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Germany’s “new” world, how “uptone”… And Neo Nazis are everywhere in Germany…

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Dearest Marty,  my Prince,

Here some glimpses how Germany “betters” the world. Instead people being inspired to search and create their soul mates, in the German world, people have an app to call prostitutes.  400.000 prostitutes in a country just twice the size of Wisconsin!

There is also the “Alternative for Germany” (AfD), founded last year. They consist of “Eurosceptics” and Nazis. The end goal of them is of course also the Grossdeutsche Reich. 1 of 4 in Germany would join the ADF.  I believe the ADF is the “alternative”. If Germany can’t take over all countries through the EU, the ADF is waiting in the wings to take over the world in another way. Neo-Nazis are supporting the ADF. The ADF allegedly consists of “Wutbürger” (German rage citizen). I hear the Nazi boots stomping.   


Hitler’s spirit alive in Germany

Racism against Jews in modern Germany

They are discriminating also against Blacks.

People in Germany asked about Jews in the streets. Can they spell discrimination?

When own children become Nazis in Germany and parents can’t handle it  (I say, ear implants to blame!)

We Nazis are here again (Germany)

Neo Nazis  are getting more brazen,more dangerous in Germany

Neo Nazis are growing so strong in Germany that towns are giving up and mayors are resigning

Nazi march in Zwickau

The “new Nazis” in Germany:

Nazis in Northern Germany:

Today’s Nazis in Germany:

German racism at the supermarket checkouts

More modern Nazi attacks

Nothing learned of history, Neo-Nazis in Zossen, Germany

Fanatical Neo-Nazi women in Germany

Neo-Nazis in Schleswig Holstein, Germany

New Nazi wave in Germany, Saarland and Bavaria and Saxony Anhalt

After Hitler: Nazis are back in Germany

New Nazi terror in Germany

Neo Nazis in the new Ukraine

Nazi underground cell in Germany and German government looking the other way (of course)

Hatred of foreigners in Germany and their deportation

Nazi terror and “blind” Germany

Neo Nazis in Germany

New Hitler cult in Germany

New Nazis in Northern Germany – (Usula Caberta is from Hamburg, isn’t she?)

Neo Nazis in this German town and the other citizens don’t want to talk about it

German Neo Nazi women “engaging” themselves “for Germany”

Female Neo-Nazi

Nazis are raising in Germany

New Nazi movement in Europe

Nazis “try” to “salvage Europe” (right, we know how that looks like)

Neo Nazis attack others in German town

Neo Nazi with Hitler salute in modern Germany

Modern Nazi killers in Germany

German police protecting Nazis

Neo Nazis in Berlin

Violent Nazis in Germany

Nazi violence in Germany

Neo Nazis the “normal” picture in Germany

Neo Nazis in Dortmund

Dortmund suspected of leaving the city to Neo Nazis

Nazi march in Dortmund

Massive Nazi movement in Ruhr area

Neo-Nazis in Westphalia

Nazi event in Mönchengladbach

Neo Nazis in Rhineland

New Nazi wave

“Modern” Nazis in Germany

Racism in Germany

The new Nazi scene in Germany

Neo Nazis and Germans who lie that there was no Holocaust

Everyday racism in Germany

Antisemitism in Germany

Germany still hates foreigners.

Neo Nazis in Lichtenberg

Neo Nazis in Hamburg Eilbeck

Nazi march in Dresden

Nazi march in Hamm

 Nazi march in Una   

Nazi march in Koblenz

Nazi march in Madgeburg

Nazi march in Hamburg

Neo Nazis in Berlin

Germany’s new breed of Neo Nazis

Nazi memorial in Munich

New Nazis in Germany pose a threat

Neo Nazis in Saxony

The new Nazis

Neo Nazis in the Ukaine

Neo Nazi March in Hamburg Wansbek

Neo Nazi march in Bad Nenndorf

Neo Nazis in Salzwedel

German police spares Nazis

And the list goes on and on and on….

I love you, Marty. Neo-Nazis are also in other countries and each content but they are getting their secret marching orders from German Nazis. Germany as a country has to dissolve. People in Germany have to find any non-German roots and have to act accordingly. No kidding.

