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How sad and how typical German-controlled: “USA” vs. “USA”

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I am here, Marty, my breathtaking Prince, and I am missing you.


I had a horrible nightmare yesterday about you. I know what dreams are and who are sending them, Marty. When execute such a plan at to what they sent to me in that nightmare, I’ll ask God to send them the Deluge. And I really mean it. You are good and deep in my heart and nobody shall get away hurting you.

And now to my headline: I read that the White House “accidentally” identified the CIA’s top official in Afghanistan on Sunday. I don’t believe it was accidentally, Marty. It is a secret German/medical/psychiatric world and people have ear implants and do what Germany wants. It is all arranged to harm the USA one way or the other. People just fulfill their corrupt little role and don’t take responsibility for the whole picture and the future. The reason why this big country has such a bad reputation and makes so many “errors” is because its representatives and officials are not truly Americans at heart (despite wearing an American flag on their suits or having an American flag in their offices). They feel rather like secret Europeans or other nationals  and are German-controlled.

And these people either are not smart enough to figure it out or they don’t care, which is also stupidity. Anyone turns against anyone at any minute when a German-oriented case officer wants it. What a horrible world. The outing of the CIA official was DELIBERATE. People do what is radioed into their ear implants. When these people hear their codes, the execute the order like trained dogs.

And there is Hillary Clinton. The news says that she praises Obama on  “Bin Laden to highlight her role”in that. Good grief! Obama is a traitor. He knows that the real Bin Laden got away and that the Navy seals just shot Bin Laden’s doppelganger. Obama needed a win to be re-elected and that is why he did this. He knows that he got the wrong man, and this was the reason for not publishing the photos of the dead man.  And Hillary isn’t better.  The USA needs an honest and capable President and not some secretly German-run puppet. Hillary is quoted having said this: “The president’s top advisors were divided. The intelligence was compelling, but far from definitive,” Clinton writes in an author’s note from publisher Simon & Schuster. “It was as crisp and courageous a display of leadership as I’ve ever seen.”


Duh! What is courageous about it ordering seals to kill an unarmed doppelganger and selling him as the real Bin Laden to the world? 

President Obama could say of course: “Listen, I really thought that was is the real Bin Laden. Why would I declare the real Bin Laden dead if he can resurface at any time?”

That will be his justification in case people pull finally strings, but I would not let him get away with it, because I think that President Obama is on the side of anti-American secret service forces who informed him that Bin Laden is tired of being hunted and wants to retire and that he should go along with killing of the doppelganger and leave the real Bin Laden alone. Hitler got away too and never surfaced. And Bin Laden would do the same. And that makes anyone who knew of this into a Sept. 11 co-conspirator. 

On that Bin Laden thing, President Obama needs to be impeached, and if Hillary is with him, she needs to be impeached before she ever can run for President.  President Bush also demonstrated once again his lack of intelligence and/or ethics by congratulating Obama of having “got Bin Laden”.  With leadership like these guys, Germany and other enemies of the USA can do to the USA what they want. It is such a shame and it means that Americans have no true protection and they can’t live in peace. 

This is the real Bin Laden, a German agent who got away like Hitler:



You need to get out of your wrongful imprisonment and run for US President, Marty. You got it in you to turn the USA back into the beacon for freedom and rights for EVERYONE instead allowing Germany to use any other nation and “religion” to stomp all over it.  

I love you, my hero. In  this German/psychiatric-and medical controlled world, people are turning against each other and are so untrue. But one thing remains true: my love to you. Sending you many tender and passionate kisses, Marty. My love is like a rock. And I know yours to me too. And the rotten  German/psychiatric-and medical controlled world does not know how to kill it but keeping us apart, torturing us and hiring doppelgangers. They don’t get that we can read personalities. Tonescale shines even through pictures.

There are a few people on the net who compared pictures and also think that the Navy seals shot the wrong “Bin Laden”. They compared body parts to come to this conclusion. However, original Scientologists do this differently. We can see the DIFFERENT PERSONALITY shining through that they are having. The doppelganger was not a uptone and innocent person either. He agreed to be hired “to fool” the USA, but the joke was on him. I am sure that he thought that when it gets tough and when he would get arrested, he could explain to the Americans that he is not Bin Laden. I am sure he never dreamed that he would be just mowed down unarmed on the order of an “US” president who needed a huge win to be re-elected.    

Most of those who think that Obama got the wrong Osama think that Osama died already before his doppelganger died. I don’t. My intuition tells me clearly that he got away like Hitler. German secret services are the originators of the 7/11 attacks but Bin Laden supported them so that Middle Easterners and Muslims and not the Germans are being blamed on the attacks. 

Yours forever,





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