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The best love story of all times is ours, Marty…

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Dearest Marty, my husband and soulmate,

Love cannot be found where it does not exist but with us, true love found a home right away. I am not speaking about attractions or crashes who happen everywhere, but they don’t last.

I am talking about real and true love, and it needs two kind of the same thetans to exist. Sometimes I hear or read about people and why their relationship didn’t work, and I am thinking always one thing: if they truly would have loved each other, their problems would not have stopped them.

People can make a false choice by choosing a partner who has a tonelevel that is far away from the own tonelevel. But when two made the right choice and then it doesn’t work out, overts and withholds are really the reason why it won’t work anymore. I believe wholeheartedly in soul mates, Marty, particularly since I met you.

Many people have the misunderstanding that ethics is a penalty or that being ethical is no fun. They got it completely wrong. Life after having setting high ethical standards can be a lot more fun because there is nothing that one regrets or has to feel ashamed about.

No day goes by in which I don’t miss you, Marty. You are really the love of my life. Nobody could ever replace you. We are meant to be. Perfect for each other. It is like one thetan, who duplicated itself and has now two bodies. Of course, I did recognize you. I wonder if there was EVER a lifetime on the timetrack in which we both didn’t had a strong and excellent relationship. The events that we both re-live in auditing session would when compared completely match, of course seen from your side with male and from my side with female eyes.

Love of first sight just works because of the common timetrack. Knowing the person, being able to trust the person.

When I saw you, Marty, I felt exciting familiarity.  How can familiarity exciting? When the  familiar thetan is exciting, it is familiar excitement.

I also think that we often do the same thing at the same time because we are so closely connected. I feel you speaking to me, I can feel your personality, your character, and your love. It is quite a miracle in a world that says there are none.    

The soulmate is the most important thetan that anyone should meet. People who didn’t find their soulmate got cheated, badly cheated.

Is it possible that some people have no soulmate? I think so, Marty. Bad people. Who wants to be the soulmate of a bad person? Nobody… They all run from bad people. Even other bad people run from bad people. If I would be a person without a soulmate, I would get me one. One can make a soulmate by being the best person one can be to that person, and that includes of course committing no OWs against that person.

True love and soulmates are the warm and consoling candle in the cold dark nights of any times and the torches that don’t go out but lead one home. In short: soulmates are two people who decided to be truly good to each other – come rain or shine – and who hold their promises to each other. Betrayal is completely out of character.  

I am very proud of you, Marty. I know you have the load of the planet on your shoulders, and at the same time, you are not free and have a conspiracy torturing and plotting against you.

In short, you are the ideal soulmate and I wouldn’t exchange you for the world.

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,




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