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The USA is Germany’s tool… What a nightmare!

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Dearest Marty, my heart-throb,


That is what Germany wants: Americans who do not think. 

Germany was/is the country behind ring leader Mohammed Atta and his men who flew the planes into the twin towers, and behind other terror attacks and other high crimes, and despite all of that, the USA is Germany’s tool! Will they ever learn?

The USA is on the wrong side of history working for Germany instead with Russia. Russia is no longer communistic, so what’s the problem embracing Russia instead of Germany? (Problem is German-controlled ear implants!) Behind the cover of the EU, Germany will manipulate each state of the former Soviet Union to join the EU. And one day, all of EU will be run by Germany alone. How do I know? German history is telling that story loud and clear. And why is that a problem? It is a problem because hard-core Germans (particularly Bavarians) are not human. They have human bodies but they have no human qualifications. Merkel is just their puppet. They had her elected to fool the world that they can trust a Mom-type. But they can’t fool me. I know how Germany’s hard-core secret service monster tick. It was really dumb kidnapping me to Germany as I figured them out right there. Speak about a motivator. For me, they are an open book, and it is a horror book.      

Germany (EU) plays the “moderate” country against Russia by manipulating the USA into imposing more sanctions against Russia than the Europeans. Germany radioes in the ear implants of American officials to be tough against Russia so that Russia is easy on Germany and the EU. If there should be a war, Germany will blame it on the USA or Russia, and cowardly hide behind USA’s broad back. As always, Germany are the instigators and are getting away as they manipulate minds. 

It has Germany written all over it. How the USA rather works with still existing Nazis but with Russia is beyond me. Once we are US state people, Marty, you and I, non-Communistic Russia will see good times too. EU has to dismantle Germany. There will be no peace with Germany existing. It will always suppress others, always. With them, there will be always terror, always.

Here are the latest news about sanctions:

Germany needs to be sanctioned, not Russia. Germany is using other EU country to establish the Grossdeutsche Reich, the same thing that Hitler and Germany before Hitler wanted, and they do not just want the Ukraine, they want all of Russia, and later the rest of the world. How can people not see this?

What’s so  bad about Germany leading the world is: it is Germany! They are as sneaky as ever. They can’t handle power ethically. They run the entire world with ear implants, and that is why nobody is effectively standing up against them. Germany is manipulating everyone. Nazis are on the rise all over the planet, and Germany runs those international fanatics through ear implants.

I know, I wrote it often. I may sound like a broken record, but nevertheless, I say it as often until I feel there is no need for this to say anymore. And this is when Germany is no longer. Dissolved. (And Bavaria, Munich, the secret capital, is the worst!)

The world has to watch Germany like Wikipedia articles. If somebody does something to a Wikipedia article, numerous people jump right on this. If something German gains control, the world has to jump right on it to prevent that they come back.  And with Germany, I mean all German ideas, like Nazis, mass murder, serial killings, communism, wars, hypnosis, psych crimes, terror, the making of terrorists and suicide terrorists,  genocide, shootings, massacres, environmental crimes, sinking of ships, downing of planes, infiltration of governments, invasions, wrong imprisonment (e.g. yours, Marty) framing, setting up, conspiracy,  impostors, kidnapping, pedophilia and other perversions,  drugs, medical crimes, medical terror, medical torture, medical killings, withholding of  data and technology for people to extend their lives, freaking ear-implants, manipulations, bombings, explosions, rape, attacks, denial of human rights, killings, torture, beatings, human and animal experiments, so-called natural disasters as earth quakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, droughts, sink holes, stalking, harassment, computer crimes,  invasion of privacy, bribery,  assaults, arson, vandalism, persecution, billions of dollars theft and fraud, abuse, forgery, corruption of justice, aggression, perversion, lies, deception, racism, butchery, molestation,  and so on, and so on, including silent and loud sounds to make their own nationals and others to conduct these crimes or participates in those crimes. 

I love you, my prince. I know, you won’t let them get away with it. And neither will I. 

Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,


Here is one example of what I mean. This German girl sings lyrics another German has written about “a little peace”. Not deep everlasting peace, just a little peace. And this is the problem with all of Germany. After they are bored with “little peace”, they butcher again whoever comes in their way. I heard this song in the 80s, and noticed right away how odd this is to want “a little peace” instead of deep and lasting peace. She won the Eurovision Songcontest 1982 with those suspicious lyrics, and nobody of the Europeans noticed how odd “a little peace” is and that Germany will never grant more than this. However, I noticed it.


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  1. Do you have some relationship to Russia?


    April 28, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    • I remember numerous past lives. One of my past live memories was that I was on covered wagons of the earliest settlers of America. Since then, I picked my bodies up (reincarnated) in the USA, in hope that I am far away from Germany as possible. But didn’t help much, those baby sealers are everywhere.

      But in earlier lifetimes, I was Russian. Past life Russian.

      Russia like other nations has a right not to be openly or secretly invaded by Germany, may it be communism or Nazism or any other form. Germany has a plan to take over all Russia, not just the Ukraine.

      Barbara Schwarz

      April 28, 2014 at 2:00 pm

  2. Putin celebrated his birthday with former German chancellor Schroeder.


    April 29, 2014 at 7:30 am

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