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As if two wrongs make a right! (Amanda and Jerad Miller, etc.)

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Dearest Marty, my soul mate and love of my life,

With two wrongs make no right, I mean Amanda and Jerad Miller. These two were no soulmates but partners in crime.

Yes, the US-government is riddled with people who deny other people their rights (like us and also those of others), but you and me know that they are not Americans at heart, and that they walk to a secret German drum. A German secret service brings out the worst in American officials, secret service agents and FBI agents, law enforcement, judges, representatives, you name it. These people may or may not know that a German secret service and no other secret service runs them, but based on the orders they are getting, they should be able to figure out very quickly who has the overall control over their ear implants and who is behind the the orders they are getting through them.

Anti-Semitic actions and racism is always a red flag that indicates Germany’s dirty work.

How can pulling guns and killing law enforcement people or anyone make any wrong right? The first wrong must be proven in a public forum. The only way to handle it. 

I noticed that many conspiracy theorists are working right into the hands of  German secret services by behaving like nuts cases, by drawing incorrect or false conclusions, etc. If you read those theories, you can find everything except what Germany doesn’t allow them to say: Germany behind the many problems of the USA and the rest of the world.      

There was one reporter who wrote:  How does a couple go from getting married in an Indiana cornfield to lying dead on the floor of a Walmart in under two years? 

This is so easy to answer: Germany’s secret services using international psychiatrists to implant people and turn them into suicide-terrorists. They release them in the streets with the implanted command to kill others and then commit suicide or turn the gun on each other. The p$ychiatrists who condition such people prefer the implanted and hypnotized minds to be gone so that nobody can ever investigate what happened to these people whose negativity they use to turn them into monsters.  

The only reason why the U.S. government, CIA, FBI, law enforcement, judges, Congress, reporters fails to investigate the psychiatric conditioning of these Manchurian candidates is because Germany controls these agents, officials, judges, senators, and representatives to keep their mouth shut. And that is why constantly a psychiatric-created monster kills children or adults with explosive, guns or knives. Psychs are behind the sentence we hear all the time: He/she acted alone. And this “acting alone” is the result why the same crime happens the day after elsewhere, right? It is such a shame that people who are paid for investigating these things don’t investigate properly.


It would stop immediately, if the world finally would point to Germany and international psychiatrists. It is the only way to stop it when they know that they might not get away with conditioning low-toned people any longer. As long they know they are no longer the invisible force behind crimes, we will see a DRAMATIC reduction of these and other crimes. 

But it is as if the world has a secret death wish and thinks they don’t deserve world that is safer and better.  And that is why they are not busting these secret psychiatric terror activities.  

Yours forever, Marty. I love you and think of you. Many kisses. I know that you would transform the USA and the world into a pearl we all can be proud of.








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