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Where are the other parts of the interview by Tony Hitchman interviewing Ron, the founder of Scientology?

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Dearest Marty, my wonderful prince, how are you?


There is a buzz on the net concerning above Auditor issue of 1968.  Tony Hitchman, a famous reporter, interviewed Ron, the founder in Rhodesia in  1966. And he really interviewed the founder unlike the Granada crew who interviewed the impostor on the Apollo and sold to their public that the impostor is the founder and not the impostor (who was married to Mary Sue).

There is also a report that Mary Sue was not in Rhodesia with Ron. Of course she was not. He didn’t knew the woman. She was the impostor’s wife.  Upon German (psychiatric and medical) secret service orders, Scientology was infiltrated by non-Scientologists from day one. The impostor “Jack Vistaril” impostored the founder from the start.   So, already back then, the interview that Tony Hitchman did was shortened. I have seen this film in the 70s, and it was already “edited” with important information missing, edited by ear-implant-carriers, in other words: German run international medical/psychiatric agents.

The interview in which Tony Hitchman talked to the real Ron has no greeting and no end. (Infiltrated current C of S has the interview deleted on YouTube based on “copyright violations” but the videos with the dumb impostor is still on YouTube. Current staff rather has the world just see the impostor and make people believe that this creep is the founder!) Anyway, the Auditor article says that this interview had three parts. Already in the 70s, in the orgs, I just saw ONE part that lasted no longer than 20 minutes.

Where is the rest, infiltrated Scientology orgs, where is the rest?

Besides, there must have been also a discussion on physical immortality.  As the interview was shortened, it seems that reporter Hitchman asks out of the blue after immortality. Ron answers that Dianetics has nothing to do with immortality. This is true but some of Ron’s other tech had a lot to do with it. As doctors make billions with disease and aging, the immortality technology and also the vegetarian/organic technology was completely stolen from Scientology. 

You will agree with me that spiritual immortality, a being that is not going further down on her ethics level and with her personality (tonescale) is most important, and Ron developed technology to stop people going down further with original Scientology. However, in a world like this one, physical immortality is also extremely important because just about anyone suffers the horrible consequences of a painful medical death in an average of 75 years. Stupid people in the bondage of their ear implant took all that from Scientology as their medical case officer ordered so. With each lifetime, a thetan goes down more spiritually. The body is used by medical and psychiatric terrorists to bring people more and more down in each lifetime. Memories, skills and abilities are stolen in between lives. This planet needs physical immortality as well. Besides, aging and dying is really barbaric. 

Once again for the records, below is really Ron, the handsome and ethical founder of Scientology, and yes, Book 1 was altered later too and is no longer how he wrote it. Can you imagine that Ron “thanks” a medical doctor, Marty? What a crap. He wasn’t like the Vistarologists and Miscavologists who seek approval by a profession that evolved from barbers and butchers.   He didn’t seek approval from anyone. He was so different from the Vistaologists and Miscavologists who think they need certificates from NAFC or anyone else.



And this is his creepy impostor, a German/CIA run agent and Jamie deWolf’s great-grandfather: 



There is also an “outrage” by Mike Rinder about that “Ron” declared people suppressive. Rinder too plays dumb allegedly not knowing that the founder was impostored. He should know best, besides, his just as his good buddy (Monique’s husband) impostors you.  Ron (the real founder) for sure said that there are suppressive people. As if people who conspire against good people and destroy their families and work are not suppressive. But the fair game stuff is by the impostor. The impostor should have declared himself as suppressive.

Mike Rinder (he is such an agent and never a Scientologist) acts as he never heard that org infiltrators forged Ron’s signature. There was a letter writing unit in the infiltrated Sea Org that did nothing else but forging Ron’s signature. I got numerous personal letters from “Ron” with his signature forged on it. Some people say that Rinder “loses his religion”. Just like Monique’s husband, they never were Scientologists!


Also, I don’t believe in any secrecy as far as the real Ron is concerned. How better to steal technology and alter OT levels by keeping them a secret  instead letting the entire planet know? So, I am convinced that medical doctors and psychiatrists came up with that secrecy and that people will get ill when they read the levels before they reached a certain level in Scientology. Who are they kidding? Vistarologists and Miscavologists but sure not original Scientologists as us. 


Have to go, a handyman is coming over.

I love you, Marty. Many tender and passionate kisses.

Yours forever,




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  1. Forget Ortega.

    Read this:

    Did How YouTube and Internet Journalism Destroyed Tom Cruise, Our Last Real Movie Star?


    May 21, 2014 at 12:24 am

    • Tom Cruise criticized psychiatry on national TV, and p$ychs didn’t like it, and their used their international agents (hail ear implant!) to run a campaign against him in the media and on the Internet.

      There are a large number of movie stars who did a lot worse than just jumping on a couch (I still don’t see the “mental illness” in making fun on an entertainment show) or laughing their heads off in a video that uses a language that the broad public doesn’t understand.

      The biggest mistake is not saying that psychiatrists retaliated against him by using reporters and Anonymous and other hate mongers. You gotta fight back to stay free.

      Barbara Schwarz

      May 21, 2014 at 2:31 am

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