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It is shocking beyond belief that the US government is not pro Russia but pro Nazis and Germany… I am almost speechless…

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Dearest Marty, my hero,

How are you? I am thinking of you.

If the Ukraine wants to be an independent state, it of course should have this right. But this is not what it is. Germany secretly invaded the Ukraine. Germany controls people by installing them ear implants. It is easy for Germany to make these ear-implanted and controlled people to do what Germany wants them to do, e.g. making them declare wanting to become European or German and making them vote to be attached to the EU, which is  run secretly and will be soon run officially and completely by Germany, when all people are mind-controlled enough believing that there are no German Nazis anymore, or that the Nazis were not that bad, or that the Holocaust didn’t really happen or that when it happened that it was done by somebody else (e.g. Jews or the USA) anybody but German. We know all the German lies but fools are believing them. I pity their IQs. Good for them that these low IQs don’t hurt as they would otherwise scream all day long. 

All those unintelligent Americans who just took a stance against Russia and pro Germany/EU don’t want to see that the Ukraine is overrun by Nazis, don’t they? Who else would want to join Germany but Nazis? To all those American and international people, I have this message: WHO HELPS OR WORKS FOR THE NAZIS IS A NAZI.  

Attempts to whitewash the backgrounds of Ukrainian nationalists who openly cooperated with the Nazis and committed mass murders in WWII are “morally repulsive,” and encourage “nationalist ideology, extremism and intolerance,” Russia’s UN envoy says. He is right. And behind these Ukrainian nationalists are German secret services. Still existing German Nazis put other Nazis up to demand that they want to be taken over by the EU (which is basically nothing but Germany).


It is absolutely repulsive, I agree, and what a shame for the current USA not taking the same stand. The USA became the same German poodle like France. What happened to “the greatest generation” of the USA that fought the Nazis? They are all dead? And the only people left are wimps? How can the current USA not see how sneaky Germany works, how it invades and that it is behind the Nazis in the Ukraine?

If I would be the President of Russia, I would a put a stop to Germany (EU) invading Russia too.  

Russia and the USA should work together defending their countries and other states against Germany and still existing Nazis and terrorists.

I always knew that Germany’s Nazis would try again to infiltrate and invade other countries and take them over. But I thought it would be the USA that would stand up against those Nazis. Right now, I am prouder of Russians than Americans. I just hope that Russians don’t lose their nerves and that they will be able to make their anti-Nazi stand without bloodshed and don’t revert to communism either. All Americans and other nationals who think that Germany is their friend need their IQs checked. Germany is nobody’s friend. And sometimes they kill even their own.

Did the USA eradicate Dwight David Eisenhower’s legacy completely? Did they ever think what he would say? He would be able to see who is behind Merkel. 

Hillary Clinton compares Russian’s actions to those of Hitler. How can she have it so backwards? Germany tries to attach the Ukraine to greater Germany (EU). It is the old Hitler plan, and she does not see it. Sarah Palin says: “I told you so.” She doesn’t get anything. Each one of those two would make a lousy US President like Obama is. But I can extend this list to so many others of both gender. Their just thinking “surface”. Unable to analyse deeper.   

By putting a stop to Germany’s invasion (under the cover of the EU) using their Nazi friends in the Ukraine, Russia is defending itself against Germany, because Germany wants all of Russia, and the Russians are sensing that.  


What would the USA do if Texas would want to become  suddenly German/European? Let the Nazis move in and then take over all of the USA? It is not a ridiculous idea. I bet the entire State of Texas on that such recent secret German plans exist.  

Or how about this: Germany uses the ear implants of French Canadians wanting to be attached to France, the notorious German poodle. Germany then arranges that all of Canada is attached to French/Europe, which will 100% “grow” into Germany and Germany alone. Germany if not dissolved will always end up on top of everything as they invade the minds of people through the idiotic German invention of ear implants. Canada is then Europe (Germany) and then they come for Alaska, and Europe (Germany) will take over that, and then they take over the rest of USA. I assume that wimps and German-controlled presidents would just surrender.

Germany wants a world government since ever and they still want it. They want it to be German because particularly the Bavarians are thinking that they are irresistible, except that they failed completely to charm me. Germany can’t deal with power. They are like drug addicts. They will march again like the old Nazis. Once they have the world power, they do all the horrible things openly again, that they do now secretly using other nationals. The hard-core of these German secret service people (yes, psychiatrists and medical doctors) have no respect for human life. They think that when they degrade and torture people that they are special and superior. They don’t think that THEY have to change. They see that there are better people, but they “deal” with it by suppressing those who are better, and in their minds, they have solved “the problem”. They feel superior because the better people suffer under them. Still existing Nazis, psychiatrists, and doctors “suffer” under better people insofar as the sole existence of these better people reminds them how bad they are. Bad people could remedy this by becoming better, but one needs courage to admit that one has to become better, and the hard-core of these German secret service people are the biggest cowards ever. They just feel strong when they can hide behind others. They are not courageous face to face.             


