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The 60 Minutes report in Australia should be named: The infiltrator and impostor instead of the defector

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That is you on that photo, Marty. It is 100% not Monique’s husband in that picture. How dare him misleading the world that he is you. I really want to kick his behind for his impostor acts. Instead of defector, he should be named as what he is: former infiltrator and impostor.

On that photo, you don’t look happy, Marty. Guess you were tired of DM’s attempts to make himself look tall and superior or tired to walk behind those David Miscavige and Greg Wilhere. Besides from being the brightest, you were also the tallest and most handsome of all. DM needs 5 steps to raise to your level. Everyone who knows how short he is knows that he tries to make him look taller with that photo. Height is not always a giveaway on somebody’s timetrack but often it is. I bet the farm that David Misavige has overwhelmingly a female timetrack. That however doesn’t rule a bully out. 

Have a look at the photo. It looks like you are exterior. Look at your head. Looks like the theta body (spirit orb) is not inside the body. It looks like you are having a halo, a gloriole. In other words: even 60 Minutes know BASICALLY how special you are. But they sure have to stop conspiring with anti-Scientologists like Monique’s husband, Mike Rinder, and others against you, the real founder, and Scientology.    

I love you my prince and soulmate.

Yours forever and ever,




6 Responses

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  1. It appears that Rinder tries to ridicule that BlogMart is a German agent.


    March 23, 2014 at 1:14 am

    • They (DM included) infiltrate Scientology, an American applied philosophy and turn it into psych crap on the inside (Rinder and Monique’s husband knew of the p$ych devices that would be build inside the SP building since decades and has helped), then they leave Scientology and attack it from the outside, and they work directly together with the German government. That is not even a secret. And that makes them no German agents? Yeah right.

      Both conceal before the world that Jack Vistaril was the founder’s impostor and Monique’s husband is the original Marty’s impostor… Just what the German secret services order.

      If they after all that have not understood that the orders that they are getting are coming right from the German secret services, they are even dumber than I thought.

      As higher these agents climb as deeper they will fall. The truth will come out at the end and I don’t want to be in their shoes.

      Looking in the future: by lying to all of Australia about the doppelgangers and impostors, I doubt that Monique’s husband will be able to hide in Australia for long when his doing unravels. He is burning is own bridges. At the end, not even his co-conspirator Mike Rinder can help him. Maybe he counts on Germany to hide him from US justice in Germany.

      But I wouldn’t count on it if I would be Monique’s husband. Germany has a long history of turning against their own. Despite secretly ruling the world, Germany’s successes are short-lived. They are notorious losers, and so are their agents.

      Monique’s husband says that Karma is a b….., but he thinks he and maybe his partner in crime Rinder are the exceptions. Fools.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 23, 2014 at 3:15 am

    ANSWERED TO 60 Minutes QUESTIONS. That is all they have to say to fill the vacuum?


    March 23, 2014 at 2:48 am

  3. DM, Monique’s husband and Mike Rinder can’t stand each other but they are still conspiring together by concealing that Monique’s husband is the impostor of the original Marty (Insp. General for Ethics) and that “Jack Vistaril” was the impostor of the founder. All three are concealing as to what happened to the originals. And Germany is behind it using the CIA and other secret services as their poodles.

    If C of S surrenders DM to the authorities and reveal the impostors, Monique’s husband will not be any big challenge anymore but just what he is an infiltrator and an impostor. DM and Mike Rinder had something to do with that Monique’s husband replaced the original Marty, and that is why DM and the Miscavologists are not telling the truth either. And Scientology has to suffer. All of them need their behind kicked, legally.

    How dare Monique to claim that watching her (by PI) makes her a prisoner while she helps his impostor husband to keep the real Marty locked up. What a hypocrite this woman is! They are gold diggers. And the Squirrel Busters was a secret German psych operation too, they needed something to make psych daughter Monique and her impostor husband rich and chop away of Scientology’s reputation. Allender’s and Wheaton’s robotic behaviors and tonelevels are 100% not Scientology. In order to ruin Scientology, German secret services and their American poodle secret services attack Scientology from all side, inside and outside. And fools don’t see it.

