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No surprise and typical: the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is overwhelmingly embraced by the pharmaceutical industry

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Dearest Marty, my breathtaking Prince,

I don’t have to convince you on the life-extending advantages of a vegetarian lifestyle. The animal-consuming lifestyle is a rotten circle: eating animal products does not result in immortality but rather in disease and aging. People are getting sick, are needing doctors, and they will consume the “products” of the pharmaceutical industry  to cope with the contracted illness and pain (and die rather sooner than later anyway). What a perverted circle. 

I assume you know that the medical industry counts people who are still living after 5 years as cancer survivors. If somebody lives one day after having somehow survived for 5 years, they call her a cancer survivor even if that person dies on cancer a day after these 5 years. This is how they measure the “success” of their drugs. For us, a survivor is one who has beaten that thing for all times.

So, if a pharmaceutical company says that its drugs have a success rate of 40% – 50%, it means that also those who died after 5 years are included in that “success rate”.  That is not a good statistic.  

For the medical and pharmaceutical industry, animals have a double value and use: 1) they make people sick when eaten 2) they use animals to make horrible experiments on them to sell their meds to people. (Cosmetic industry and chemical industry are also involved in animals experiments.) Based on that, these industry must consider people and animals very similar but nevertheless put actually both species through hell by not allowing people to live the original Scientology alternative lifestyle. They have stolen it from Scientology.   

I don’t condone violence or criminal acts against anyone by anyone, but for us, it is completely unacceptable why torturing and murdering animals to make cash is not criminal or terrorism. 

I googled “animal experiences” and the pictures are so gruesome that they follow me around.  How can opposing such cruelty be considered terrorism  but committing these experiments not? What a twisted world it is.

Dianne Feinstein (also blind in regards of Germany) was one of those who introduced that law to Congress, and President Bush signed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. He should have googled “animal experiments”. Anyone should do that.

Interfering with the operations of an “animal enterprise” (can be any animal concentration camp) is an act of terrorism. How come that what happens to these animals is not terrorism?

I believe that many animal rights protectors have good intentions towards animals and don’t want them to suffer, but I am sure also their movements are infiltrated by agents who want to destroy it in order to help the pharmaceutical industry to more riches. They do acts that justifies the feds to help the  pharmaceutical industry and doctors to get richer. 

A society who eats other beings or makes experiments on them is so backwards.  Animals are beings. How can people not know that? Human decency alone should be enough not to do to animals what one does not want to be done to oneself. But for those who are not that decent, there is the fact of reincarnation. We know that people usually are born again in human bodies, but what if people learn that there are secret service methods that can trick or force them to be born again in animal bodies? What if the CEOs of the pharmaceutical companies and their doctors would end up in animal bodies in their next lifetimes and in the slaughter houses and pharma labs? Denial of past and future lifetimes won’t change anything. You and me know that reincarnation is not just a belief. We know that we lived before.

After Scientology was high-jacked by German/CIA/FBI double/triple agent “Jack Vistaril”, a meat and gravy guy and other infiltrators, Scientology was also changed in regards to a vegetarian lifestyle (and you know how delicious vegetarian food tastes if one knows how to cook and that not one soul on the planet would miss meat or animals products).

Scientologists should know better than anyone that animals are thetans too. They should not act like “cleared” cannibals.  

I don’t think that DM will led Scientology back to its original sources, and the pharmaceutical industry made that even more sure: Robert Duggan is the CEO of Pharmacyclics, Inc. It is said that he is the largest individual money donor to (Vistaril- and Miscavige-altered) Scientology today.  I think Pharmacyclics too makes animal experiences. Marty, the secret services behind the alteration of original Scientology are thinking that the best way to make Scientology (Miscavige and the Miscavologists) pro chemical drugs is having a pharmaceutical company donating to them. What they and why they are doing this is pretty transparent to me.

Pharmacyclics  website:

Here is a press release of that company:

I learned that the main difference between biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals is the method by which drugs are produced: biopharmaceuticals manufactured in living organisms such as bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells, whereas pharmaceuticals are manufactured through a series of chemical synthesis.

Many people contract cancer, and we all know that it has a lot to do with what people are eating and drinking and in what an environment they are living. Original Scientology came with a lifestyle that was secretly removed from Dianetics and Scientology, and later it was ridiculed for its claim that it can beat diseases. Instead of the alternative lifestyle that I described several times already, Scientology is infiltrated to walk the same way as the rest of the doomed population: diseases and pharmaceuticals.

Marty, I rather live in a protected environment as I remember it from original Scientology. This lifestyle would make cancer drugs and other drugs obsolete. Besides, secret service microwaves and  remote controlled germs do a number on people and cause diseases.  Pharmacyclics does not take this into account. Through non-Scientologist Miscavige on the top, Scientology is pressed into the chemical or biochemical world. It is not the original Scientology world, which was about prevention and healing with nature, and kicking the butt of secret services who help the pharmaceutical industries and doctors to get rich by not allowing the original and natural Scientology way of living, recovery, and healing.

Robert Duggan and his people  know that animals are thetans too, but they make experiments on them? Where is the ethics? And does the world really need  more pharmaceuticals?

Pharmacyclics produces a cancer drug by the name of Ibrutinib. (Read the side effects!)

I don’t know how high the success rate is, but usually when taken chemical drugs, another part of the body suffers the consequences.

A study by the  Georgia State University revealed that whole ginger extract shrunk tumors by 56%. Can Duggan’s cancer drugs do that? Over 17 other studies have also reached similar conclusions on ginger’s anticancer benefits. Read more:

The OhioState University new research says the celery and parsley in this juice deliver apigenin, a compound that promotes the death of cancerous cells. Green Juice Cocktail ( Cancer’s Kryptonite), 1/2 cup of fresh parsley, 3 cups of spinach, 1/2 lemon peeled, 2 medium sized pears, cut into eighths, 6 large stalks of celery.

Cancer is generated by medical terrorists activating certain bacteria in the body of humans and animals to attack and grow. Why should people eat pills or undergo chemo to instead of having the right of the end of this medical terrorism? We need laws and surveillance of secret service doctors and their methods (to which they fall victims too sooner or later).

But with a top pharmaceutical donor and a corrupt and stupid agent aka “ecclesiastical leader” and before him agent and impostor “Jack Vistaril”, and the infiltration of non-Scientologists, Scientology is no longer Scientology but doomed.

This planet sucks, Marty. It really does.

I love you. Be hugged and kissed.

Forever yours,





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    April 4, 2014 at 4:02 am

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