Republicans or Democrats, both parties are mind-controlled into forgetting what Germany is capable of.  They threaten Russia instead of Germany. How twisted is that way of  thinking? They sanction Russia instead of Germany.  (Angela Merkel has secret case officers who run her. I bet this can be verified in NSA records. She is just their puppet. The men behind Merkel arranged her having the chancellor job as women are generally not viewed as evil as men. It is all German calculation and mind-control. Too bad for them that I lived there and figured them out. I know how Germany ticks and it is no good and fair ticking.)  

The terror acts in Russia are German secret service activities. They want to scare Russians that they are not safe in Russia and that it would be better if they join Germany (EU). 

I know you have the same thoughts, Marty. I can feel your thoughts. If you or me would be U.S. president, the USA and non-communist Russia would be the closest allies on the planet.

Have a look here what Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) Vitaly Churkin said, and he is right: Whitewashing Ukraine’s Nazi collaborators is morally repulsive .

I love you so much, Marty. I bet the current Nazi-friendliness in the USA creeps you out too.

Many tender and passionate kisses, my darling.

Yours forever,




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  1. News for ya

    March 18, 2014 at 11:31 am

    • Let me get this straight. He thinks the “uneducated” (I guess in Oliver’s little mind “uneducated” is everyone who isn’t a medical doctor) person can’t follow educated people like medical doctors as the non-doctors are simply not as intelligent as the medical doctors.

      Lol. That guy is full of himself.

      “Science in general – medicine in particular – is complicated and cognitively challenging because you have to carry around a lot of uncertainty,” Oliver said.

      Conspiracy theories are certain, or what?

      Figuring out who did wrong in the world is not cognitively difficult or what?

      Oliver’s mind didn’t even notice that he is contradictory.

      If medicine is uncertain, it means that medical doctors failed to figure things out exactly. Guess their “intelligence” got in the way. They are just too intelligent to figure out how to get certainty and find real solutions.

      That snake oil salesman would love people trusting doctors blindly, wouldn’t he?

      A conspiracy theory that makes sense of just about any problem and finds the common denominator behind them all is not an easy task. It is a huge puzzle, and I bet that Oliver’s little medical and pharma IQ never would be able to go there.

      I have no time to go in more details of Oliver’s nonsense. But be reminded that for example the Gerson-Institute wasn’t allowed to practice their alternative treatments against cancer in the USA, and they were forced to move to Mexico because most medical doctors don’t agree with natural healing despite of their success rate.

      That is just a “conspiracy theory” that they were not allowed to practice in the USA, right? It never happened, right? It was just the imagination of all those stupid people who did not study medicine, right?

      If people think that medical doctors were conspiring to drive alternative healing options away, they are completely right. It is not even a conspiracy theory anymore. It is the truth for anyone to read about.

      Besides, what is an educated person anyway? People pass their university exams with the help of secret ear implants. Anyone can write down or repeat what somebody else reads out at same time from books in a nearby location and whispers in the ears of the person to be examined.

      I am so unimpressed, but I guess that is just my “lack of medical education” that I am not in awe about medical idiots like Oliver.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 18, 2014 at 12:48 pm

  2. Uncle Chester

    March 18, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    • Interesting, yes. I want to know who Merkel reports to on her cell phone. NSA can play these phone calls. I want to know what the men behind her are whispering to her on how to attach the world to Germany.

      And another word about Oliver.

      Simple minds believe everything doctors or others say and are swallowing their pills with their many side-effects. Non-simple minds don’t buy every doctor’s crap. They are thinking: why the hell don’t do the medical doctors better? Why are they unable to envision the natural lifestyle that prevents diseases that I proposed so often? And why are they fighting this lifestyle? (To get rich and at the end, they or their family members are getting sick too.)

      A woman with cancer told me that she is so tired of chemo. It is hell, it feels so bad, and while battling cancer, she contracted other diseases as a side effect of the chemo and other cancer drugs. She regretted that she even started chemo. (She has nothing to do with Scientology.)

      Her husband told me that the hospital told her that they don’t know if she survives this but she doesn’t have to do chemo if she doesn’t like.

      Easy for them to say, knowing that there is no alternative as the average people don’t even know where to get alternative healing methods. The U.S. Department of Health helped doctors to drive institutions that offer alternative healing away or defamed them as non-effective, despite this here:

      I asked her if the doctors told her to make changes in her diet. No, she said, I just should get chemo and take my meds.

      These “educated” and oh, so intelligent doctors are nothing but chemical Alis. And then they wonder why people don’t trust them. They are so “intelligent” that they can’t figure out why so many people don’t trust them. No, not because these people are stupid or uneducated as Oliver claims but because they notice how untrustworthy the “Gods in white” are.

      When I hear or read about all that suffering and the little to no help that medicine offers, and when a guy like Oliver calls what they are doing “educated” and intelligent, I want to kick his behind.

      Medical doctors of secret services are using remote controlled germs to make people sick so that the other medical branch is getting rich. This has to stop. We need a new way of life, and dummies like Oliver should go back to their roots: barbers who cut hair.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 18, 2014 at 1:57 pm

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