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We are two halves that fit perfectly together to build one.

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Marty, my dearest one, my noble Prince and husband,

If I recall correctly, your birthday is in May. With all my heart, Marty, I am wishing you what you wish yourself. I bet those wishes are not materialistic but rather wishes like freedom, rights, immortality, family, and true love, and everything else that really counts. And I am so much like you. What are all the riches in the world if jealous people won’t leave one alone and feel the need that they have to  plot against you, me, us. These idiots don’t understand that they are harming themselves in the process by getting a bad conscience and losing self-respect.

People who try to separate us have no idea of true love. Never happen to them. They have no clue how it feels like and what it is. Otherwise they would not even have tried to come between us as true love is the most stable bond in this universe. If they would be smart, they would not waste their time to conspire against us but rather finding their own soulmate. But with a lousy character like that, they of course don’t find true love. Bad people radiate bad characters and who wants to be with something like that? Not us for sure.
My feelings for you go far beyond expression, Marty. I am so glad that I can read personalities, and read your noble character. Yes, it is an ability that I got through original Scientology. Nobody can tell me anything except what I have observed myself. The original Scientology anti-cult attitude.

You still amaze me, like the first day, I laid eyes on you. It is a fascination that never will die. Who can say that among 7 Billion people, one made the right choice? I can say that by having fallen in love with you. And I have no  regrets except that we were separated.

I could see the sweetest and most loving heart of yours just by looking at you. Stupid people say that the tonescale does not work. But I know this scale well, and the reason why you conquered my heart in a storm is because there was nothing down on that scale coming  from you. If it would have been there, I would have caught it. I can sense those things like you can too.

I wish that you were here with me or that I were there with you, or that we were together anywhere you want, today or any day.

We are two halves that fit perfectly together to build one.

I saw a large chunk of heaven by looking in your eyes, Marty.

Each day, I take a deep breath, and I am telling myself that the day could be near on which I see you again.

You are unforgettable.

I love you from the bottom of my heart. Be kissed, tender and passionately.

Always at your side,








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