Yours forever,




My home on the inside…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soul mate and Prince,

How you? I am thinking of you.

Here are some photos of the inside of my home. I often feel you visiting me in your thoughts, so you might know already how it looks on the inside. It is not a luxury residency, but it is mine, and I earned it with my honest abilities despite that the conspiracy against us never wanted me to settle in the USA. And I earned it by not asking people for donations, like some others… Besides, it came with three parcels of land, and it is mine, not rented, and no mortgage. I made no debts.    

This is my office. A few things changed since I took those photos but most looks just the same: 





Another room. I should have a wood stove installed as those rooms in the front are getting quite nippy in winter.  I can afford it, but I didn’t get around doing it. 





SL Tribune would write: AUSTERE! Lol. I rather have more space and less stuff standing around.



That is another view in my office. 



That is a bedroom. I moved one bed out and painted the walls a bit darker. There were lilac and now are tan silver and there are some pics at the walls now. There is an orb over the window.





One of my closets. 




This is the staircase.  Pictures of my loved ones and summer hats hanging on the other side. These stripes are not there in real life. Not all orbs are round.




This is the bedroom upstairs. It is pretty big, but you don’t see this in this photo.





This is also upstairs. Austere! Haha! A nicer way to say it would be “minimalist lifestyle”. Actually, there is an attic upstairs too. I sealed if off because somebody who I know around here was visited by squirrels through their attic. Don’t want them inside. I could open the attic and insulate it, and I would have two more rooms. On the other side: I don’t really need these additional rooms.  





My kitchen. I have a bigger table in my kitchen now, otherwise not much has changed here. There is an orb opposite of the clock. That is not the reflection of the clock. Another one is at the frig.




More kitchen:




There is also one in motion in the bathroom. They better leave when I want to shower!



PictureHomeBathroom2 001


And my “outside room”. Have a front porch too but it serves only decorative purposes.   



My place at night. See the orbs (thetans without bodies) in the trees? I got many of them. House and surrounding  is haunted. Luckily, I am not the easily scared type. 🙂

Amazing, isn’t it? I have as good as no industry and dust here.  No rain drops. They are beings and they move fast. If they grab a baby flesh body, they might be born again as humans or animals.  Maybe they are around me because they know that I know what they are?



I love you, Marty, very much. Wish you would be here or I would be where you are. Many Kisses. I want you back ANY time.

Yours, Sarah/Barbara






















The USA is Germany’s tool… What a nightmare!

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Dearest Marty, my heart-throb,


That is what Germany wants: Americans who do not think. 

Germany was/is the country behind ring leader Mohammed Atta and his men who flew the planes into the twin towers, and behind other terror attacks and other high crimes, and despite all of that, the USA is Germany’s tool! Will they ever learn?

The USA is on the wrong side of history working for Germany instead with Russia. Russia is no longer communistic, so what’s the problem embracing Russia instead of Germany? (Problem is German-controlled ear implants!) Behind the cover of the EU, Germany will manipulate each state of the former Soviet Union to join the EU. And one day, all of EU will be run by Germany alone. How do I know? German history is telling that story loud and clear. And why is that a problem? It is a problem because hard-core Germans (particularly Bavarians) are not human. They have human bodies but they have no human qualifications. Merkel is just their puppet. They had her elected to fool the world that they can trust a Mom-type. But they can’t fool me. I know how Germany’s hard-core secret service monster tick. It was really dumb kidnapping me to Germany as I figured them out right there. Speak about a motivator. For me, they are an open book, and it is a horror book.      

Germany (EU) plays the “moderate” country against Russia by manipulating the USA into imposing more sanctions against Russia than the Europeans. Germany radioes in the ear implants of American officials to be tough against Russia so that Russia is easy on Germany and the EU. If there should be a war, Germany will blame it on the USA or Russia, and cowardly hide behind USA’s broad back. As always, Germany are the instigators and are getting away as they manipulate minds. 

It has Germany written all over it. How the USA rather works with still existing Nazis but with Russia is beyond me. Once we are US state people, Marty, you and I, non-Communistic Russia will see good times too. EU has to dismantle Germany. There will be no peace with Germany existing. It will always suppress others, always. With them, there will be always terror, always.

