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Aubrey de Grey: “Aging kills 100,000 people a day.”

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Dearest Marty, my precious prince,

He is right and aging is barbaric. It is mass murder because it can be prevented.

Most people just ignore that fact and are hoping that they don’t end up in a nursing home. But this is what the people who are now in nursing homes were once hoping too. Interesting is that Aubrey de Grey is from the UK, Sussex, where Ron (the real founder of Scientology) lectured already not just about spiritual but also physical immortality when Aubrey was still a child. (That physical immortality technology is completely stolen from Scientology because medical doctors and the pharma industry does not make billions if people stay healthy and do not die.)  

I wonder how Aubrey looks without beard, and I wish he would speak a bit slower. I am glad that he sees a way to restore youth and health, but I differ from him in so far as to that I say that each of us needs to live in a  village with walls and ceiling to prevent the causes of aging – including that these villages have a defense against  secret services which can kill with remote control.

But I got to say that I like  Aubrey de Grey. He doesn’t care what is “politically correct” or what others are thinking of him. He discovered one of the biggest lies on the planet: people have to age, get sick, and die, and he isn’t willing to take it. He is not a quitter, and he correctly figured that people are people are in trance as far as physical immortality is concerned. I am glad that he differs from the idiots who think that aging and dying is normal.

I love you, Marty. Once the infiltration of Scientology is busted, we’ll build those pro-survival villages for Scientologists and the rest of the world. Those villages and the way of life that Ron lectured about supports all the other technology of Dianetics and Scientology, and the world might finally understand what original Scientology (not Vistarology and Miscavology) was about. Everything will make sense at the end. We know it, unfortunately, the rest of the world is still in the dark.

Many tender and passionate kisses and embraces. I won’t let you down, Marty. I am not the kind of today “love”, tomorrow hate and treason as you can see with agents. Like you, I am an original Scientologist.

Yours forever,



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  1. Being Lurker

    April 17, 2014 at 12:03 pm

  2. Many people ask him strange questions. Some of those people seems having a death wish or they don’t think they don’t deserve physical immortality. Some people are even hostile to the idea to be immortal.

    I don’t want to be immortal in an old and aging body. But who except a person with a secret death wish would want a strong and healthy body to age and die?

    And those who use “overpopulation” as justifications are real stupid clowns. I could draw up a workable plan to stop that problem within a few minutes without killing anyone and offer space for anyone who isn’t having a body yet

    Barbara Schwarz

    April 17, 2014 at 12:43 pm

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