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About German-controlled impostor “Jack Vistaril’s” disgusting “chink” remark…

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Dearest Marty, most awesome Prince ever! 

How are you? I am thinking of you, wish you were here.

You know it but once more for the records: “Jack Vistaril”, the man who married Mary Sue was an impostor of Scientology founder Ron. “Jack Vistaril” was a German/CIA double agent. He impostored founder Ron for many decades. How did that look like? While the real founder lectured to some who became independent thinkers and real Scientologists (we), “Jack Vistaril” twisted the founder’s words and lectured his rubbish version on the Apollo and other places, and many of the people who were around him attacked Scientology later. (Of course this is a German secret service plan to bury original Scientology.)

Ron despised racism. The statements about “too many chinks” is GERMAN, and Ron disliked Germany as we do. Germany is behind racism and communism. It is one of their suppressive inventions. They control also the ear implants of people on high political levels.

Ron’s idea of villages taking care of their residents as if they are family (as described in my last posting) takes care of overpopulation. Ron considered the one-child-policy in China as cruel as we do. He described how bad abortions are and what they do to a thetan. “Jack Vistaril” saw and the Miscavologists don’t see much wrong with abortion. But they were/are no Scientologists.

There is nothing wrong with Chinese families having as many children as they want. There is a way that everyone can have a good life and family, but it is not the German way. Germany are the racists and don’t want more Chinese. I think they are afraid of them. We don’t. To Ron and us, race never mattered. Personality and ethical conduct counts for us.

The racial expression “Too many chinks” was for sure created by the disgusting German secret service doctors who also introduced the one-child-policy in China. And that was not Scientology.

It was Germany who ordered communism in Russia and in China as it didn’t want these countries grow mightier than self-absorbed and suppressive Germany. All people who had to suffer under communism have a huge claim against Germany. 

But by not differentiating between the real founder and his impostor (a secret service double agent), the founder’s legacy is being smeared: and that is was Germany secretly orders.          

I love you. Many kisses.  BTW, people with the lucky number 8 have strong intuition and insight. Marty, I feel better among Chinese than Germans. Really.

Yours forever,







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