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The “master mind” or “architect” of 7/11 was Germany… There was also massive German insider trading short before 7/11…

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Good morning, Marty, my irresistible Prince and husband,

The “master mind” or “architect” of 7/11 was Germany…  Germany is using those Middle Easterners and Muslims to carry out the German hatred against Jews, Americans and other nationals in form of terror attacks.

German secret services came up with the 7/11 terror plan and those idiotic Middle Easterners allow themselves to be used by Germany.  Sulaiman Abu Ghaith is covering for Germany. The trial in NY isn’t pulling the correct strings. Who knows what kind of awards Germany promised that guy for covering for Germany and describing himself as  the “7/11 mastermind”. Fact is that they will also betray him at the end. Maybe they promised him that they will get him out, that they will stage his death behind bars once the trial is over and that he can disappear in a new life as Bin Laden. But Germany often doesn’t bother. An agent is just a dumb agent. And their promise to just stage a death often result in that they really get rid of an agent that the need no longer.   

Mohammed Atta was the ring leader of the terrorists who flew the planes into the towers and the Pentagon. Germany recruited that man from Egypt to Germany where they set him up to become a terrorist. It is not normal for younger and  healthy people to throw their lives away. I am very sure that German psychiatrists conditioned him (and others) into becoming “suicide terrorists”. I saw with my own eyes what German psychiatrists did to people. People who knew him before Germany said he wasn’t robotic. People who saw him after Germany said that he was robotic. Germany turned him into a fanatic Muslim. They needed an alibi. They figured that if they send Atta to a mosque in Hamburg,  people will suspect religion being the devil and not Germany of having psychiatric-conditioned this man into becoming a suicide terrorist. The German snake always tries to cover its slimy tracks.

I am convinced that German psychiatrists implanted, hypnotized  and mind-controlled this man into a Manchurian candidate immediately after he arrived in Germany in 1992. 

They also were the superiors of Bin Laden and helped him disappear. And a German-infiltrated CIA and US government accepts a doppelganger instead of the real Bin Laden and they let the monster knowingly get away.  What were possibly the motives of President Barack Obama to accept a doppelganger as Bin Laden? Well, I figured one really easily: winning the election by making Americans believe that he got the real monster.


The investigator, Klaus Ulrich Kersten, director of Germany’s BKA provided the first official confirmation that Atta and two other pilots had been in Afghanistan and the first dates of the training. Of course he did. People shouldn’t come to the logical conclusion that there is again something very foul going on in Germany. The German-controlled US intelligence community doesn’t sense anything… No wonder that the USA and the rest of the world is in so much trouble. They have no advanced abilities. You and me, Marty, we note right away when something is foul. 

Typically, Germany hurried up to feed the world this information so that they are not suspected of what they do: mind-controlling people into becoming terrorists. They arranged that Atta meets Bin Laden and he is “trained” in Afghanistan, but what they conceal of course is that they psychiatric-conditioned Muslims into wanting to join these operations in Middle Eastern countries and that Al Queda was secretly founded by Germany. They put these Middle Easterners up to it.

There are tons of conspiracy theories out there on who is responsible for 7/11. As of today, only a very few suspect Germany having dirty hands. This is what German-mind control does to people. They don’t find the source of the cancer. They just battle with the symptoms but the monster gets away.

This page is just another piece of evidence how German-mind controlled conspiracy theorists are. They don’t figure out who it really is.

I would like to get surveillance on Germany before 7/11. But also without it, I know that Germany was/is behind 7/11 and any cover up.

German secret services put the Scientology orgs under surveillance (and also infiltrated them). But they didn’t monitor fanatical and violent Muslims and their terrorist cells and neither the Neo-Nazis? How does that make sense?  But fact is that they didn’t just watch them, they actively make them into terrorists with psychiatric and medical techniques. That is the horrible truth about Germany.

Lots of people (not just some Al Queda cells) knew of September 11 attacks in advance. Nobody did anything to stop it. It is shocking how people are: they worry about cash instead of human lives.


The investors of Munich Re, Swiss Re, and others knew of the 7/11 terror attacks in advance. Who told them? Al Queda? I don’t think so. I am convinced that they got their info from those who are the insane “architect” of 7/11, German secret services.

