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Original Scientology was rightfully tax exempt but DM’s version of Scientology is tax exempt for the sole reason to make Germany (EU leader) RICHER

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Dearest Marty, my hero, you are in my thoughts…

Scientology haters know nothing. First of all, original Scientology is not Vistatology and nor Miscavology. Original Scientology was incredible and THE ULTIMATE ANTI-CULT. Scientology as applied philosophy and religion was correctly tax-exempt in the 50s. 

But then, there was Germany, its secret services, its Nazis, psychiatrists, pharmacists, and medical doctors who saw Scientology as threat to their German cult, e.g. a threat to implanting all people with ear implants and running them with loud and silent sounds to let Germany win and keep all other countries down.  Original Scientology bettered people. As better people are as more difficult for Germany to use them for their crimes.  

The USA is a big country. Germany’s corrupt ways can only win by infiltrating the USA. Ear-implanted officials and representatives made it happen. Germany told their ear-implanted agents within the CIA to find an impostor for founder Ron who would alter Scientology and ruin its reputation. A German-controlled CIA hired “Jack Vistaril”, the downtone man who married Mary Sue. In other words: the Apollo was indeed a German/CIA controlled ship, and David Miscavige can deny that all he wants.

Germany wanted the Sea Org reserves to be transferred to Luxembourg. They sabotaged the world to reach EU’s number 1 spot and in a blink of an eye, they plan to sack the rest of the world. Germany is the most money-oriented country of all.  Excessive Scientology prices, disconnection from families, abortion, fraud, all of it is German ordered. Everything that differs from the Original Anti-Cult Scientology is German. EVERYTHING. By attacking Scientology, Germany attacks basically what their very own agents did in Scientology. German secret service agents work hard on making the world believe that their own very flawed characters is that of original Scientologists. And nothing is further from the truth. Too bad for them that we can read German secret service dudes, Marty. 

The original American true religious philosophy Scientology deserves to be tax-exempted but was altered and replaced by German-controlled Vistarology and Miscavology. DM might protest that but I guess he failed to figure out who his non-Scientology case officers really are. After David Miscavige and your impostor (today Monique’s husband) walked into the IRS building in the early 90s, Scientology became tax-exempt because Germany wanted the Sea Org Reserves in Luxembourg. They didn’t want the USA to get them. And Germany sacked Luxembourg in the German EU takeover (illegal as they conceal how they did it) and got the Sea Org Reserves. Around 1980, those were already a billion. 

Germany is the leader of the European Union and this needs to be changed. Some suggests that the USA was the one who helped Germany to this position. Yes, the USA did just that despite that Germany set those Middle Easterners up to fly planes into the twin towers and the Pentagon. I know that President Eisenhower wanted Germany to be dissolved as country to get rid of the German insanity to suppress and control the world and to start wars. US-government didn’t help him, and each American had and still has to pay the price.  Buttering American-hating and American-kidnapping Nazis with the $14bn Marshall Aid Plan was not Ike’s but Truman’s German-controlled  idea.   


It appears that Ron Wyden, a state senator of Oregon  asked the Internal Revenue Service to explain why the Church of Scientology is tax exempt. Here is the answer: Germany doesn’t want Scientology to pay taxes to Uncle Sam, after all, Germany wants to crush the USA and turn it into a Third World Country. How can Germany run the world officially if there is a prosperous USA? Exactly, so Germany does what it DOES BEST (not just in regards to SCN but also on all other areas): INFILTRATING THE USA TO MAKE IT LOSE. Germany works with very creepy methods and wants their American agents to bring the USA down, just as the Ukrainians did: begging the Germany (the same old Nazis that they ever were just under the cover of the EU) for “help” to take them over.  

With Germany and people with German characters having something to say, everyone born on this planet will be a loser. Even Germans are losing. With original Scientology everyone won, with Germany, and their secret activities, everyone loses. People on this planet don’t even know 1% of what Germany did and does to them. Loud and silent sounds makes people blind and in trance as far as Germany is concerned. They might wake up one day and recognize the German monster but then it will be too late as nobody will be left to kick their behinds as Germany will be the planetary force on this planet on which I will refuse to walk, Marty. And I really mean it.

Germany bribed the planet to conceal as to what happened to you. For what? I know them as anyone can know anyone. I doubt that the average American has a clue what they are really dealing with. Kidnapping me sure didn’t bring Germany any blessings. Here I am, right in their still existing Nazi faces, and “Mom Merkel”, their selection of a female leader doesn’t fool me. They think they are smart but I figure them out right away and all the time. 

I love you, my soul mate. If I wouldn’t have recognize you as my soul mate and Ron and a very few others, I would think that none of my kind are on this planet. May sound arrogant to others, but where the hell are those who should show some backbone against still existing German high crimes? Afraid of Merkel’s cleavage or rather of the secret service Nazi boots and psychiatrists running her?

Tender and passionate kisses, my darling. Love is friendship set on fire! 😉 I am not giving up. If the German-born, German-oriented and German-controlled conspiracy against us (and the rest of the world) wants me to shut up or leave you behind, they have to kill me. I have anyway nothing to lose except insane German secret service neuro-“scientists” monsters and other loser doctors monsters breathing down my neck. They have nothing that I want. I left Germany behind me as it sucks. As Germany is everywhere, other countries  suck too. I want you, Marty, and original Scientology back, and all German Nazis psych and medical  crimes known to all people, and a life that is not ruled by medicine and psychiatry…

And I will never surrender to the SEGNPMSS or the Bavarian Illuminati how others might call them. NEVER. 

Yours forever,





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