Here are the latest news about sanctions:

Germany needs to be sanctioned, not Russia. Germany is using other EU country to establish the Grossdeutsche Reich, the same thing that Hitler and Germany before Hitler wanted, and they do not just want the Ukraine, they want all of Russia, and later the rest of the world. How can people not see this?

What’s so  bad about Germany leading the world is: it is Germany! They are as sneaky as ever. They can’t handle power ethically. They run the entire world with ear implants, and that is why nobody is effectively standing up against them. Germany is manipulating everyone. Nazis are on the rise all over the planet, and Germany runs those international fanatics through ear implants.

I know, I wrote it often. I may sound like a broken record, but nevertheless, I say it as often until I feel there is no need for this to say anymore. And this is when Germany is no longer. Dissolved. (And Bavaria, Munich, the secret capital, is the worst!)

The world has to watch Germany like Wikipedia articles. If somebody does something to a Wikipedia article, numerous people jump right on this. If something German gains control, the world has to jump right on it to prevent that they come back.  And with Germany, I mean all German ideas, like Nazis, mass murder, serial killings, communism, wars, hypnosis, psych crimes, terror, the making of terrorists and suicide terrorists,  genocide, shootings, massacres, environmental crimes, sinking of ships, downing of planes, infiltration of governments, invasions, wrong imprisonment (e.g. yours, Marty) framing, setting up, conspiracy,  impostors, kidnapping, pedophilia and other perversions,  drugs, medical crimes, medical terror, medical torture, medical killings, withholding of  data and technology for people to extend their lives, freaking ear-implants, manipulations, bombings, explosions, rape, attacks, denial of human rights, killings, torture, beatings, human and animal experiments, so-called natural disasters as earth quakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, droughts, sink holes, stalking, harassment, computer crimes,  invasion of privacy, bribery,  assaults, arson, vandalism, persecution, billions of dollars theft and fraud, abuse, forgery, corruption of justice, aggression, perversion, lies, deception, racism, butchery, molestation,  and so on, and so on, including silent and loud sounds to make their own nationals and others to conduct these crimes or participates in those crimes. 

I love you, my prince. I know, you won’t let them get away with it. And neither will I. 

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


Here is one example of what I mean. This German girl sings lyrics another German has written about “a little peace”. Not deep everlasting peace, just a little peace. And this is the problem with all of Germany. After they are bored with “little peace”, they butcher again whoever comes in their way. I heard this song in the 80s, and noticed right away how odd this is to want “a little peace” instead of deep and lasting peace. She won the Eurovision Songcontest 1982 with those suspicious lyrics, and nobody of the Europeans noticed how odd “a little peace” is and that Germany will never grant more than this. However, I noticed it.

Mailman hid 44,900 pieces of mail – and he isn’t the only one…

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Good morning, Marty, my prince, you who is cute and awesome at the same time,

My OT abilities are telling me that there were lots of letters by you or your representatives asking me to contact them and none arrived in any country in which I was. Why not? Because Germany controls their ear implants and doesn’t want me to receive your mail or that of your representatives. Those still existing Nazis set up everything that happened to you since we last saw each other. On top of that, they radio their agent mail deliverers not to forward your mail to me or stick it deliberately in a mailbox of other agents who also don’t hand the mail addressed to me over.

You know that if I would get a letter or any other message from you, I would be right there to help you. And that is what Germany doesn’t want. Separating us is their top priority. What a bunch of monster idiots. All they are getting is a bad conscience, and the truth will come out despite their high crime cover ups.

Real life mail man William “Brent” Morse of Kentucky stashed non-delivered mail in his dead mother’s house and a rented storage facility for at least 44,900 pieces of mail:

As non-delivery of the mail to me is a lot worse as I can’t exonerate you for being wrongfully locked up, the penalty will be much higher. Stolen lives are like murder. More than murder because of the many years of suffering. They need the kind of justice that makes their head spin for the next billion years.

I love you, Marty. SPs and Non-OTs have nothing on us. We know everything despite millions of lies.  

Glad to be a real OT. Who else can know as do are despite all odds?

