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Monique’s husband fooled 60 Minutes in Australia into believing that he is you, Marty… Is that a great idea or could that at the end result in Australia not granting him asylum if there should be one day an US arrest warrant out on him for impostering you?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful Prince, 

I’ve seen a 60 minutes trailer of a show that will air in Australia in a few days. The trailer is very short. They aired a photo of the 80s (DM, Greg Wilhere and you on a staircase). It is not Monique’s husband on that photo, it is you. Monique’s husband leads 60 Minutes and the Australian public on that it is him on the photo. He is not telling them that he is not the original Inspector General for Ethics of the Church of Scientology. He is not telling them that he was hired by secret services to impersonate you and to take your life over. He is withholding that he is a secret service dupe who was hired to undo your legacy. He is misinforming the world that he, the brutal bully (and gold digger), is you.

He is no Scientologist (never was) and neither was or is Mike Rinder. These guys are agents. They were German-oriented cultists and still are. We were always ourselves. We had and still have our own personalities. We never were robotic cultists as they were and still are. Sometimes, when I hear them “confessing” what they did, I am shocked. How could they? Didn’t mean Scientology ethics anything to them? We were never engaged in what they did. Never!

If you would have been robotic, brutal, violent, dishonest, cultic or otherwise lowtone, I never would have fallen in love with you, Marty. Never! Monique’s husband and you are different like night and day. SEGNPMSS and other German secret services and their poodle CIA can fool idiots but they can’t fool me. And they can’t fool you either. If they would bring you together with an impostor of mine, you would immediately know that her is not me. (I was told by a guy that I have one even in this rural setting in which I am living right now.) It is easy to find doppelgangers, but it is really difficult to fake a uptone personality because imposters are not uptone. They are downtone and lawless otherwise they would turn down impostor jobs.   

DM is an agent too, and these agents are fighting among each other, and they make folks who can’t think for themselves believe that Scientology creates such horrible people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The cultic behavior of infiltrator is typical German and not and never that of Scientologists. 


I remember times when I still had a regular job in Germany but had rediscovered Scientology again. There was a huge difference between the unfriendly Bavarian non-Scientology climate everywhere and the climate in the Munich Scientology org. The city of Munich has a slogan saying it would be a “world city with heart”, and that is exactly what I noticed that they don’t have: a heart. And they have no conscience either.

Back then, it was so much kinder working in Scientology orgs than in any non-Scientology setting or organization or business. There was so much back-stabbing and hostilities in German companies. For me, joining staff in Scientology orgs was a very easy decision. I was so tired of German hostility. The org was like an American island in Germany for me where I could breath, which I could not in any average Bavarian environment.     

Mary Sue run the GOWW as controller but neither she nor Jane Kember had much influence on the Munich org, at least not MUNPR. I remember that in the entire Guardian Office Munich, there was NO PHOTO of Mary Sue, except on the desk of infiltrator and non-Scientologist Jurg Stettler. (One day Jane Kember came to Munich and made him of all people in charge of the Guardian’s Office!) Of course, already back then, all orgs were already infiltrated by non-Scientologists and agents, but the kindness and decency of Scientologists had still the upper hand. 

Rudolph Moyses who worked with me in the GOPR indicated to me very openly that he doesn’t trust Mary Sue. He wasn’t afraid to say so. Back then, we did utter our opinions. I didn’t trust her either. But I trusted my own perceptions as to that Scientology works. I applied it and it worked. Once in a while, I came across something that did not work or was contradictory, and I figured that it was altered and not original Scientology, and I was right.   

There were those blue Guardian’s Office orders coming down the line from the UK (GOWW). I studied some, and I never read anything illegal. I worked in GOPR, we ran no ops in GOPR. I became the AG/Munich AFTER Mary Sue was busted. After that, there was no real upper leadership for the Guardian’s Office. As I was a former GOPR person and no secret service agent, I didn’t run any ops. My GO was very transparent and open. Germany (monster Jürgen Keltsch and 100 police officers) raided my org to find something they could pin on me. They came on empty-handed. There was nothing. We also didn’t disconnect. We handled our problems back then, we didn’t run from them.   


Before the GOWW changes, the  programs for the GOPR came from David Gaiman’s office, and by meeting him, I could clearly tell that he truly wanted a better world. He wasn’t a part of Mary Sue’s criminal actions. I noticed that being around David Gaiman was kind of soothing. He has a very kind and non-German personality. 

The first cold wind of chance in the GO and the Munich orgs took place when the “Finance Police” (Sea Org not GO) showed up. Of course, there should be no financial irregularities in the orgs, but the way they approached it was really in a German Nazi style (two wrongs make no right), and this was also a dead giveaway for me as to who was behind it. It was less an act to clean up unethical acts but more to create upsets and make people break away. In  short: I FOUND THE SEA ORG A LOT WORSE THAN THE GUARDIAN’S OFFICE! Except for Mary Sue and those who supported her (and numerous GO staff incl. me did not), the Guardian’s Office was a lot more civilized than the Sea Org. And who is to blame? Not Ron, the founder. Around him, there was the kind and helpful Scientology, it doesn’t matter which org if GO or Sea Org, and life felt on such a much higher and more human level than elsewhere in the world.

The change in Scientology had something to do with us, Marty. You made your career in Scientology and I did. It was just a matter of time until we would meet again. Germany and their secret  service psychs were afraid of this. What if we would remember? By changing Scientology from the kind place it was into a German cult, they wanted us to leave Scientology and not meet again. We met nevertheless. And we fell in love again. And then, they decided to rip us apart so that we can’t put our memories together and do something effective against them. 

Back to your impostor who likes to attack the Guardian’s Office despite he and buddy Rinder were/are a lot worse.   

Monique’s husband fooled 60 Minutes in Australia into believing that he is you, Marty… Is that a great idea or could that at the end result in Australia not granting him asylum if he wants to go into hiding with buddy Rinder? What if Australia finds out that gold digger Monique’s husband misled the media in Australia of being you? Will they grant him asylum if he is wanted by the U.S authorities for impostering you and lying under oath that he is you?

Monique’s husband is not who says he is. He and Mike Rinder are also concealing that even the founder of Scientology was impersonated by impostor “Jack Vistaril”.  

So, is Monique’s husband burning his own bridges? Where will he flee to and hide if you make an appearance and convict him as the impostor and infiltrator of Scientology that he truly is?  

I bet he didn’t think that through. Maybe he doesn’t think anything else but how to extort millions from the orgs by using his obedient wife. After I have seen a video of her passing out papers to the Squirrel busters, I came to the conclusion that she acts like a cultist too. I was shocked to see how than man controls her and that she allows him to control her that way. Her own personality is completely swallowed by his commands: Mosey do this, Mosey do that, Mosey go there, Mosey hand out this… Unbelievable. I would suffocate if somebody would do that to me.    

I love you, my Prince. I may not be obedient, but I do not just love you, but I also deeply respect you, Marty. You never would command me around like a dog.

Yours as always and forever





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