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“Right to be forgotten” – if this is being applied, Europeans (particularly the rotten to the core Germans/Bavarians) will smell like roses on the Internet while others look bad?

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My wonderful Marty, how are you? I miss you very much!

European Union’s top court ruled that individuals can demand removal of links and other information in search results if that threatens their privacy. People “have a right to be forgotten”. The particular case is a Spanish man who wanted Google to delete a 16-year-old newspaper article about his failure to pay taxes. This is kind of funny because his story makes so much international waves that his story will be never forgotten. 

I think that personal data in the search engines are a mixed bag, Marty. I am defamed on the Internet, and Ron and you are too, and there are also some others. On the other hand, there are bad acts that people really did, and these acts all should be forgotten too, e.g. FACTS data about Nazis, rotten doctors and psychs, pedophiles, killers, etc?

Germany has TONS to hide. It even uses agents of other nations to make sure that the term “Nazis” disappears from the Internet, and if a person does not obey, she “loses”. Or they make the Nazis look harmless. Germany want the entire Nazi time forgotten or redefined and has international agents for this dirty job. That people still find Nazi the worst term for a person bothers still existing German Nazis and the medical people behind them a lot. On the other side, Nazis are growing in Germany, and as it is a German world, in any other country too.

If this is being applied, Europeans (particularly rotten to the core Germans/Bavarians) will smell like roses on the Internet while others not. This is so typical German secret service plan against the rest of the world. (BTW, the worst collection of defamation/false portrayal of my character on me is on the website of German Tilman Hausherr.)  He, his buddy Korey Jerome Kruse and likely Kady O’Malley smeared most of the false character and intention portrayal of me on Wikipiggy.


Many problems on the Internet will only be handled with higher ethics levels. People need to get a conscience. If they have it, there will be less lies. It will save us all lots of time, problems, and hard feelings.

But we don’t get help from Europe in regards of more ethics as the most unethical state of all, Germany, is its leader. 

I love you, Marty. Don’t forget me. 🙂 I will never forget you. You are safe in my heart.

Yours forever,






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  1. Gadzooks! You are right. Pedophiles asked Google immediately to be forgotten.


    May 15, 2014 at 4:12 am

    • Right, bad doctors want their reviews removed and so want pedoes. Typical EU where crimes are protected.

      Harmful anonymous postings and articles should be deleted. If they don’t want to sign their real name underneath the text, there is likely something untrue.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 16, 2014 at 6:32 am

  2. Germany’s involvement in the outbreak of World War I is well documented. In the years prior to 1914, Kaiser Wilhelm II and his government adopted policies, both foreign and domestic, that contributed to rising tensions in Europe. German militarism, nationalism and imperialism – along with the kaiser’s personal and diplomatic belligerence – all fuelled the mood for war. Every sinew of German socio-politics screamed for war. German industrialists had equipped the kaiser’s army with a host of deadly new weapons: artillery, machine guns, chemical weapons and flame throwers. German admirals had taken receipt of new battleships, cruisers and submarines. German strategists had drawn up ambitious war plans that promised the conquest of France in just a few weeks. Nationalists talked of expanded German imperial control and influence in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. German newspapers thundered against the bully-boy tactics being used by the ‘old empires’ of Britain and France. – See more at:

    More here:


    June 27, 2014 at 11:30 am

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