.   

Yes, Scientology is a far cry from what it was. David Miscavige is on the impostor’s side not on the founder’s side. But nevertheless, if people could think for themselves, they would notice that Scientology is the subject of an international hate campaign. Germany is behind it because real Scientologists gain the ability to look through Germany, and that is what Germany hates so much about Scientology. So, it is being altered to no longer produce independent sharp minds who are able to figure Germany and the rest of the universe out. Instead, they are spun around on psychiatric spinners and have to run in circles… Argh!    

I love you, Marty. Without you, this planet has no hope and is doomed. You’ll find a way to unleash the truth for all people to see. And I will be with you.

I adore you!

Yours forever,




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  1. GWEN IFILL: How much of this is — you alluded to this in the answer to the first question. How much does this depend on their confidence in Putin’s motives, whether they truly believe, as Merkel has been quoted as saying, that he has lost it?

    MARGARET WARNER: Well, the German officials wouldn’t confirm that he used — she used those words, but said that does reflect the German view, and, in fact, it was obvious from what Putin said today.

    Ideka Doraine

    March 5, 2014 at 5:16 am

    • I am glad that the Russians are not like the French. Germany can roll over the French at any time in any system. Apparently not so easy with the Russians.

      If people don’t do what Germany wants, their state of minds are being defamed.

      I am not an expert on Vladimir Putin’s actions. I know that he was KGB. But standing up against Germany who wants to break up Russia to attach it to the Grossdeutsche Reich was really smart. I hope that he and the Russians speak out against the secret German infiltration and document it to the world and not using any military force.

      I am glad that Russia stands up to Germany (under the cover of the EU). It is time that the USA does it again too.

      Germany (under the cover of EU) tries to buy the Ukraine with a $15 billion in loans and grants over the next several years “to help get the shattered economy back on its feet”. No word of course that Germany is behind that their economy is so bad.

      By installing ear-implants into each kid on the planet and having the overall control of it, they can radio false decisions at any time in the ear drums of people and hold back or ruin any economy or not allowing it to take off but at the same time boost that one of Germany.

      The USA threw money at Germany after WW II with the Marshal Plan. This was so stupid! They helped the monster grow up again!

      In addition, Marx who wrote the Communist Manifesto was German. Lenin lived in Germany. The German government, at war with Russia, send Lenin back home by train through Germany at German expense BECAUSE LENIN WAS ON A GERMAN MISSION TO IMPLEMENT COMMUNISM IN RUSSIA TO KEEP RUSSIA DOWN SO THAT GERMANY CAN GROW WEALTHIER THAN RUSSIA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

      Germany kept Russia and the Ukraine, etc. down with communism until people forget WW I and II and are ready again to turn the world over to Germany.

      How mind-controlled is the world not seeing the obvious?

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 5, 2014 at 6:01 am

  2. Obama says that Russia is on the wrong side of history in the Ukraine matter.

    A Lurker

    March 5, 2014 at 7:08 am

    • No, Russia is not wrong in this matter. Obama is wrong. Did he ever learn about the sneakiness of Germany? Germany started two world wars and many other wars in their attempts to rule the world. Germany can’t leave others alone.

      Obama is like the French. Let’s surrender to Germany which hides behind the EU.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 5, 2014 at 7:31 am

  3. Germany is a Nato member since 1955.

    A Lurker

    March 5, 2014 at 11:13 am

    • That’s right, and I tell you also why: they provoke wars and want to be protected from other countries when one of their set ups don’t work out in Germany’s favour despite they run the entire world secretly. They think that the USA and other countries (who the Germans conspire against) should throw themselves before them.

      Germany had the Soviet Union (their leaders) at any time under their thumb and control with German ear implants. They pulled anyone’s leg by lying to the world that they feel threatened by communism.

      They had it in their power to put away communism at any time. But they waited till many people have forgotten what kind of monsters the Germans are. They just had communism crash for solely one reason: to attach all of Europe and all of Russia and then the rest of the world to Germany, and always having in mind to ruin the USA.

      If communism comes back then only when Germany decides that they can’t take over the world otherwise. They prefer capitalism as they want all cash there is. But if that is not possible, they suppress the world again with communism.

      If Russia remains non-communistic but does not surrender to Germany, it is a decision that indeed they make and not Germany for them. If they turn back to communism, Germany uses their influence over ear implants in Russia and penalizes them again for not surrendering to EU (which is nothing but what Germany says and wants).

      War in Yugoslavia and Ethnic cleansing? GERMANY behind it. Same old Nazis as they always were. Behind the break up of Yugoslavia: Germany who tries to attach it to EU (other word to the Grossdeutsches Reich).

      Germany started 2 World Wars and the people still have not figured their plans out. Completely in trance.

      That is the reality, my friend.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 5, 2014 at 1:34 pm

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