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Mailman hid 44,900 pieces of mail – and he isn’t the only one…

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Good morning, Marty, my prince, you who is cute and awesome at the same time,

My OT abilities are telling me that there were lots of letters by you or your representatives asking me to contact them and none arrived in any country in which I was. Why not? Because Germany controls their ear implants and doesn’t want me to receive your mail or that of your representatives. Those still existing Nazis set up everything that happened to you since we last saw each other. On top of that, they radio their agent mail deliverers not to forward your mail to me or stick it deliberately in a mailbox of other agents who also don’t hand the mail addressed to me over.

You know that if I would get a letter or any other message from you, I would be right there to help you. And that is what Germany doesn’t want. Separating us is their top priority. What a bunch of monster idiots. All they are getting is a bad conscience, and the truth will come out despite their high crime cover ups.

Real life mail man William “Brent” Morse of Kentucky stashed non-delivered mail in his dead mother’s house and a rented storage facility for at least 44,900 pieces of mail:

As non-delivery of the mail to me is a lot worse as I can’t exonerate you for being wrongfully locked up, the penalty will be much higher. Stolen lives are like murder. More than murder because of the many years of suffering. They need the kind of justice that makes their head spin for the next billion years.

I love you, Marty. SPs and Non-OTs have nothing on us. We know everything despite millions of lies.  

Glad to be a real OT. Who else can know as do are despite all odds?

Many, many kisses, I am on your side, Marty. Always was and always will be. In our case, the disappearance of mail is organized crime supervised by German secret services. If they would be smart, they never would have plotted against us. They also will not get away with psychiatric conditioning  RB for their purposes. German medical doctors and psychiatrists implanted her several times to make her as nuts as she was, incl. hiring kidnappers to kidnap me. What a bunch of fools they are thinking that we fall for what they are doing behind our backs. Just because they never would figure out when something like that is done to them doesn’t mean that we same blind.   

We figure out EVERYTHING, we KNOW everything and it doesn’t matter what they do to cover it up. We are OTs. WE HAVE MAGIC, AND I LOVE MY ABILITIES, MARTY. I wouldn’t want to be a day without them. And I know you are glad to have your powers too. One of it is making yourself unforgettable. 😉

Yours forever,




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  1. What is the significance of Ortega’s Eisenhower remark?


    April 25, 2014 at 6:50 am

    • He is an anti-Scientology campaigner not a reporter. Like any administration, the Eisenhower administration was also infiltrated by agents who worked secretly for the SEGNPMSS (or the Bavarian Illuminati, those who were behind them). The elected president was killed during his administration and exchanged with a CIA/SEGNPMSS doppelganger. If that is not infiltration and set up, what is? The voice of the tapes that Tony Ortega uses as “evidence” against founder Ron, is not the voice of Ron but his impostor “Jack Vistaril” who changed much of the content of Scientology and Dianetics.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 25, 2014 at 8:09 am

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