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Christopher Mims says that we might already know how death is being cured — but he asks if we should?

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My wonderful Prince Marty,

There are some people who are called Immortalists in regards of not just spiritual but also physical survival.  William H. Andrew and Aubrey de Grey intent not just to extent the lifespan but eliminate death. If I understood them right, they differ in their approaches but agree on the subject to repair damaged DNA.  Silicon Valley people and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel support Aubrey de Grey. If there are ways to repair damaged DNA, I am all for it, but I don’t believe in pills doing that. Pills come always with a price: something else might go wrong with the body as a side effect when trying to fix one thing with pills or other products of the pharmaceutical industry.

If they would come up with natural remedies to undo the DNA damages, they would win me over, well not completely, but quite a bit.

What I admire is that they don’t cave in to those with a hidden death wish and that they maintain their positions. Some say that what they are saying is are crazy, but I take crazy over stupid at any time.

I – and I remember you, your family, and Ron, the founder of Scientology, lectured of a way of living to obtain physical immortality by PREVENTION, e.g. living in a village with walls and a roof. Scientologists know that death is not the end of life, people are born again, so why did physical immortality matter to Ron? Because the “in between life” is not free as you know. The code of people’s ear implant is used to trick them into lifetimes and bodies that they would not have chosen on their own. Also, the memory and the skills to the former lifetimes are emptied. And it is DEV-T to start all over in diapers. These are enough reasons not to constantly change lifetimes all 70 years.

I am convinced that these microscopic robots (that are supposed to repair the DNA) in our bloodstream already exist. We swallowed them with water and food, but that they are rather used by secret services to damage the DNA and to make us sick instead of allowing us to live healthy lives forever because this is a German-controlled world. 

Aubrey de Grey is a man. Men can hide aging of the face behind beards. Beauty is particularly important to many women. Not because they seek approval of men, but to satisfy their own sense of aesthetics. If they hear eternal lifetime, they are thinking about how they will look like. Plastic surgery is expensive and painful and it does just so much. At the end a person looks still her age with more or less plastic surgery.

But by living on one of the villages, skin of women or men  would not wrinkle or sag. The causes for skin going downhill is eliminated too. That means, there would be physically no difference between a 20-year and a 2000-year old. That is what I would wish for us, on top of physical strengths,  fitness, and no pains. 

Christoper Mims was skeptical in the beginning but is convinced now that a radical extension of  human life is possible. But he asks if we should do it since in regards of marriage, it would make no sense. If he would love somebody good really, being eternally with somebody is not a penalty at all but a reward. However, if that is a problem, people could marry for hundred years (for example) and then renew their vows or not. Mims fears overpopulation. Our villages with roofs and walls can be build anywhere on the planet, even on and in water even hung in space. Each village can feed their own residents. What overpopulation? Mims fears an exhausted market with young people not finding jobs as the old and experienced are holding them. These villages can offer each resident a comfortable life. Having a job will no longer be that important. More important will be creativity. Those people are not stuck in some stupid job but they can use their time to learn, compete, create, write, and invent, and can make money but they don’t need it as their village is their family and takes care of them as they take care of others in their village. All for one and one for all. However, imo, most people will create… 

There is no reason not to “cure” death. We just need a different way of life. Less doctors, more prevention. I know stupid people say that this is crazy but without courage one can do without reputation. 🙂

I know that you agree 100% with me because we are soulmates. We are carved of the piece of wood.   

I love you, many kisses. I want to be with you, want to tell you good morning or good night, want to kiss you and tell you how I tenderly admire you. I want to be next to you, Marty, because that is my destiny. 

Yours forever (not just lousy 70 years!)




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