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1) Who on Earth needs a course for that? 2) Judge Dibrell “Dib” Waldrip assists parasitic opportunists: an impostor and his wife

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Marty, my wonderful hero, how are you?

Monique’s husband, your impostor, offers a course for people to “graduate” from Scientology.  (He and his wife wants to people to leave Scientology. These both should get life!)

And what a nonsense! If anyone isn’t interested anymore, he or she can simply stop going to Scientology orgs or no longer apply Scientology. It is as easy as that. The orgs never invested much time going after those who left but did not attack  Scientology.

Also, who needs a course and pay money to your impostor and his wife Monique to read about Tao? It is all on the Internet for free. Besides, Monique’s husband is violent. Him talking about the Tao is like: do as I say but not as I do.

I am not saying that there is no grains of truth in Taoism. But it didn’t save the world. People know of it since centuries and are still evil and at war. China for example accepted communism, which is another German invention to suppress people. Taoism didn’t create a better world. It is not an applied philosophy that can really change the world once infiltrators are getting the boot.   

I don’t support DM at all, never have, never will, but I have no intention quitting my religion  Scientology just because impostors and former and current infiltrators of the C of S want to archive that as  these are their secret service orders.

Tao and Monique’s husband version of everything means going backwards. 

Monique and her hubby are all about making personal gain and money by attacking Scientology.  Also, Taoism or Daoism  says that wealth results in arrogance. It says “Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench…” but Monique and her impostor husband want MILLIONS. They don’t live the Tao way. They are just saying that they do to fool people and their goal is to destroy Scientology. They likely eat meat, and they definitely fish for fun, which is hurting animals, and that is also anti-Taoism.

The TAO precept against killing is: all living beings, including all kinds of animals, and those as small as insects, worms, and so forth, are containers of the uncreated energy, thus one should not kill any of them.”

First he posts that he delivers Scientology auditing. Instead of finding his own public, he tries to rip org public off and starts a war with the orgs. Then he writes that Monique is a Scientology auditor and audits people.

She informed judge Dib Waldrip that she never practiced Scientology but this is in complete opposition of what her husband states before. Her good friend Steve Hall lists Monique as “Independent Scientologist” on his 500 list. They say one thing to the judge and  another thing to the public.

It was then a lie by  your impostor that she trained to become a Scientology auditor? They tried to trick Scientology org public or staff into believing that she is an auditor to bring them business… Isn’t that fraud and false advertisement? 

I guess she had no case gain and wins, and that is why she gave Scientology auditing up. As he trained her, it means that his training was no good. They could have tried finding their own people for what they deliver without taking public form the orgs, but no… Their riches must come from the Scientology orgs, one way or the other.

They are such parasites and judge Dib Waldrip is completely blind on this eye.   

After they figured that not many people trusts their version of “Scientology”, your impostor decides to write small books against Scientology to earn big money. Apparently, he makes not much cash selling his books.

Then they decide to get rich otherwise, and he has Monique file a multi-million Dollar law suit against Scientology org – because it is “in fashion” right now to demand high sums from the orgs, and infiltrators still in the orgs play right into the hands of these oppostunists.

Why do they always think that they have to get rich through trying to bury Scientology? Also his new “course” is again an activity to make cash off Scientology. They use DM as an excuse to attack and destroy Scientology. Scientology not DM is their real target. 

As if they would starve to death and are nobodies if they don’t attack Scientology. One can feel just sorry for these people. They should get real jobs for a change. 

And most of all, he should finally confess that he is not you, Marty.

Why doesn’t he writes  novels or does something not anti-Scientology-related to make cash?

Despite I do not endorse DM, I find Monique and her hubby to be parasitic opportunists. 

I love you with all my heart, Marty. It is wonderful that no intrigue can kill our love through all these years. A marriage of real Scientologists, as stable like rocks, as passionate as a storm of kisses, as tender as the softest tough and as eternal as thetans.








3 Responses

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  1. You want to know more about Taoism or Daoism?

    Some info from the www:

    To a Taoist there is no negative anything. There is only “the way”.

    Tao (technically can not really be described accurately) is the nature of things…everything.

    People give things qualities: War is bad, War is good. War can kill your loved one, but your loved one would have died anyway, it is inevitable. At the same time that war may have saved many other loved ones from being killed if the war had been put off.

    Tao transcends all of these qualities. A Taoist learns this Tao does what it does, and all you can do about it is try to live in harmony with Tao.

    Everything that happens is necessary for Tao to keep the universe in balanced harmony.

    Taoism is the ability to understand your own basic pure nature and how it fits into the larger nature of things. The idea is to live in the moment and without expectations: Living in any other way would just contribute to the illusion that you actually have any control over your life.

    Popular Taoism (as opposed to philosophical Taoism) is nothing more than a collection of superstitions involving multiple Chinese gods. It places heavy emphasis on divination and astrology, which any thinking person knows are pseudosciences. They also practice feng shui and mediumship.

    If you’re thinking about philosophical Taoism, the Taoism found in texts like the Tao Te Ching, just go with that. Don’t bother with the folk traditions (like fortunetelling and spirit-writing) that some popular Taoists practice.

    It is a philosophy. “Tao” is a word that means “way”. The Chinese have always been observers of nature. They discovered that in all things there are “ways” that they operate. Everything has a “tao”. It is believed that if one understands the “way” things operate he will then be a master of those things. As a culture, they and the American Indian have similar attitudes toward life. As the Indians were forced to march the “trail of tears” they had observed nature well enough along the way that they understood all the animals in the new territory enough to know how to survive.

    Pasted and copied

    March 26, 2014 at 5:23 am

  2. A man in Utah lives without money.

    Pasted and copied

    March 26, 2014 at 6:02 am

    • I know his story. I am not saying that people can’t and should earn money. We need good and honest products to make our lives easier. If people come up with these and make sure that they are offered, why shouldn’t they be paid for that?

      Living like that fellow has a fundamental flaw: he depends from the handout of others. And these others have to work to be able to give him handouts.

      However, if that fellow would live in a self-contained village with others, he might want to help bringing the harvest in or helps otherwise to the sustainability of that village, which means he doesn’t need that 8-5 job that he apparently doesn’t like. If the others in the village come to the conclusion that he is a member of their family and that whatever he does can be tolerated and is welcome, why not?

      Life could be really easy for everyone once such a village is organized. If somebody wants to stay fulltime at home raising kids, it will be possible as the basic living arrangements are all covered.

      But it will not be enough for others. They want to create and produce. It is fun doing it.

      I am against that people having to work like slaves but also against people who try enrich themselves as Monique and her husband and same time trying to ruin the applied philosophy Scientology.

      I am also not anti-money. If the impostor and his wife would deserve millions, I would give them to it. But they don’t.

      They conspiring against the original Marty and me. That means that the villages that we want to build for others can’t be build.

      Barbara Schwarz

      March 26, 2014 at 6:34 am

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