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My home on the inside…

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Dearest Marty, my awesome soul mate and Prince,

How you? I am thinking of you.

Here are some photos of the inside of my home. I often feel you visiting me in your thoughts, so you might know already how it looks on the inside. It is not a luxury residency, but it is mine, and I earned it with my honest abilities despite that the conspiracy against us never wanted me to settle in the USA. And I earned it by not asking people for donations, like some others… Besides, it came with three parcels of land, and it is mine, not rented, and no mortgage. I made no debts.    

This is my office. A few things changed since I took those photos but most looks just the same: 





Another room. I should have a wood stove installed as those rooms in the front are getting quite nippy in winter.  I can afford it, but I didn’t get around doing it. 





SL Tribune would write: AUSTERE! Lol. I rather have more space and less stuff standing around.



That is another view in my office. 



That is a bedroom. I moved one bed out and painted the walls a bit darker. There were lilac and now are tan silver and there are some pics at the walls now. There is an orb over the window.





One of my closets. 




This is the staircase.  Pictures of my loved ones and summer hats hanging on the other side. These stripes are not there in real life. Not all orbs are round.




This is the bedroom upstairs. It is pretty big, but you don’t see this in this photo.





This is also upstairs. Austere! Haha! A nicer way to say it would be “minimalist lifestyle”. Actually, there is an attic upstairs too. I sealed if off because somebody who I know around here was visited by squirrels through their attic. Don’t want them inside. I could open the attic and insulate it, and I would have two more rooms. On the other side: I don’t really need these additional rooms.  





My kitchen. I have a bigger table in my kitchen now, otherwise not much has changed here. There is an orb opposite of the clock. That is not the reflection of the clock. Another one is at the frig.




More kitchen:




There is also one in motion in the bathroom. They better leave when I want to shower!



PictureHomeBathroom2 001


And my “outside room”. Have a front porch too but it serves only decorative purposes.   



My place at night. See the orbs (thetans without bodies) in the trees? I got many of them. House and surrounding  is haunted. Luckily, I am not the easily scared type. 🙂

Amazing, isn’t it? I have as good as no industry and dust here.  No rain drops. They are beings and they move fast. If they grab a baby flesh body, they might be born again as humans or animals.  Maybe they are around me because they know that I know what they are?



I love you, Marty, very much. Wish you would be here or I would be where you are. Many Kisses. I want you back ANY time.

Yours, Sarah/Barbara























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