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How to rip off international inventions and technology and keep them secret…

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Dearest Marty, my irresistible Prince,

Most people conclude the state of the art of technology based on what they read in the media. If enough papers write that there is such a thing as a laser (or something else), they believe it.

But is it really all technology there is? I am 100% sure there is a lot more. International people (even scientists) are kept in the dark.

A science teacher told me not long ago that Germany produced all those scientists… I was thinking: Yeah right! 

Germany watches everyone on the planet since at least the middle age. Billions of international people on this planet do things and try things and create things, and some invent stuff by intending that or by accident.

How did/does the SEGNPMSS (that German [Bavarian] movement of barbers and butchers [now consisting  in the hard core of medical doctors and psychiatrists] who was/is even senior to the Bavarian Illuminati) got/get those inventions and creations? They either bribe or kill the inventor and steal the invention and creation and claim that it is a German invention/creation or keep it a secret as they can use it better for their low purposes if international people on this planet don’t know about it. 

Moreover, they radio their international agents through their ear implants to label people who suspect them as “nuts” or “tin-foil hat conspirators”. People who are unable to think for themselves defame others as their German-psych-run case officer orders it … People who come close to figure them out or figure them out, are being defamed. This is so typical German/Bavarian. So typical psychiatrists. 

You know all of that, Marty, nobody is telling you porkies. 

At your side.

I love you.

Yours forever,


M. travels toThailand this Friday for approx. 3 weeks. Hope that this country is calmer now as it was before.

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