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President George Washington warned of the Bavarian Illuminati?

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate, how are you?

I am convinced that the Bavarian Illuminati was just a front group of barbers and butchers (medical doctors and psychiatrists) to blame “philosophy” or “religion” so that they and later medicine and psychiatry would not be blamed on the horrible stuff they were doing. They make the world believe that philosophy and religion is bad and medicine/psychiatry is good despite all obvious shortcomings. 

BTW, Marty, I noticed that Ron (the real founder) rather referred to Scientology as an applied philosophy instead of a religion.

Anyway, allegedly, the Jesuits founded a secret order in Europe already in 1543. I bet the farm that this was another Bavarian front group. I know, most people think that history is correctly described, and secret services and particularly Bavarian secret services don’t go as far back, but I say this is not correct. The wars happened, and I am sure not even all were recorded and they were even more gruesome than described. The world has to look at history again. 

Religion has a bad reputation because barber and butcher, the today’s medical doctors and psychiatrists hate ethics. True ethical behavior was very originally at the heart of a real religion. So, ever since, they blame religion on being the evil, which does not makes sense.  They alter also the content of religious beliefs to make many people turn their backs on this with the words: Who believes that crap? They also radio in the ear implants of “representatives” of religions as Catholic priests to behave like pigs and Muslims to be brutal.

I read about historical events that go pretty much back to the Middle Ages that indicate to me medical/mind-control organized crime in Germany and Europe, and it came with the Europeans to the USA.  Same about Freemasonry. It consisted of front groups behind which mainly German (particularly Bavarian) butchers and barbers hid. Masonic conspiracies are also linked to the KKK or Skull and Bones. (Skulls and bones, that is a sure medical giveaway, is it not?)

These guys are the ultimate cowards. Hiding and making others commit their crimes is what they are specialized on. Jews also joined Freemasonry,  but one has to pull more strings to get to the Bavarian Dorian Grays. They just can live with themselves by NOT thinking about their characters and by lying that good people are bad and that they are good. They think they can’t afford to be honest and so they made others to be the scapegoats. I pity them, Marty, that is all the only effect that they are making on me. I don’t even hate them. I feel sorry for the lousy characters they are having. I wouldn’t want to exchange my character with theirs for any price in the universe.

It can be all traced down to Europe. My intuition is that a lot of suppressive people landed  there approx. 4500 years ago and killed the original Europeans, and interestingly, got stuck there themselves. The old story of bad people conspiring also against bad people. I believe that their main base was Bavaria. Hey, I lived there.  It has a high concentration of the lowest kind of people, the most brutal and perverted kind of people one can imagine. They have no value whatsoever. It is a total shock that people can sink so low. But they do. They have my deepest contempt. I don’t even want to live in one universe with scum like this.

There is a tendency saying that the plaque likely killed the early Europeans and suddenly people with a very different DNA populated Europe approx. 4500 years ago. Knowing the Bavarians, the barber, the butcher and the later medical doctor and psychiatrists, I can tell with absolutely certainty that if those people died on the plague, that the bacteria that caused the plague were bred and planted. And they used for sure other methods too to kill the original Europeans.  


As more I learned of them, Marty, as harder I tried to be different. They wanted to degrade me (and you and some other good beings) and degraded themselves even more in the process. And they continue to conspire against us, and I noticed that the gaps between their and our characters are growing light years wider apart. They sent us through hell, Marty, but I know that neither you nor me can complain about lack of self-esteem. We have it as our acts are so different from their low acts. In order to feel better, they have to degrade others instead of changing their rotten characters. Degrading people with better characters make them feel superior. But it is not working as they have planned. They grow smaller personality-wise,  and we grow bigger personality-wise, it doesn’t matter what they do to us. And all because they are too much of cowards to take an honest look at who they are and their values. That is really what it is. A person with courage admits its shortcomings and changes them. She engages in honest and friendly competition when she wants games. But all that these suppressive people are doing is unfair and based on them being cowards and being on the bottom of the tonescale. Once I wondered about the lower part of the extended tonescale, Marty, but after I discovered the true faces of medical  doctors and psychiatrists (most of them from Bavaria or with a Bavarian timetrack), it made all sense.  

They are lying to themselves all the time. Many are living in physically paradise-like villages and conditions (stolen physical immortality technology) but are very unhappy and depressed people. And their physical immortality can change at any time. One conspires against the other one, and they are finding themselves reincarnated in an animal body or in a human body of a gender they would not  have chosen for themselves, or are given as babies to abusive families or people, or have to live in a war country, etc, etc. And all those things that they did to others is being done to them. And all that because they are too big cowards to come forward and CONFESS what they did, how they did it, and how long this is going on and where those Dorian Gray rat nets are exactly. We find out anyway. 

Some say that the Illuminati faked the moon landing. I don’t doubt the moon landing one bit, but I know that we (main population of planet Earth) we were NOT truthfully told what is up there and on other planets and space stations. The people who are saying that the moon landing never happened are put up by their case officers who do not want to be discovered up there.

Anyway, history says that George Washington feared that the people of America will be separated from its government by the Illuminati. The German-oriented and -controlled infiltrators (US officials) sure took over the US government and still run it secretly today. 

If George Washington would today warn of the Bavarian Illuminati (or the Bavarian butchers and barbers behind them),their agents would say that Washington is “mentally ill” or “wearing a tin-foil hat”, and “needs to take his meds”… Typical medical and psychiatric defamation campaign against somebody who discovered the Bavarian butcher and barber, the Bavarian Dorian Grays  – or is close to discover them.

I doubt that George Washington didn’t knew that the Bavarian Illuminati were just a front group put up by the Bavarian barber and butcher monsters behind such front groups as the Illuminati and Freemasons. Centuries ago, people started to suspect the Bavarians, and the barber and butchers thought that they have to encounter this with “religion-based” front groups, the “Illuminati” so that nobody comes after them, butchers and barbers who became later medical doctors and psychiatrists and are still butchers and barbers, secretly or openly, as of today. 

I know that I don’t have to lecture you on this, Marty. I just have to get them out of my system once in a while.

Many kisses and tender embraces.







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