Many, many kisses, I am on your side, Marty. Always was and always will be. In our case, the disappearance of mail is organized crime supervised by German secret services. If they would be smart, they never would have plotted against us. They also will not get away with psychiatric conditioning  RB for their purposes. German medical doctors and psychiatrists implanted her several times to make her as nuts as she was, incl. hiring kidnappers to kidnap me. What a bunch of fools they are thinking that we fall for what they are doing behind our backs. Just because they never would figure out when something like that is done to them doesn’t mean that we same blind.   

We figure out EVERYTHING, we KNOW everything and it doesn’t matter what they do to cover it up. We are OTs. WE HAVE MAGIC, AND I LOVE MY ABILITIES, MARTY. I wouldn’t want to be a day without them. And I know you are glad to have your powers too. One of it is making yourself unforgettable. 😉

Yours forever,




MV Sewol and the MV Dona Paz are the other “Titanics”

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Marty, my heartthrob, how are you?

I am thinking of you.

The MV Sewol “accident” is just unbelievable. It somehow reminds me to the Titanic. Also here, one has to ask where were the lifeboats and a functional evacuation plan? Although I know that under some circumstances there can be not enough time to launch lifeboats.

Just like with the Titanic, the Captain of the Sewol was apparently not on the bridge when it happened but the wheel was in the hand of some 3rd deputy.  South Korean President Park Geun-hye called the “accident” murder, and I think that too. I am convinced it was a terror attack with a bomb or explosives in a car on board of the ferry. I assume nobody checked the ferry on bombs or explosives before they left.  The sudden turn theory might be just a justification like the ice berg with the Titanic while one or more German missiles brought the Titanic down.  

The lack  of evacuation and keeping the kids inside also has corruption and ear implant control written all over it. A world with ear-implant carriers is a very controlable  world for bad people. They use the implants and the codes to control people, and those instigators of such “accidents” find it hilarious when people die as long they are in safety themselves.   

I also don’t believe that Kang Min-kyu, the vice principal, killed himself despite the suicide note. Somebody else “took care” of this, to prevent him saying: “I just did what my case officer told me through my ear implants!” Some narcotic and there is no screaming from the person hung.  Doctors have that stuff all the time in their pockets.  

There are numerous plane and sea “accidents”, and I can’t help myself, Marty, but I feel plots, corruption, and terror, and not “human failure”. If it a “human failure” was involved then because secret service psychiatrists can control people not just with loud but also silent sounds. Or they are psychiatric-conditioned to cause the disaster and die like the so-called suicide terrorists by no longer being analytically aware of what they are doing.

And about the sinking of the MV Seohae: Germany also controls the international weather satellites.  THAT IS ALSO SOMETHING THAT THOSE ON THE FREEWINDS SHOULD KNOW. THE WINDS ARE NOT FREE.

There list of ship non-war-disasters is quite long. And I bet just about anyone could have been prevented if people would think for themselves and not blindly follow orders of the voices that they are hearing.     

MV Dona Paz from the Philippines and the MV Vector collided in the 80s. I do not believe in an accident here either. It was an outside and an inside job. (Overloaded, both bridges in the hand of unqualified people, captains partying or sleeping, life vests locked up!) Psychiatric hypnotized people fall asleep when it matters most or they don’t even figure anymore what is right or wrong. While a person who is responsible for her own action would not leave the bridge or sleep or party, people who listen to case officers think wrongfully that they are safe by listening to what they are hearing: “All under control, party on the bridge, leave the bridge in the hands of an apprentice, watch a movie or take a nap, the vessel is sea-worthy enough, don’t worry…”,  (because the creepy case officers know that they won’t survive anyway and if they do, suicide is being staged so that nobody can blow the whistle) A person that does not listen to any case officer does not leave the responsibility to anyone but herself (at least not in my universe, Marty).

Without mindcontrol people would notice that the vessel is overloaded and titled to the side and would not board if the case officer wouldn’t had radioed them: “It’s okay, it is safe.”  

The Vector crashed directly into the engine room of the Dona Paz to make it explode. There was a lot wrong with the Vector and also the Dona Paz but they still could have avoided the crash by taking turns away from each other, but it seems that all the steersmen of BOTH vessels were either asleep or partying at the same time, which is too much for me to swallow as an alleged “coincident”, the vessels also didn’t communicate with each other. An expired radio license on the Vector  and a fake radio on the Dona Paz. Organized crimes. A third party did set it up.

