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MV Sewol and the MV Dona Paz are the other “Titanics”

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Marty, my heartthrob, how are you?

I am thinking of you.

The MV Sewol “accident” is just unbelievable. It somehow reminds me to the Titanic. Also here, one has to ask where were the lifeboats and a functional evacuation plan? Although I know that under some circumstances there can be not enough time to launch lifeboats.

Just like with the Titanic, the Captain of the Sewol was apparently not on the bridge when it happened but the wheel was in the hand of some 3rd deputy.  South Korean President Park Geun-hye called the “accident” murder, and I think that too. I am convinced it was a terror attack with a bomb or explosives in a car on board of the ferry. I assume nobody checked the ferry on bombs or explosives before they left.  The sudden turn theory might be just a justification like the ice berg with the Titanic while one or more German missiles brought the Titanic down.  

The lack  of evacuation and keeping the kids inside also has corruption and ear implant control written all over it. A world with ear-implant carriers is a very controlable  world for bad people. They use the implants and the codes to control people, and those instigators of such “accidents” find it hilarious when people die as long they are in safety themselves.   

I also don’t believe that Kang Min-kyu, the vice principal, killed himself despite the suicide note. Somebody else “took care” of this, to prevent him saying: “I just did what my case officer told me through my ear implants!” Some narcotic and there is no screaming from the person hung.  Doctors have that stuff all the time in their pockets.  

There are numerous plane and sea “accidents”, and I can’t help myself, Marty, but I feel plots, corruption, and terror, and not “human failure”. If it a “human failure” was involved then because secret service psychiatrists can control people not just with loud but also silent sounds. Or they are psychiatric-conditioned to cause the disaster and die like the so-called suicide terrorists by no longer being analytically aware of what they are doing.

And about the sinking of the MV Seohae: Germany also controls the international weather satellites.  THAT IS ALSO SOMETHING THAT THOSE ON THE FREEWINDS SHOULD KNOW. THE WINDS ARE NOT FREE.

There list of ship non-war-disasters is quite long. And I bet just about anyone could have been prevented if people would think for themselves and not blindly follow orders of the voices that they are hearing.     

MV Dona Paz from the Philippines and the MV Vector collided in the 80s. I do not believe in an accident here either. It was an outside and an inside job. (Overloaded, both bridges in the hand of unqualified people, captains partying or sleeping, life vests locked up!) Psychiatric hypnotized people fall asleep when it matters most or they don’t even figure anymore what is right or wrong. While a person who is responsible for her own action would not leave the bridge or sleep or party, people who listen to case officers think wrongfully that they are safe by listening to what they are hearing: “All under control, party on the bridge, leave the bridge in the hands of an apprentice, watch a movie or take a nap, the vessel is sea-worthy enough, don’t worry…”,  (because the creepy case officers know that they won’t survive anyway and if they do, suicide is being staged so that nobody can blow the whistle) A person that does not listen to any case officer does not leave the responsibility to anyone but herself (at least not in my universe, Marty).

Without mindcontrol people would notice that the vessel is overloaded and titled to the side and would not board if the case officer wouldn’t had radioed them: “It’s okay, it is safe.”  

The Vector crashed directly into the engine room of the Dona Paz to make it explode. There was a lot wrong with the Vector and also the Dona Paz but they still could have avoided the crash by taking turns away from each other, but it seems that all the steersmen of BOTH vessels were either asleep or partying at the same time, which is too much for me to swallow as an alleged “coincident”, the vessels also didn’t communicate with each other. An expired radio license on the Vector  and a fake radio on the Dona Paz. Organized crimes. A third party did set it up.

Only 25 of 4000 people survived the inferno. The Philippine Coast Guard was responsible that no ship overloaded. They sure “dropped the ball”.  Active ear implants. They “heard” of the tragedy 8 hours later, how is that possible? And it took some more 8 hours until the rescue was launched.  How is that possible? Sabotage again. And a year later, the Dona Marilyn sinks, approx. 400 people dead. This happens when  ear implants are not busted. What a “great world” we live in.      

It is so easy for the ear-implant conspiracy to set up disasters as people do as they say. Nothing is a challenge for them. All they need is their codes, and there, all unravels according to their atrocity plans. If we would study this and other disasters in detail, we would find the reasons for sure why they these disasters were set up and who profited from them. We would dig deep enough. 

Once again: Germany has the overall control over each ear-implant on the planet. Any corruption and disaster on the planet is their responsibility as they either ordered it or didn’t stop it.

Many kisses, my hero. I am in my thoughts with you wherever you are.

Yours forever,






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  1. Sad!


    April 26, 2014 at 12:26 am

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