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CIA spying on US Congress?

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1Dearest Marty, my hero,

You might have heard this news.  Congress says they did, CIA is denying it.  One American institution attacks another one? A German proverb says: if two are fighting, the third-party is enjoying it. So, who is the Third Party? Senator Dianne Feinstein thinks that Germany doesn’t need to be watched anymore. Putting a “Mom-type” in the chair of the chancellor is enough for her. She doesn’t discover the power-hungry still existing German Nazis behind this allegedly harmless woman.  

The CIA applies German brutality to inmates,very likely was involved in keeping Nelson Mandela imprisoned for decades, and very likely works hand in hand with German secret services to keep you wrongfully imprisoned, Marty. Germany turns Americans and people of other nationalities in the same monsters that they are.    

You know that I puzzle things together. What is the GERMAN advantage if the CIA is getting caught spying on Congress?  The Senate Intelligence Committee passing legislature that restricts surveillance. I am against surveilling harmless folks. But Germany isn’t harmless. An US government  that does everything that Germany wants (officially or unofficially) is an American traitor and anything but harmless too. 

Does this CIA spying action on Congress helps Germany to make US Congress pass legislation which reduces the power of the American Intelligence Community to compile any records on Germany’s incredible dirty activities to control and take over the world? YES. In my opinion, this is the German goal behind this “spy scandal”, despite the very very slim likelihood that any German-controlled agent would turn against German secret services. But Germany doesn’t want anyone having records on what they are doing not even their US co-conspirators.   

From my dealings with the US government, I can tell that it is German-controlled from bottom to the roof.  However, Germany does not want to be caught by anyone running American officials, representatives, and judges, etc. through German-controlled ear-implants. Germany wants to take over the world behind the cover of the EU. They don’t want the USA to have any evidence of that. The likelihood that German-controlled American official, representatives, senators, and judges, etc. turn the Germans in is very slim as the SEGNPMSS chipped so much away from what can be called decent characters. German international agents are completely unethical; they work with and for still existing Nazis and not even having much if any bad conscience. 

But what about us, Marty? What if we make it against all odds, and what if the truth comes out nevertheless? Ron said: The truth comes out always.      

A 6,000-page report indicates that the CIA misled Congress, the White House and the Department of Justice and overstated the CIA’s success. Why would an American entity mislead another American entity if not a foreign force is behind that? They should work hand in hand not against each other. It amazes me everyday how people are not able to look a bit deeper than the surface.     

The CIA said the committee took certain documents from a secret facility without CIA permission. This prompted the CIA to search the Senate computers without the knowledge of the committee. Is that the USA vs. the USA? No, it isn’t. It is German-controlled people against German-controlled people. Who suffers? The USA and the people of the USA. Who wins if Americans work against each other? Germany.  

I believe that the Department of Justice is “investigating” this matter. The completely German-controlled DOJ… What a waste.

Many tender and passionate kisses, Marty.  

All I want is living happily with you ever after and building a world in which everyone has rights, a world that ends suffering of all people on this planet, a world of which everyone can be proud of instead of ashamed. A world without crime, terrorism, war, and insanity. Why is that so bad? I know you want the same. What a “crime” of us to want this, and, according to German secret services, because we want this, we can’t be together, neither in the USA nor elsewhere on the planet.      

Yours forever,




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  1. WASHINGTON — Secret reports. Vanishing documents. Whispers of crime, intimidation and cover-up.

    P.S. The Christian Monitor thinks that Dianne Feinstein could rein the CIA.

    News for ya

    March 11, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    • Nobody who thinks the German should be no longer watched will clean up anything. CIA officers and other officers of the intelligence community are having ear-implants through which the Germans are sending loud and silent sounds. They do it because they want to get rid of the reputation that they the worst perverts on the planet. They want to kick this ball in the US-field: unlawful imprisonment, water-boarding, torture, racism, no respect of human lives, sexual perversions, brutality, infiltration, cover-up, any form of crimes and terror, you name it.

      The biggest mistake that anyone makes who works in the US intelligence community: not busting the Germans. Everyone loses with their system, everyone.

      While the USA sinks deeper and deeper, individual Americans (incl. the American agents) are sinking with it.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 11, 2014 at 1:53 pm

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