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Abilities, silent sounds, and tinnitus…

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Dearest Marty, my one and only,

Most people believe that “supernatural abilities” are fiction. They never saw anybody flying or walk on water. However, modern times are having silent sounds. And I am sure that they are playing into the subconscious minds of modern people and are paralyzing people’s abilities. The shadowy group of the people who attach other people to the ear implant system and control them with loud and silent sounds are afraid of “supernatural abilities” which allegedly don’t exist.

Christians believe that God and Jesus had such abilities but it seems that with modern technology nobody saw such abilities again.

The point I am trying to make here is that in a mind-controlled world, people simply don’t know who they really are and what they are made of. And the worst is that most people with ear implants are thinking that they are not mind-controlled. They are mind-c0ntrolled thinking that they are not mind-controlled. 

I don’t believe that ringing of the ears (tinnitus) is normal or a medical condition, Marty. It is medical/psychiatric terrorism. Underneath the ringing that one can hear by listening to one’s middle ear are silent sounds. Yes, I am getting silent sounds too. Sigh. I can hear various high-pitched sounds in my ears, and they sound anything but natural.  

With thousands or hundred-thousands tapes playing in our ears and subconscious minds 24/7 from birth to death to suppress and cripple memories concerning own past lives, memory as such, knowledge, past skills, and abilities, how can people really know who they are and what abilities they are having?


I love you, Marty. Can’t wait to fly back in  your arms. Feel my lips on yours.

Forever yours,




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