    And calling the impostor “Marty”. He was a Mark before he entered the SCN orgs and took over Marty’s life.

    Monique says that she never was a Scientologist but her good friend Steve Hall named her ex-Scientologists for years. In order to steal enough public from the orgs, she and her husband claimed for years that they would apply Scientology. Later they figured that they don’t get rich from it and he used his wife to sue millions from the orgs. They are such gold diggers.

    In regards to Tom Cruise. Monique’s husband says that he made him into “a hard core Scientologist”. How can an impostor who is no Scientologist turn somebody else into a Scientologist? One has to understand Scientology in order to show it to others. And Monique’s husband didn’t understand a thing. All his blog postings that I read is telling me that he is clueless about original Scientology.

    And 60 Minutes Australia showed “Jack Vistaril” on the Apollo who was a German/CIA double agent and impostored the founder. These alleged investigative reporters failed to compare footage. What a shame for them. Liz Hayes is so gullible or dishonest in her reporting. Or maybe both.

    60 Minutes reporter makes jokes about that Scientologists want “LRH” back. Shouldn’t she then also make jokes about the Christians who want Jesus back?

    The squirrel busters were a German operation, but by fishing just for fun, Monique and her husband committed cruelty to animals.

    I believe her that it was a process. It was the process how to get rich. First they tried to steal public from the orgs, then they sued for millions after they realized that not many are leaving Scientology to trust her impostor husband’s version of it. They even documented this. He turned her into an alleged auditor, then he announced that they can’t make a living and that he has to go back to work in some kind of health institution for the elderly and then they sued the orgs to get rich.

    Monique is asked something and there are long pauses and her listening to her inner ear… What is she waiting for? Her non-Scientology case officer transmitting in her ears what to answer? And all she had to say after listening to her inner ear for quite long is: no. Give me a break.

    He thinks the gets no karma for imposting the original Marty. Unbelievable. After all these decades of infiltrating Scientology, the OW sequence is still unclear to Monique’s husband.

    Behind David Miscavige are the same secret services that makes Mike Rinder, Monique and her husband do what they are doing. I catch on these things pretty quickly and I am always shocked if others don’t get it at all or cover these acts up.

    Husband and wife, says Liz Hayes. Did she ever take a look at the marriage certificate of Monique and her husband? How come Liz finds nothing wrong about that he married this woman under an incorrect date of birth?

    Monique gives a lecture on behavior. What a hypocrite. Her husband slammed the car door in reporter Jim Lynch several times. (He is dead now.) But she had no problems with that kind of behavior.

    At 14:25 they show again the original Marty’s picture, misleading the world that he is Monique. How dare them. The real Marty wasn’t a robot nor violent. He was very different from Monique’s husband in his nature.

    I also listened to what David Miscavige’s niece says is evil. The evil is in her own infiltrator family because when I joined Scientology, there was no violence, disconnection from families, and abortions were unheard of. She should have talked to her father and her grandfather to make DM less evil.

    Barbara Schwarz

    March 23, 2014 at 3:02 am

  4. That video demonstrates some of his violence, and Monique (“Mosey”) lying in presence of a police officer that she never saw him violent. Check at 5:15 min, his violence against reporter Jim Lynch.


    March 23, 2014 at 5:01 am

    • For the records: everything in this video is about the doing of the impostor. It has nothing to do with the original Marty (Inspector General for Ethics) in Scientology, except that the man in this video his his impostor for decades while the original likely suffers wrongfully incarcerated.

      Mike Rinder stays that Jim Lynch should “stick his arm again in a car”. But this was not what happened. The video shows that not just his arm was in there but his upper body and head.

      Jim Lynch died on cancer. There might be very well a link between cancer and violence. If a body is attacked it might be more prone to cancer.

      Anyway, the org should finally tell that Monique’s husband is AN IMPOSTOR and that the orgs are infiltrated to play right into his and his “wife’s” hands. DM is anything but good for Scientology. He is one the same low tonelevel as the impostor and Rinder. All together: non-Scientologists.

      Judge Dip Waldrip and some reporters sure failed to look at this couple closer.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 23, 2014 at 5:42 am

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