The business with death,  7/11 insider trading is “unsolved”. Well, not for me. It is “unsolved” because the US government allows itself to be the willing slave of Germany. Why did the US government didn’t go after these inside traders and con-conspirator of 7/11? Why didn’t they investigate who is truly behind 7/11? Because the US government turned into a German Yorkshire terrier, that’s why. Following master Germany. Germany brings out the worst in anyone, and forgotten are the days of Washington, Lincoln, and Eisenhower…

They didn’t figure out that German secret services are the “architects” of 7/11 but they list numerous insider trading activities before 7/11. In other words: these people knew of the atrocity to happen and instead of stopping it, they made business transactions.  It is shocking what kind of monster people become with German-controlled ear implants:

Do the 7/11 analysts really believe that Bin Laden,  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or other Al Queda members called all those German and Swiss people and told them in advance that 7/11 will happen? German secret services knew what was going to happen. If US secret services watched Germany before 7/11, they knew too. And German secret services didn’t just know, they planned the entire atrocity. Americans don’t stand up for each other because Germany turns them into weasels.

I think that the NSA is listening in on international phone calls but makes no use of what they found for the protection of a free world, Marty.  They only run these surveillance programs so that Germany and their international agents can beat up on the USA with the purpose that Germany of all countries looks innocent in all of this. What has to happen so that the USA grows again a backbone against these still existing Nazis and their set ups? 

I was born in the USA. They all know it. But Germany tells them not to acknowledge it, so they obey. And by bowing down before the Germans, they become dumber and blinder, and they turn this planet to a place without future for good people. And at the end, all are losing.  A bad conscience and feeling being a dirty little worm is just one part of their penalty. Clean hands make a happy life and their’s are not clean at all. They are dripping with blood.

Everyone loses at the end as this system is above ethics. They commit acts against their own survival. One conspires against the other. Nobody can trust somebody else. And if somebody trusts somebody with  German-controlled ear-implants, he or she will be used. That is all. Their motto is: Der Mohr hat seine Schuldigkeit getan, der Mohr kann gehen. (The Mohr [other word for slave, it doesn’t matter the color of his/her skin] did his duty, the Mohr can go.) 

Many kisses, and always at your side. I know you don’t have troubles understanding. Just by looking at you, I knew that you have the mind to go where German-psych manipulated minds don’t reach.  

Yours forever,





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  1. Barbara, the Soviet war in Afghanistan lasted nine years from December 1979 to February 1989. Part of the Cold War, it was fought between Soviet-led Afghan forces against multi-national insurgent groups called the Mujahideen, mostly composed of two alliances – the Peshawar Seven and the Tehran Eight. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 led to a war that brought much suffering to Afghans and no benefit to Russians. Hundreds of thousands of Afghan civilians were killed in addition to the rebels in the war.


    March 20, 2014 at 11:46 pm

    • I am aware of this. As neither the Afghan War nor the Vietnam War brought either Russia nor the USA any advantages except death, suffering, losses, costs, and a diminished reputation before the world, analysts should have figured that Germany was behind those wars. They radio in the ear implants of the so-called “leaders” (their puppets) and have them start wars.

      In 1979, Germany had not yet decided which part of Germany should become the world leader: the communist part or the western part.

      Along the way, Germany figured that people under communism desire change more than when they are busy with all the stuff that the west has to offer. Germany figured that they can mind-control all people in western states just as well. They repeat all the time the lie that the world is free and people believe it as the stores are full with stuff.

      Besides, non-communist states are richer, and Germany is the greediest country in the universe.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 21, 2014 at 3:56 am

  2. G8 is dead declares Angela Merkel as Europe prepares to ramp up EU sanctions against Russia.


    March 21, 2014 at 1:01 am

    • As a non-communist pastlife Russian and a citizen of the world, I am glad that Russia doesn’t give in to Germany and its still existing and new Nazis despite sanctions.

      Interesting is that Germany of all countries is making this announcement, which should tell the world who is leading the world: Germany. And did they put away with the Nazis? No, they did not. They are using them to invade countries like the Ukraine to implement Hitler’s plan of the Grossdeutsche Reich.

      I am so disappointed in the USA and the UK. How can they play into the hands of Germany? What is happening to these former anti-Nazi beacons? Completely mind-controlled!

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 21, 2014 at 3:11 am

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