Only 25 of 4000 people survived the inferno. The Philippine Coast Guard was responsible that no ship overloaded. They sure “dropped the ball”.  Active ear implants. They “heard” of the tragedy 8 hours later, how is that possible? And it took some more 8 hours until the rescue was launched.  How is that possible? Sabotage again. And a year later, the Dona Marilyn sinks, approx. 400 people dead. This happens when  ear implants are not busted. What a “great world” we live in.      

It is so easy for the ear-implant conspiracy to set up disasters as people do as they say. Nothing is a challenge for them. All they need is their codes, and there, all unravels according to their atrocity plans. If we would study this and other disasters in detail, we would find the reasons for sure why they these disasters were set up and who profited from them. We would dig deep enough. 

Once again: Germany has the overall control over each ear-implant on the planet. Any corruption and disaster on the planet is their responsibility as they either ordered it or didn’t stop it.

Many kisses, my hero. I am in my thoughts with you wherever you are.

Yours forever,





Germany helped prep Russia for war but against the USA and not against German plans (under the cover of the EU) to take over all ex-USSR states

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Marty, my charismatic Prince,

I came across an article saying that Germany helped Russia to prepare for war. Germany (allegedly pro peace, yeah right!) is constantly producing weapons and also selling them to get even richer making business based on mass murder and death.  Germany is the biggest secret enemy of the USA, and on top of this, they are provoking other states and then, Germany is hiding cowardly behind the back of the USA. Despite Germany hates the USA and holds it down, it expect the USA to protect Germany from everything Germany messes up. Selling weapons to Russia means that Germany wants Russia and the USA to fight or other countries to fight each other. It doesn’t matter who wins, it will be always for Germany’s advantage. They would prefer Russia to fight Germany’s war against the USA and then to surrender if winner or loser to Germany (EU). 

A few years ago, German arms company tor Rheinmetall made a $140 deal with Russia to train 30,000 Russian combat troops per year. Germany has been training Russian forces for years to  make cash and to make Russia fight Germany’s “enemies” (or what they are thinking their enemies are in their German twisted minds). They miscalculated that Russia wouldn’t feel that they are being next to be secretly invaded by the Grossdeutsche Reich (now EU).

Journalist Carlotta Gall wrote a book titled: The wrong enemy. She says that the USA invaded Afghanistan 13 years ago in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks and that $1 trillion were spent and thousands of soldiers died. She thinks it is the wrong enemy and that Pakistan is the correct enemy. Pakistan is the same kind of enemy as Afghanistan is. Muslims or alleged Muslims have to stop allowing Germany to use them for Nazi purposes. They really need to improve their ethical conduct on ALL levels in the society. But they are not “THE WHO”. It is Germany, always was, always will be, those strange people who landed on Earth approx. 4500 years ago and eliminated the successful early Europeans.

Her argument is basically:  “Pakistan, supposedly an ally, has proven to be perfidious, driving the violence in Afghanistan for its own cynical, hegemonic reasons.” It might be all true that Pakistan acted that way, incl. defrauding Dr.  Shakil Afridi leading the USA to Bin Laden’s doppelganger and not to the real Bin Laden.  Secret German agents. Al Queda and Taliban are run by ear implants, and German secret services are having the overall control of all and what people did and do. 7/11 attacks were plotted in Germany. Atta, the ring leader was in Hamburg and German doctors conditioned him and others to go through with the atrocities.  

Yes, I am aware that Russia puts a lot of pressure on Scientology and doesn’t want it. If they would know what original Scientology is, I am sure they would welcome it. The cult is the German alteration of Scientology. I don’t approve of  Vistarology or Miscavology (secret German altered SCN) either.


Germany is the real enemy of the USA and any other state. By kidnapping me, Marty, Germany didn’t do itself any favour. I can read personalities and I read theirs. They (particularly Bavaria and Munich is called the secret German capital) are from hell, really they are. And the planet is making one huge mistake: people just look at the surface of things, never what’s behind it. And that is why they don’t catch Germany, except when they do their evil things so openly as during the NS time. Superficiality of other nations allow Germany to get away most of the time.

And I am sure you noticed the same.  

I love you, many kisses, my love.

Yours forever,


Great music:







We are are spiritualists, we are OTs, Marty. Thanks heaven! :)

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Dearest Marty, most Cherished Prince in the Entire Universe! 

Isn’t it wonderful that we both stayed the same personalities over the years?

I definitely got a bit wiser 🙂 but otherwise, there is NO change. I have the same strong and not of this world feelings for you and the same interests. And I know you to. I am feeling our connection all the time, Marty.

Scientology haters are saying that there are no OTs. They are so wrong. We are the living example of that they exist. We are connected on a theta level, and we are feeling our love and are not giving  up on each other, it doesn’t matter how many lies we are being told. If our ability to know against all odds hasn’t OT written all over it, then what is it? A non-OT would have fallen for the million tricks. We didn’t settle for somebody else and a lower love. Where I live, there is no shortage of single men. But they are normal men, they don’t have spiritual wings like you have them, Marty.

Just thinking of you brings back that old feeling that is so very special. It is like flying and hearing violins, piano play, and trumpets all through the universe. A lot more than just butterflies. It is an all-consuming wonderful feeling. It is the best feeling ever. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Before I saw you again in L.A., I was looking for my soul mate, and you filled that spot immediately and completely, and none else. What a high crime committed by others to rip that kind of love apart. On the other side, we both have more than most other people, they don’t even have a clue how it feels to meet one’s soul mate! It rocks one’s world. It is knowing: THAT is my other half, only him, and nobody else. 

Scientology haters are saying that the tonescale doesn’t work. Interestingly enough, the reason why I feel in love with you, Marty, is because you are so high on that scale. I found you on the top. There was nothing lowtone on you.

Just like you, I can read personalities. I noticed no shame, no hiding, no covert hostility, no dirt, no negativity, no brutality, no perversion, no cover up, no bad conscience by looking in your eyes and in your personality.  You were aware of the danger we were/are in but you didn’t wimp out but you had no fear. You were anything but boring, so alive, positive, bubbling with energy, smart, educated, exciting, and before I met you, I didn’t even know anyone who could communicate without words. What else is that but advanced human abilities? What happened is that I understood your language. I understand you.  I know how much you are worth, Marty. You are the diamond in a universe full of worthless pebbles. 

It all sums up that I would be a completely fool giving up on you, my soul mate with wings and who can move rocks by just having intention. I hope you know how remarkable you are.  I wouldn’t exchange you for the world. Marrying you (in the UK) as a teenager was the best thing that I could do, Marty. (And yes, that was you and nobody else.)  And we married because we were passionately in love as we still are.  How do I know? I can still feel your love. It is around me every day.   

Some people having problems living alone. They NEED somebody, and when they don’t get the person that they wanted, they settle for somebody else. For me, that was never an option. My self-esteem couldn’t be higher in regards of loyalty and faith. I am proud of myself for not settling for somebody who I don’t love as much as I love you. That is not a relationship I ever want to be in. And there is nobody who I ever could love more that you.  

When people are saying that Scientology is nothing worth, I pity them. I experienced first hand that it works. Like you, I am a target of intense psych-stalking, Marty, but personally, I have a lot less problems than just about anyone else I met. I have less problems than others with people, work, or family, etc. And on top of all that, I KNOW things for CERTAIN, things nobody told me, things I impossible can know, but I know them because I have OT abilities as you do. If the US government would be smart, they would not work against us, but would ask us if we would help them. You and me, we can do a lot better than the FBI, the CIA or the NSA combined. And we don’t need spy equipment. We just think about things and then we know.  

I don’t like the word “psychic” because of the “psych”, but we sure are. You understand my strong spiritual side, and I understand yours. We are paranormal, we are spiritualists, we are OTs, Marty. Yes, Scientology orgs are infiltrated and altered, but nevertheless, I don’t regret having joined it. It revitalized my OT abilities. I would not want to live a day without my OT abilities. It  would be like missing senses. I see beyond, above, underneath, and through things, and without that, I am sure that I would have been not able to figure what I figured.   

Can’t wait to see you again. 

Wishing you and your family a good Passover.    

Yours forever,